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10 May 07, 3:19 PM - Disabled people in Afghanistan

Posted by Vaughan

On Tuesday, we posted up a blog entry about how, in Afghanistan, the Taliban seem to be recruiting disabled suicide bombers. Now, Canada's, who published that story, have put out a new report on the plight of disabled people in the war-torn country, which makes for equally powerful reading.

In Disabled fall through the cracks of war, reporter Sonya Fatah looks at how war-related injuries account for about 17 per cent of Afghanistan's disabled population, which figures put at somewhere between 747,000 to 867,000. Yet disabled people who have not been impaired due to the war receive not even the meagre pension offered by the Ministry of Social Labour, Martyrs and Disabled (a name that presumably loses something in the translation) because it is generally thought that they have been disabled because God does not approve of them.

Check out the report, containing some shocking personal stories, on the Globe and Mail website.

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At 09:06 AM on 29 Jul 2007, Sayed Hamed wrote:

There is a lack of attention towards disabled community in the country.
As a disabled individual, I can say that; there is a need of consentration on disabled people for there education and further studies to be made available for them in/out of Afghanistan which can build there educational capacity. Furthermore, they can be accepted for employment within various organizations in order to be self reliance.

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