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Fancy your say on health?

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Simon Stevens (guest blogger) | 00:00 UK time, Monday, 17 October 2005

The Department of Health has just launched a consultation on the future of community health services - including those provided by GPs, dentists, pharmacists, podiatrists, speech and language therapists, district nurses, health visitors and all NHS services that are delivered outside of hospitals i.e all the people we like (to hate?)

The results of the consultation will be used for producing a new White Paper on 'care outside hospitals'. This White Paper is expected at the end of this year, and will also include proposals for how social services will work with local health services, building on the Social Services Green Paper earlier this year.

The consultation could lead to significant changes in the way that NHS and social care services are delivered.

The online questionnaire can be found on the DoH's Your health, your care, your say website - click this link to go directly to the survey. But hurry, as the consultation closes on 4 November.


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  • At 12:00 AM on 18 Oct 2005, Lady Bracknell wrote:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention: it's given me the opportunity to make some rather pointed comments ;-)

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  • At 12:00 AM on 18 Oct 2005, Simon Stevens wrote:

Cool, thanks

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  • At 05:26 PM on 23 Jun 2007, Deborah Ward wrote:

My son is disabled he is 5 years old in 2 weeks he has no speech no self help skills, he was diag with ASD at 2, recently i found a magazine article on Plagiocephaly and he has now been diag with this along with Torticollis (flat right side head) caused by (musles in his neck) No body seems to want to speak to me and explain these conditions only my Dr keeps saying that i must stop asking all questions and move on as this condition only means that my sons skull is flat on one side and there are no other problems so it is not up for disscussion. (very supportive) nothing has ever been straight forward even the likes of Hearing Tests and Eye Tests difficult to assess test again in 12 months? diag with a communication disorder in 2003 yet no speech therapy till 2006???? If he is sick with a temp i take him to the Dr and get told im worring too much? even though his temp is 39.6? I tell my story to only people that know me usually and they can not belive it and say if any body else would of said all of this then they would have to say that they were liars my own mum says Debbie they can't do that ? i say i know mum but they are the final straw came in Dec 06 he finaly had a CT scan and was suppost to have dental work tooth took out but Guess what they reckon that they never took his tooth out because of his prolonged recovery??? WOT ??? Yes , thought the tooth gets took out before the recovery , many more things too but i dont want to depress anyone i am only doing this in hope of the right person reading this and putting a stop to all of this ? Thanks, HELP, Debbie and Ben Torbay

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