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House of Commons overturns Lords amendments to welfare bill

Linda Debrah | 13:18 UK time, Friday, 3 February 2012

It has been a week of political ups and downs in benefits and social care.

Coalition plans to cut payments to families with disabled children were rejected by the House of Lords in a seventh defeat on Tuesday.

Neil Coyle, Director of Policy at Disability Alliance said:

"The government's decision to continue on a path which will deny help to thousands of disabled people and leave many more families in poverty is a bitter blow. It is hugely disappointing for the many disabled people and their families who have raised concerns with MPs and charities in an apparently vain attempt to ensure their voices were heard".

On Wednesday, the Bill with amendments from the House of Lords was overturned in the House of Commons. In the next stage, we will see the Bill back in The Lords possibly for an old-fashioned upper and lower chamber game of ping pong. Convention tends to dictate that the upper chamber will eventually concede to the will of the lower elected chamber. Charities have been out in force condemning the government for its actions.

Ministers argue the money saved will be spent on providing additional support to the most disabled adults.

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