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The s - e - x word (in Japanese)

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Crippled Monkey | 14:46 UK time, Friday, 26 January 2007

If you thought disabled people having sex was sadly still a bit of a taboo subject, you ain't heard nothing yet. "The biggest problem within Japanese society appears to lie in the widespread refusal to even acknowledge the existence of sexual desire among the disabled" says an article from the Mainichi Daily News (warning: contains adult references, so careful if you're clicking) looking at 'sex services' for disabled people in Tokyo, such as the Enjoy Club. The article goes on to point out that an even bigger taboo concerns disabled women and sex, with parents and helpers dealing with menstruation amongst disabled women by offering no other advice but to have a hysterectomy.

An interesting look into the subject as seen from a different culture, then.

Back on home soil, but on the same subject, the Oxford Mail takes a local interest in the next edition of the BBC TWO documentary series The Children of Helen House, which goes out next Tuesday (30 January) at 10.00pm, as it looks at how the hospice featured in the programme found a prostitute for a terminally ill disabled man - something that proved a major moral dilemma for Sister Frances Dominica, the hospice's founder.


I find it pathetic (and saying more about the 'norms's own inability to cope,) that human sexuality is never covered in "disabled handouts."

Disabled people have neither sex nor gender, don't you know.

I have MS. I have had it since 1967, though I had to wait until 1985 for a severe attack and a diagnosis.

The paucity of information on HOW it would affect my sex life was shameful; far more shameful than virtually any sexual act.

(Shameful may be WHO you're having sex with, [everyone from the under-age, to the dead, to an animal, to a politician, {basically, any creature incapable of giving an informed or sentient opinion, (for whatever reason.)}])

I think that religion is, if you'll pardon the pun, fundamentally to blame.

Being ashamed of sex, because of its association with pleasure, is stupid.

But religion is all about denying the evidence and saying things like "the Earth is flat!"

Since the mind and the crotch are equidistant from the heart, its perfectly logical that they should try to control both with stupid lies, (like "the Earth is flat!") in attempts to exert control a meaty lump of a pump that beats in your chest.

It is also quite logical to say: "If the moon is made of cheese, then astronauts should bring crackers, else they starve."

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  • At 07:37 PM on 29 Jan 2007, bert wrote:

where in japan is this club haha.

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