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Politics, weddings and social media experts...

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Jamillah Knowles | 02:38 UK time, Friday, 19 June 2009

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Iran has been making headlines as the post election aftermath turns violent in many places. Those online have seen their networks blocked and tech savvy Iranians found ways of making sure their voices were heard. Mike Klambro is an active netizen who helped pass on news and links from Spain. He followed the notes from friends posted on twitter and helped to pass on information that had been confirmed.

As the dust settles on the European elections, one party that has online citizens talking is the Swedish Pirate Party who managed to get a seat in the European parliament. Rickard Falkvinger, the party leader chats about his hopes for the future.

The term "social media expert" appears to have created a division online. Benjamin Ellis who er, has some expertise in the field as a practitioner, discusses why that particular title is creating such a reaction.

With odd patches of good weather it must mean the UK is hitting the peak of the wedding season. Lavish and expensive usually, the price of locations, gifts and receptions can be prohibitive, unless of course you decide to go for a wedding in a virtual environment. Eddi Haskell the Second Life avatar and photographer and Second Life author Wagner James Au discuss the pitfalls, prices and pleasures of a virtual wedding.

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