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David Tennant in Recovery

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Crippled Monkey | 11:30 UK time, Friday, 16 February 2007

In recent months, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has been much in the news for making a miraculous recovery from a serious brain injury following his high-speed crash as part of the programme. But a forthcoming BBC drama showing next weekend aims to show that, in many cases, people who receive brain injuries are often changed forever.

Recovery, broadcast on Sunday 25 February at 9.00pm on BBC One, stars current Doctor Who David Tennant and Sarah Parish as Alan and Tricia Hamilton, who lead a happy if unremarkable life until the day when Alan gets hit by a lorry. When he comes round from a coma he has lost his inhibitions, his short-term memory and his emotional core.

As ever, we'll be interested to hear Ouch readers' opinions on this one, so mark it in your TV guides.


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  • At 04:50 PM on 22 Feb 2007, Wokita wrote:

I cannot wait to see this - the adverts for it have been excellent and I just hope that the film is up to scratch. It's nothing to do with me being an avid David Tennant fan though....nooooo..... not at all... (I can't help it - he is gorgeous!)

I saw this programme last night - i thought it was a really good programme - very well made. A few years ago i had a car accident and also had a brain injury, the programme really shows how hard the recovery is and i could relate to so much in it. Are there any plans to put it in the BBC online shop? I would really like to buy a copy

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  • At 12:03 PM on 26 Feb 2007, Susan Quick wrote:

Brilliant! Thank you so very very much. I saw myself on the screen for the first time - as a real person. Not just an anonymous body in a documentary about 'head injury'. And it helped me see what my poor family must have been through. Please can we have lots more dramas with characters with an impairment. So we can claim our place in society as real people, rather than just objects of pity and medical intervention.

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  • At 03:12 PM on 26 Feb 2007, Carole Young wrote:

David proved again why he is one of my v favourite TV actors - too skinny by far, but extremely gifted!
The programme was closely akin to brain injury, the swearing was sadly typical.

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  • At 05:04 PM on 26 Feb 2007, Jack wrote:

Recovery had me crying by the end, David crying is just too much for the human mind to cope with

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  • At 05:27 PM on 26 Feb 2007, liz wrote:

I watched it and the acting was superb. But I did wonder why none of the characters thought to try for any type of disability benefits or contact a charity for help. Surely a doctor would have mentioned it to them or they would be resourceful enough to find out for themselves? I also thought that the teenage son character should have postponed his university for a year and worked if the family were in such dire financial straits - universities can hardly be unsympathetic in such a situation. The idea that the family would be alone to fend for themselves seems strange to me.

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  • At 07:57 PM on 26 Feb 2007, MOLLY wrote:

dealt with the issue brilliantly and the best acting in a tv program i have seen in a long time

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  • At 10:04 PM on 26 Feb 2007, Sophie wrote:

Can someone please tell me what happened at the end of this programme? I watched the first hour but then found it difficult to watch as it became more emotional. Would really like to know if the character made any recovery, if the wife stayed with him, and if the eldest son went to Uni/accepted his father? I realise this wasn't really the point of the programme, but I'd like to know.

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  • At 10:42 AM on 27 Feb 2007, BigCog wrote:

She does stay with him after almost leaving, and he starts to rebuild a bit. They both start to accept they can settle for less. The older son starts to help him too, he does go to Uni. You are left with a truthful ending. No guarantees. There is a fantastic scene at the end where he plays the Paul Weller song again and cries and says stuff about not being sure he has anything for her to love. This is so true to life and shows a real understanding of depression.

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  • At 09:50 PM on 18 Mar 2007, dorothy wrote:

re recovery 25/02/07 watching this was very hard, but it helped my husband understand how life is for me and our two sons. his injuy was eight years ago and we are still learning how to love this stranger. Very true to life, felt like there has been secret camera in my house. would like a copy if going on sale.

i just cant wait fordoctor who to come on again! im the biggest fan and david tennant is apsolutely georgeous! lydia haywood is my best friend and me and her are doctor who mad!!!

i didnt watch but i saw a advert nd it looked good but i reckon hes better on Doctor who i dont think hes skinny i think hes normal nd fit nd handsome nd even if he does spit alot i dont care i love him nd hes a brill actor the best ever

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  • At 04:50 PM on 02 May 2007, emma wrote:

that show was amazing and it really touched the heart of britain to show how hard it is to recover from brain surgury also i,m so glad david has made it this far on the television no thanks to the docter who program which sould us if he,s good enogh for docter who then he can do any thing go david reach for the stars

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  • At 05:18 PM on 07 Jun 2007, krissy wrote:

i love david tennant

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  • At 12:25 PM on 17 Jul 2007, aaron wrote:

it is great and fun to watch docter who

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  • At 06:34 PM on 20 Sep 2007, polly wrote:

OMG DAVID TENNANT IZ DA HOTTEST GUY ALIVE!! if u dont agree... well i dnt care

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  • At 01:37 AM on 19 Dec 2007, Alex wrote:

truly, truly incredible. i've never know any one who has had brain damage, the only experience was my grandmother with Alzheimer's when i was 4. This made me cry so much to realize what my father must have been going through even if only a little was like this. and i also agree with everyone above, David Tennant is the best male actor of this time, probably because he is not obsessed about holly wood and still takes time to do BBC and ITV productions!
and the whole thing is on youtube btw

ps time for sleep finally!

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  • At 09:34 PM on 28 Dec 2007, lelou wrote:

i think david tennant is AWSOME he acts reallly well and im such a big fan!!

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  • At 07:43 AM on 27 Jan 2008, kate wrote:

i really hope david tennant gets better cause, DOCTER WHO deserves to be OOKAY.....

i really like u
ur soooo cute

but anyway hope u get better n im waiting for another docter who, if ur feeling better to produce some......
everyone loves u so get out of bed as soon as possible'''

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