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Glittering prizes

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Lady Bracknell | 00:00 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2005

The Gateshead Housing Company has been awarded the Disability ("Two Ticks") Symbol by Jobcentre Plus. Now, this wouldn't ordinarily count as earth-shattering news in the Bracknell household. After all, any employer who can demonstrate that they are committed to the employment, retention, training and career development of disabled people can apply to their local Disability Employment Adviser to be considered for the symbol. The five commitments they have to sign up to are listed here: Becoming a Disability Symbol User. Jobcentre Plus staff are falling over themselves to award as many of these symbols as possible. And, frankly, anyone who's ever attempted to exercise their right to a guaranteed interview under Two Ticks is likely to be more than a little cynical about just how rigorously some employers' commitment to the, um, commitments was checked.

Anyway, all pretty run of the mill stuff, right? Well, not according to this article - Recruitment practices of UK firm merit top award - in which the Disability Symbol is variously described as a "top award" and a "major employment prize". Erm, isn't a prize something you're given after you've beaten at least one other contestant? Lady Bracknell is, quite frankly, baffled . . .

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  • At 12:00 AM on 26 Nov 2005, Raymond Sanderson wrote:

Living Australia its federal parliment Hon Kevin Andrews MP - of PORTFOLIO: Employment and Workplace Relations should be advised of this Tick as his forcing the disabled into the workforce issue rages on. There would be very few Ticks seen around Sydney and even in his own office.

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