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Guide dog meets tabby cat

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Vaughan | 11:13 UK time, Monday, 12 January 2009

When it comes to cute disabled animal stories on Ouch's blog, I'm regarded as the owner of that particular subject. So I proudly present to you the first example of such an entry for 2009 - although this one is more 'disability-related' than about a specific disabled pet.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare to grin inanely, get teary-eyed and go "aww!" very loudly as you meet Leo and Yoko.

Yoko is a trainee guide dog, and Leo is a little tabby cat whose job it is (in partnership with his sister, Nina) to tease the pupils at the Guide Dog Training School and thus make sure that the star pupils are not distracted by their feline foes and start trying to chase them up trees.

I am going to stare at those pictures all day.


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    Now that amuses me. Those animals are at my local Guide Dog centre. The same one that has dogs being puppy walked in Waitrose, pulling and sliding all over the place in excitement. I even saw one drinking from a mop bucket. Would-be guide dogs are just normal puppies at the start, and it's a delight to see them exploring the world. How someone managed to train Yoko to be kind to cats I don't know. If only my own dog was as calm around them...

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