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Playing with Pipes..

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Chris Vallance | 16:42 UK time, Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Mashing things up - mixing one lot of data/content with another to produce something new is a big part of web2.0 culture - and a number of different tools now enable you to do this even if you have (like me) absolutely no programming skills whatsoever.

I've been having a go with Yahoo Pipes, and since we were talking about the future of radio I thought I'd present the result. Feed to AV takes a website feed, in this case The BBC World News headlines, and looks for audio or video content related to those headlines. You can see the results here and try it out with different feeds (naturally we're not responsible for the content of the audio etc it throws up). Also worth mentioning I was using Mrs V's Mac in case you are wondering about the identity of the creator!

It's based around Everyzing which is a quite astounding service that stores and transcribes podcasts, videocasts etc.

The key point isn't that the feed I created was any good...it wasn't really...but that it's now so easy to manipulate content to produce a new product. That presents traditional media companies with some interesting challenges.


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