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Ouch! Talk Show 76: What to watch at the Paralympics, disabled twins, life changing injuries and more.

Damon Rose Damon Rose | 11:33 UK time, Friday, 16 September 2011

Mat Fraser, Liz Carr and Shannon Murray during the recording of the Ouch Talk Show.

Wheelchair-using model Shannon Murray and recently paralysed blind adventurer Mark Pollock, join hosts Mat Fraser and Liz Carr.

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• Unlikely sports fan Liz Carr has got herself some tickets to the 'normal' Olympics. Why? And BBC disability sports exec, Tony Garrett, talks us through the Paralympic highlights now that the tickets are on sale. And should 'bladerunner' Oscar Pistorius be allowed to cross over and compete in the Olympic Games?

• High street model Shannon Murray - the posh girl who uses a wheelchair - joins us to look through some recent news stories.

• Our Vegetable Vegetable or Vegetable game returns with a twist: Mat and Liz have to guess what's wrong with twin sisters - Jude and Laura. Find out about their online radio show.

• Blind adventurer Mark Pollock talks to us from Ireland. He's facing his greatest challenge yet. Last year, due to an unexplained incident which happened when he was asleep, he is now also paralysed.

• We finish with music from jazz musician Genie Cosmas who joins us in the studio.

Pod talk

The first question you might ask yourself is ... why on earth is mat shouting his way through the intro of this podcast? And it would be a good question. Did he see a mouse? Had he drunk too much unbranded energy drink?

Rumour has it that Liz Carr and Shannon Murray were wondering aloud whether or not it's possible for wheelchair users to faint. You won't hear it on the show because it happened while the team were not recording. We have since discovered that it's a common myth (?) and clearly untrue. do the two, who both use wheelchairs, know something that the rest of us don't?

In other gossip ... Mat Fraser is about to zoom off to Japan to fight some survivors of the tsunami. One might think this would be the last thing they need but he's doing it anyway. Rob Crossan will be presenting October's show with Liz.

Finally ... we're in a pattern of doing some hour long shows once a month at the moment. It's like we're playing with the format again. We think there's more room for in depth chat on the longer shows. Tell us if you prefer it or not, email We can swap and change because we're not having to fit in with a radio schedule. For some bizarre reason we're not on the radio. Not yet. if you want us on the radio, write to Mark Thompson, Jim'll Fix It or Posh Paws.



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