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News round-up: If last week was the post Paralympics blues, we're now into the deep purples

Emma Tracey Emma Tracey | 10:46 UK time, Friday, 21 September 2012

Newspaper front pages

The right to die and the right to live have both been tackled in
the news over the past seven days.

Relatives have spoken out a few short weeks after a judge dismissed a case brought by Tony Nicklinson and a man known only as Martin, which asked that doctors be allowed to end a life without fear of prosecution, given certain circumstances.

In a moving piece for The Observer, Tony Nicklinson's daughter Lauren describes her father as her hero. She writes of their close relationship and the important part Tony played in her life, before and after the brainstem stroke which left him with locked-in syndrome.

In a BBC article, The wife of Martin, the other plaintive in the case who has the same condition, explains her unwillingness to personally end Martin's life, while at the same time, expressing respect for his wish to die.

Tony Nicklinson has since died. Martin's legal team has applied for leave to appeal and expects a decision in the next few weeks.

At the other end of the spectrum, The Telegraph reports that prolife groups have signed a petition to "ban disability abortions "Following the Paralympics.

And in a blog post for The Guardian, a reason to resuscitate, Ian Birell suggests that the recent story of a DNR order placed on a man with Down's syndrome without consent from him or his family, is not an isolated case.

Elsewhere in the news

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How technology is helping people with speech impairments to talk (The Observer, Sunday 16 September)

An unlikely love story in Nepal (BBC News, Saturday 15 September)

'Joey has opened my eyes' (The guardian, Saturday 15 September)


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