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Chris Vallance | 14:29 UK time, Monday, 21 April 2008

I've put together a little map of our contributors for Pods and Blogs, since we started the blog back in August 2006. A couple of caveats though:

  • It's only blogs outside the UK and North America - there were just too many to include from both places and I was keen just to see the extent of our coverage beyond the US/UK But we'll get there hopefully!

  • The locations are only accurate to the country and sometimes city level. The markers DO NOT indicate people's addresses.

  • It's a work in progress - and is pretty rough and ready at the moment - there will be errors and omissions

  • With travelling types I've included where they were when we spoke to them

So with all that in mind here's the map:

View Larger Map

Doing this I think I've learned some useful lessons. We could do I think with more coverage from Western Africa for example. The map has also reminded me of all the really great blogs we've spoken with. We should do more features just about bloggers doing "cool stuff"

Anyway it's a work in progress as I say, we have the pre-blog show archives from 2005 to include too. I'm very keen to get some extra help with it. If you'd be interested in lending a hand drop me a note to the usual email address.

Oh and I included some twitter local results just for fun!


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