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Show Notes: Unsung Blogs and 2006 in Review

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Chris Vallance | 16:37 UK time, Tuesday, 2 January 2007

You can listen to an archive of the segment here. (incidentally if you want to create a permanent archive there are a few programmes that will help.On the Mac I've been using a piece of freeware which drops the finished recording straight into itunes though it does so in real time. Not sure if there's a good free PC equivalent, suggestions welcome)

On this week's segment we had blogs that you and other bloggers had chosen as their unsung picks of 2006. Most were pretty light hearted in nature, but it was fun to do and I'd like to keep the suggestions coming in for blogs we should feature. It's interesting that the big blogger picks and your picks were so similar (little red boat, johnny B, Smaller that life) were suggested by both:

  • We began with Girl With a One Track Mind's picks of the her favourite blogs which included Little Red Boat, Monkey With a Typerwiter and This is a Knife. I haven't linked to The Girl's blog before because of the explicit content, but her account of her treatment at the hands of the press is illuminating so having been duly warned here goes
  • One of your suggestions next the wonderful Becky's T blog (not Becky's Tblog - what can I have been thinking..more tea?)
  • A Brian Pigeon and Smaller Than Life extravaganza (suggested by Annie Mole and Tim Worstall). Probably a bit too much pigeon though.
  • Back to more serious topics. The Guardian's Blog Editor or Editor of Blogs, Kevin Anderson and Social Media guru Suw Charman reviewed the year.
  • On an even more serious note the imprisonment and censorship of bloggers by repressive regimes continues apace. the BBC's Katie Law provided us with a great interview on the subject.
  • Lastly but by no means least Fimoculous who gave us the whole idea for Unsung Blogs ran through a couple of his picks.

As I said keep your unsung blog suggestions coming in. We'll try and feature more throughout the year. It's been particularly nice that so many of the recommendations have been for British bloggers. Sitting within an international news sequence we sometimes overlook homegrown talent - so keep your ideas rolling in.


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