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News round-up: disability on TV continues to make headlines, US court case over disabled teen given electric shock 'treatment'

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Vaughan | 09:00 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2012

As with last week's news round-up, the past seven days have seen disability on TV making the news, whether it's the wide variety of comment, criticism and controversy concerning Ricky Gervais's comedy-drama Derek (read more about it in this Ouch! blog post), continuing coverage of Channel 4's reality show The Undateables, a forthcoming disability comedy show which has dropped a sketch after police intervention, or a BBC Two drama which will tell the story of how the Paralympics began.

In more troubling news, a trial in the US has been shown footage, withheld since 2002, of a disabled teenager being 'punished' with electric shock treatment at a school in Massachusetts, and a disabled human rights lawyer has been jailed in China for 'picking quarrels and provoking trouble' with the nation's government.

More of the week's headlines

C4 drop I'm Spazticus sketch after police called (BBC News, Thursday 12 April)

Blind writer's novel saved by a police forensic team (The Telegraph, Thursday 12 April)

Fifth of children hear voices in their head (The Telegraph, Thursday 12 April)

Disabled teenager given 'electric-shock treatment as school punishment' (The Telegraph, Thursday 12 April)

Paralympic history set for drama (BBC News, Thursday 12 April)

Dating and disability: Readers' stories (BBC News Magazine, Thursday 12 April)

Web trolls: Mum's horror over abuse of Down's Syndrome daughter (BBC News, Thursday 12 April)

Coroner slams delays over tinnitus sufferer who stabbed himself to death (BBC News, Thursday 12 April)

Adrenaline junkie conquers world's most extreme challenges...despite being paralysed from the neck down (Daily Mail, Thursday 12 April)

Remploy staff reject claims of disabled segregation (The Guardian, Wednesday 11 April)

Derek: Ricky Gervais really ought to lay off the disabled (The Telegraph, Wednesday 11 April)

Charity chief quits over fit-for-work test (The Guardian, Tuesday 10 April)

Disabled human rights lawyer jailed in China for 'provoking trouble' (The Telegraph, Tuesday 10 April)

David Roberts not selected by Team GB for London 2012 Paralympics (The Guardian, Tuesday 10 April)

Ricky Gervais, there is no justification for this lazy cruelty (The Guardian, Tuesday 10 April)

Postcards from another person's reality (BBC News, Tuesday 10 April)

NHS failings that left babies with brain damage set to cost £235m (The Guardian, Monday 9 April)

Distraught New York husband shoots his MS-stricken wife and himself dead (Daily Mail, Monday 9 April)

Ricky Gervais defends comedy show Derek (BBC News, Monday 9 April)

Obesity and diabetes link to child disorders (BBC News, Monday 9 April)

Stem cell clinic that 'preyed on the vulnerable' (The Telegraph, Sunday 8 April)

The Undateables: Just trash TV? No, there are beating hearts here (The Observer, Sunday 8 April)

Christina Patterson: Yes, love can be blind, disfigured and autistic. It can also be touching and fun (The Independent, Saturday 7 April)

'I am a great student': Autistic 20-year-old asks President Obama for help getting in to college in touching video (Daily Mail, Saturday 7 April)

'Mock the disabled, me?' Ricky Gervais on how he has been misunderstood (The Independent, Friday 6 April)

Carers versus Atos's attempts to protect its image (The Guardian, Friday 6 April)

Autistic workers: loyal, talented ... ignored (The Guardian, Friday 6 April)


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