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You know when you are in the eye clinic when...

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Jemma Brown | 21:57 UK time, Tuesday, 12 August 2008

• The nurses and doctors shout your name, you stand up and they still miraculously expect you to find them across the room!

• They give you a tiny appointment card and handwrite your next visit in that of course you can't see!

• All the magazines are in tiny print.

• The more mature people around you start having a conversation discussing how awful it must be to be young and have eye problems whilst looking at you with immense sympathy.

• You have orange panda eyes, because they have put orange eye drops in your eyes and not provided you with a tissue.

• The doctor informs you that you can't see as much as a normal person... funnily enough by the age of 19 having been VI all my life I already knew that.

• They tell you that you have done really well when you manage to read the top letter of the eye chart from 2 feet away.

I bet the Ouchers our there have more - please add them! I found these at a forum for VI people called eyes wide open.




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