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Ouch at Beyond Boundaries Live: the photos

Emma Emma | 14:09 UK time, Thursday, 16 July 2009

Earlier this month, Ouch! upped sticks and headed to Hampshire. We were taking part in Beyond Boundaries Live, an annual event which highlights sports and leisure options suitable for people with various disabilities.

For the duration of BBLive, Ouch! ran a stand, giving out sweets, memory sticks and slightly darkly humoured postcards to an unsuspecting public. This was really fantastic, because instead of being stuck at our desks in west London, we got to sit in a big tent, known to the organisers as the second hall, chatting to random disableds. We waxed lyrical about the website we love all day and they told us what they were interested in and what they would like to see on Ouch. Hopefully we all came away with something good.

As well as the formal stand area, Rob Crossan and Liz Carr presented a live version of the Ouch! Talk Show at lunchtime each day. An interactive quiz show complete with bad puns, silly games and lots of audience participation, this went down a treat. On day one, the amazing blind pianist Derek Paravacini took the stage to help Rob and Liz out, playing endless game show theme tunes and even a couple of Michael Jackson numbers. On day two, Heavy Load, the punk band with and without learning difficulties, did the honours. They shook the tent we were housed in to its very core and put everyone in top form for the rest of the afternoon.

Here are some of the best bits from the weekend in the form of a slideshow. Unfortunately Heavy Load don't feature, but we hope to have some video to put up shortly. It is definitely worth waiting for.

Your next opportunity to meet the Ouch! team and to experience the wonder that is the live talk show will be at Liberty Festival, a one day disability arts event taking place on the fifth of September in Trafalgar Square. We look forward to seeing you there.


  • Comment number 1.

    Nice pictures guys! Seems like you all had fun at Beyond boundaries live! Now I have one thing to ask his lordship Mr Rose , editor of this prestigious website and friend , and disability guru and knowledgeable of all issues,

    Damon , can I have a memory stick pretty please? I shall be no more a pain to you or make you heartily embarrassed each time, thank you kind sir!

    (Thats it, My rants over with! ) :-)



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