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Changes to DLA will go ahead but with concessions and Tony Blair's father in law fights Westminster parking officials

Guest Guest | 15:10 UK time, Friday, 20 January 2012

The government fought off a renewed challenge to its highly unpopular welfare reform bill on Tuesday night. Peers rejected a proposal to delay plans to replace disability Living Allowance with a new benefit called Personal Independence Payments by just 16 votes after ministers offered consessions.

Tony Blair's father in law, veteran actor Tony Booth, is locked in a bitter row with parking officials in Westminster after police told him he couldn't park in front of his daughter Cherie's Connaught Square home. They directed him around the back to Archery Place where he received a ticket despite clearly displaying his blue badge.

Reacting in The Evening Standard Mr.Booth said,
"someone must do something about Westminster's attitude to the disabled. Maybe I should arrange a march on City Hall? It is a Tory council. Perhaps we should call on all disabled people to vote against Boris?"

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