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You'd have to be blind to wear this!

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Emma Emma | 00:00 UK time, Tuesday, 22 November 2005

The Ouch office jury is still out on whether this particular piece of 'clothing' has any practical function, or indeed aesthetic merrit, for visually impaired people. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • At 12:00 AM on 22 Nov 2005, Katie Fraser wrote:

I reckon that range of clothing's cleverly made! I think a blind and partially sighted person would find it very useful!

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  • At 12:00 AM on 22 Nov 2005, Gimpy Mumpy wrote:

There has been a growing trend recently to combine tech gadgetry with clothing. Some of the iPod clothing is interesting but this piece featured on the provided link is not attractive and does not look terribly functional either. It looks like a cross between a dish towel and some sort of sash!

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  • At 12:00 AM on 24 Nov 2005, JustinR wrote:

I can bearly see it! LOL! Good isn't it? The pic's a little small to see what it is supposed to be. The idea is good in principal, very helpful. HOwever, on the asthetic side, you don't want it to be abtrusive. Rather, more descreet in style and design. I don't see the purpose in something being designed to stand out in the crowd. What's it supposed to say? "Look out jo public, there's a disabled person with something weird on him/her". Yeah, the designers realy have gotta think about all aspects when creating adaptive technology.

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