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And talking of MPs ...

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Vaughan | 12:01 UK time, Thursday, 13 November 2008

Our fine, upstanding members of Parliament are about to receive something saucy in their postboxes. Photos of strippers!

Ahem. Calm down at the back there. It's not another one of those stories of MPs doing things they shouldn't, I promise. No, instead it's those cheeky wags at Scope, who are stepping up their campaign to get ministers to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities without, crucially, watering down its contents.

The Convention is the first international treaty to create a specific legal framework to protect the human rights of disabled people across the globe - you can find out more about it at Scope's Time To Get Equal site (where you can also see the postcard in question!) or read what our very own Tom Shakespeare had to say on the subject a few months back.

But what sort of picture will MPs be, erm, feasting their eyes upon? Well, for those of you who can't be doing with seeing all that naked flesh - albeit with, um, various bits tastefully covered up by the Time To Get Equal logo - you might like to know that the postcard features two members of the disabled male stripper troupe The Crippendales, posing underneath a caption which reads: "The Crippendales have NO reservations ... neither should the government when it comes to disabled people's human rights".

So will it work? Will it sway some (and hopefully most) MPs? Or will some of the more nervous ones simply faint? I guess we'll just have to wait and see ...

Oh, and just to stop any queries before they happen: absolutely no one in the Ouch! team is going to pose naked, no matter how much we're offered or how good the cause. It's very cold in west London, and goosepimples don't suit us.


  • Comment number 1.

    The media, films, newspapers and general conversation has been obsessed with the subject that was never to be mentioned when I grew up and not found out about as being called 'sex' in any shape or form until you met a 'life' partner to marry. What you decided was right between you after divorce was between you and your new partner and you took the consequences of it.
    People who had suffered sexual abuse from childhood onwards were not reminded of it on a daily basis until they needed councelling when they wanted children, disabled or not. Children trying to live their lives after molestation or rape didn't have it in their faces on a daily basis at regular intervals from radio, TV, Newspapers etc etc who are totally ignorant of the causes of suicide and self harm in these growing adults 'swimming constantly against the tide of life'. Life is cruel on a daily basis until you just want to shut yourself away in silence. Then you try to cope with the world once again, trying to either ignore the comments and laughter, let it go over your head or get to sleep, until you 'escape' introspectively or physically. This is usually the main cause of alcoholism, drugs, absconding, suicide or violently hitting back at the society that has let you down. Basically the cause of crimes in general, high NHS costs, demands on emergency services. Sadly, there is little or no understanding from the experts who's hands now are responsible for you who have experience in dealing with it and no experience in experiencing their abuse themselves. These victims are now punished for reacting to situations that they cannot deal with, and worse still cannot escape from the reminder of their experiences, with flashbacks from what they see and hear 24/7.
    This is a true disability that you cannot see. The inability to cope and react in the appropriate social manner that is expected by those who have no idea what these children to adults have either experienced or going through - hence no empathy or ability to show any due to high fast demanding work schedules.

    Diagnosis - Total Social Breakdown.
    Neither the victims, the system or society is coping because it is overloaded, financially poor, fed with the causes of all the problems still in the 'media' and the strains on society because of the generalised global changes just makes the whole situation worse.

    It can be rectified but only by total international cooperation in diplomatic talks together with how everyone can help everyone else before all countries are affected adversely.
    In the meantime society can have much help from the media in having some sensitivity to the sorry state of a large proportion of its audience and have the responsibility that a parent has or should have in either letting its customers have their own way to 'up' the participation - broadcast, print and disperse exactly what you hope the next generation will be like, hence moulding it in a positive manner to show that there really does exist a caring factor. Without that - what is the point of what anyone does in any country anywhere?

    1. Help all who really are in need in the best way you are able to.
    2. Educate the carers with responsibility for other's lives with the correct information that they need to do the job properly along with time management.
    3. Ask the government to provide policies and spend money on meeting true needs from the 'needer' interest and not just to impress the public to attain popularity as a first priority. This is why policies fail and popularity is lost when the non - expert tells the expert what to do and how,without any respect. Respect works both ways and has to be earned on both sides for if it is one sided for superiority puposes you will get people who have to be 'nice' out of fear which gives birth to hate and resentment underneath. The latter will be taken out on themselves or others or society because of ignorance on both sides.

    I think that there is enough to talk about and do without even thinking about sex - unless you want to love and care for a child and are prepared to take on that responsibility.

    Detraction therapy to far more important matters that need attention, far more self improving, far more enjoyable, and most of all most needed. Divert the energies to where they are needed and this alone will control the population and look after those in need.

    These are not just words - they are hopefully the incentive to look again at what kind of world you think we are all going to be sharing in the years to come.
    Policies for 5 - 10 - 15 -20- 50 years to be in operation by are meaningless useless and just given for someone to give false hopes to people.
    Also invariably proved wrong in a few months.

    Look after today and tomorrow will look after itself - in this world we are all sharing in the future - hopefully.

    What decisions are the 'media', governments, leaders and remainder of the population going to make tomorrow for which they will be responsible for?

    Now that is a subject to think about for all of us.

    Wise council comes from having many advisors.

    God help them come to the right decisions for us all, peacefully and happily in the end.



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