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Ouch blogroll round-up

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Crippled Monkey | 14:55 UK time, Friday, 25 May 2007

Did you know that like just about every blog in the blogosphere (or the blogiverse), the Ouch blog has its very own blogroll listing some of our favourite blog reads? (And is that one too many uses of the word 'blog'?) For this week's round-up of posts worth reading, I thought I'd take a whizz through some highlights from those featured sites.

Teri Adams of Crip Chronicles has had a thought, though she's not sure whether it's a Great Idea - or Hare Brained Scheme. It's for those disabled people, like herself, whom Teri suspects "make too much money. No, not rolling in dough, wrap it up I'll take it kind of money. Just enough so that we don't qualify for any of the grant programs, social services, etc. that have been created for people with disabilities". You'll have to go on and check out her post to find out if it's an idea that might catch on ...

Seahorse of The Beauty Offensive has, after three years of illness, begun to listen to music again. "... even after all this time it's fair to say that all my senses are still affected, but as a former (well okay, not former but 'resting') musician and lover of music the way my hearing has been damaged is especially difficult. Noise sensitivity has been tackled for the duration with earplugs, a noise reducer and, um, general shrinking from noise. But some noise is healing and I have been encouraged to very carefully seek out healing sounds". Why not get over there and suggest some favourite bands and artists she could be listening to?

The esteemed Lady Bracknell respectfully suggests that disabled people might be more interested than most in submitting nominations for a national customer service awards: "Given that disabled customers have more complicated service needs than the average non-disabled man on the Clapham omnibus, I reckon we're particularly well-placed to comment on customer service. After all, if we're getting good service, I think it's fairly safe to assume that everyone else is too". Couldn't agree more, m'Lady.

And finally, not really disability relevant at all, has a touching story about a young elephant. The punchline made this Crippled Monkey larf like an absolute drain.


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