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Supermodels and the good and bad of photographic habits

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Jamillah Knowles | 16:25 UK time, Friday, 14 September 2012

Hello Outriders!

This week on the podcast, Chris Vallance hangs out with supermodels and young coders while I explore some of our digital photographic habits.

First stop for the good ship outriders with with our chris Vallance. You may remember when he was taking good care of you while I was away that he mentioned dropping in to visit the folk at Young Rewired State. He did just that so here's a selection of the young people who are creating amazing things with computers, young Outriders in their own right.

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Art, dance and unidentifiable cities

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Jamillah Knowles | 15:11 UK time, Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hello Outriders!

I hear there was even some magical goings on in my absence. It's good to return to find there has been a little wizardry!

This week on the podcast I've got more from Chris and a little video remixing from one of the well known groups who make viral, yet dance-able video productions.

Well, It seems that Chris was so enthusiastic about tracking down Outriders all over the web, that he had more than enough for the past weeks as well as something for us now.

From walking around with paper models of over sized World of Warcraft weapons to planting giant replicas of Google map pins in real locations - Artist Aram Bartholl is interested in exploring the boundaries between offline and online worlds.


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Brains, GaymerCon and Adventure

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Jamillah Knowles | 11:57 UK time, Tuesday, 21 August 2012

By Chris Vallance

This week on the podcast
Daniele Perito of UC Berkley spoke to us about what the study, On the Feasibility of Side-Channel Attacks with Brain-Computer Interfaces, tells us about potential future security risks associated with devices which monitor our brain activity.

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