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Jamillah Knowles | 10:56 UK time, Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The podcast is up and running for your listening pleasure. If we mentioned a place that you would like to visit online, or you didn't catch a URL, you can find all the links right here.

This week, politics tops our agenda and the news headlines. The UK government proposes monitoring our connections on social networks. Not an entirely popular choice.

Bill TTech journalist and commentator Bill Thompson , helps to unravel the consequences.

It's not easy to escape the news that world leaders are gathering in London for the G20 summit. Mainstream media is of course reporting, but there are also many ways in which online communities are getting involved.

G20VoiceKarina Brisby is leading the G20Voice project where 50 bloggers have the same media accreditation as mainstream media journalists to cover the event in their own way.

MoblogAflie Denen of Moblog tells us about how mobile blogging can make things a bit easier for those sharing information from the summit.

DhamakaCarole Edrich, known online as Dhamaka is one of the 50 bloggers granted access, she describes how she hopes to reveal the devil in the details through her photography.

The G20 is also inspiring a ground roots effort to create change. Paul Massey of We20 talks about organising groups 20 people or less in an effort to make things better locally, nationally or globally.

KutimanWe take a break from the policy and the politics to marvel at the remixing skills of Kutiman who somehow hears things on the web that others may miss and creates music with surprising results.

As always, if you have seen a blog or heard a podcast that you think we should know about, drop me a line at podsandblogs -at- bbc.co.uk I'd love to hear from you.

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