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Blind leading the blind!

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Jemma Brown | 23:56 UK time, Sunday, 24 February 2008

Me and my boyfriend Dave are bringing whole new meaning to this phrase, it comes with being an all VI couple, so far we have however not had any major disasters.

There have been a few accidental head buts and a very scary moment involving my hair and his eyebrow bar, but so far no one has ended up in casualty, this is good.

When out and about we help each other out, Dave can see less than me (most of the time)but is quite frankly awesome at navigating his local area, so much so that he doesn’t use a cane, in this instance I do, because I’m a scardy wuss!

Whenever only one of us has are cane out it causes immense confusion to all the normies out there, They all think Dave is fully sighted (sometimes even when his cane is on display) and are surprised to hear that he is the blindest one and I am only partially sighted. So far the most confused people we have come across have been taxi drivers.

There are occasions when we do both get our canes out; this has the full effect of terrifying all around us! It comes in really handy that Dave is left handed and I am right it means we can walk (or skip) along holding hands and both use are long canes to there full terrifying potential! Another thing that adds to the fear factor of other pedestrians is that we walk quite fast so they really do flee for there lives!

When we walk holding hands and canes it also causes huge amounts of hilarity for are friends who laugh extensively whilst saying things like “it really is the blind leading the blind” and you no what they are right!

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  • At 03:48 AM on 26 Feb 2008, Kylee Maloney wrote:

Hi, Gemma. It's great to know you're keeping up that great blindie tradition of terrifying the public. However, I was concerned to read that your David doesn't always use a cane. I've had friends become the victim of accidents which would have been avoided if they had been using one; and other friends who have finally decided to take the plunge and wondered why they delayed so long. I myself, being a total, am proud to use a cane and in fact have an extra long and heavy one - mainly because I'm tired of people trying to run over the top of me. Not only is a cane all about safety, it is a symbol of freedom and independence. Here in New Zealand, we always try to celebrate International white Cane Day and raise our profile. Be proud of that white cane!!

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