Athlete's Village, Beijing

I am physically and mentally drained.

The main emotion this morning is less exhilaration and more a mix of relief and exhaustion.

For the first time in months and months I'll be able to walk up a flight of stairs without worrying whether my legs feel tired.

To finally get it all finished is a wonderful feeling. For five days I've been battling to keep my head above water.

I can pinpoint times in the last four years when I've gone through real suffering.

Certain sessions I've done have been simply horrendous. The only thing that gets you through is the thought of the Olympics and the gold medal.


Out here I would visualise those sessions and remind myself of everything I've gone through.

If I'd even missed one session, I would have lined up with doubt and fear in my mind. What would happen if I lost the gold by one thousandth of a second, because there was a training session I skipped or didn't give my all to?

Instead, I lined up here knowing no-one had trained harder than me, and that gave me enormous confidence.

It's a really strange feeling today. Every day for as long as I can remember I've woken up thinking about nothing else but the Olympics. It feels so weird telling myself that I don't have to any more.

I should be able to switch off, now it's all down, but of course I can't. The habits are too ingrained.

I've got the three gold medals next to me now.


They come in a presentation box, but I'm still waiting for the ones from the keirin and sprint so they're all together in one at the moment.

You also get a spare ribbon for each medal, which as it turns out is quite handy.

The top of the medals is quite a sharp edge, and the ribbon is getting frayed already, even though I've barely started wearing them.

While the competition is underway, you don't let yourself imagine how it would feel to win gold. You're so focused on each individual race, because otherwise there's no way of getting through it.

Our team compare it to running the hurdles - you have to take one at a time.

It makes it all the sweeter when it finally comes together. When I crossed the line for the final time in the sprint it just all came out.

In the velodrome, we battered the other teams into submission. You could see their morale was completely dented by the first few days.

I was almost surprised at how badly some of them performed. Some of them didn't even reach the levels they had at the World Championships in March.

That couldn't be a physical thing, because you'd aim to peak for the Olympics. I think it was mental.

The lower your morale, the more you feel the pain. And when they saw how our team was riding, everyone else just started to crack.

The emotional side of it is almost tougher than the physical part.

Before each race you think about what you're going to do, your plan and execution. Then you have the race itself, and afterwards the examination of what you did and how you might improve, and how you should plan for the next one.

That absolutely drains you.

To be honest what's happened out here hasn't really sunk in. I think it'll only be when I get back home and get the chance to relax and reflect that I'll appreciate what we've done.

Last night I went out with the team pursuit team, Vicky Pendleton and my girlfriend for a few beers, but it wasn't a big night.

We were just too tired - Jason Kenny didn't even make it out - but tonight will be a bigger night, and the one after that bigger still.

I'm so looking forward to going home and being able to do normal things - to be able to see friends, to have a beer without worrying about it.

I'm going to take a big break now before I decide what to do next.

I've got a holiday booked in November, and I won't start discussing the future until then.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy what's happened here in Beijing. It's an unbelievable feeling to achieve the absolute maximum you possibly can.

Chris Hoy was speaking to BBC Sport's Tom Fordyce

Chris Hoy is a British track cyclist with four Olympic gold medals to his name. Our FAQs should answer any questions you have.


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  • 1. At 08:40am on 20 Aug 2008, Charterhall wrote:

    Chris, what a brilliant, brilliant performance ! Many congratulations to you and to the rest of the team.

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  • 2. At 08:45am on 20 Aug 2008, CampioneLiverpool wrote:

    Chris - you are an absolute inspiration. As an ex-cyclist who chose the rat race instead of chasing the dream, I can only stand back in awe of everything that you've achieved. Your courage to take the gamble of going full time. Your application and professionalism toward the gruelling training sessions (love the thousandth of a second analogy). But most of all for being the personification of what sport, the Olympics and British truly means.
    A knighthood and BBC Sports personality of the Year must follow or there is no justice.

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  • 3. At 09:19am on 20 Aug 2008, embraboy wrote:

    Chris, congratulations. It was fantastic to see you and the team do so well.

    Hope to see you out and about in Edinburgh - I might even buy you a pint!

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  • 4. At 09:20am on 20 Aug 2008, MikeFay wrote:

    Absolutely awesome, by yourself and the rest of the GB cycling team. Utter professionalism and dedication, an inspiration to us all.

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  • 5. At 09:22am on 20 Aug 2008, TheLardMeister wrote:

    Totally Awesome.

    Well done Chris and all of the team, completely deserved. Look forward to being able to salute you!

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  • 6. At 09:28am on 20 Aug 2008, editorsfoot wrote:

    Congratulations Chris, fantastic for Scotland, fantastic for Britain.

    Having been a run of the mill track sprinter myself your performances have been awe inspiring.

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  • 7. At 09:36am on 20 Aug 2008, agtomlinson wrote:

    as others have said, completely inspirational. must confess to having shed a tear or two watching some of the cycling events, particularly the team sprint world record, just such a joy to see all that dedication paying off again and again and again.

    hopefully now cycling (track and road) will get the recognition and coverage it deserves. might even inspire me to go and buy a bike again!

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  • 8. At 09:47am on 20 Aug 2008, GillH wrote:

    Chris, congratulations. I wish I had words to express how wonderful it has been watching your performances.

    I cheered Jason in Sydney, you in Athens and was devastated when I realised you would not be able to defend your title. I was a bit short-sighted there! The way you have changed to the sprint and keirin is inspiring.

    The pressure you have been under for the last couple of years since it became clear you were a medal favourite must have been immense. You have met all the challenges and been a real ambassador for all that is good in sport.

    All best wishes for whatever you do in the future - and have a good break and holiday. If I ever have the honour of meeting you, the first round is on me!

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  • 9. At 09:49am on 20 Aug 2008, That piece of halibut was good enough for jehova wrote:

    Chris - what a truly amazing performance by the whole Team GB cycling crew, but especially, from yourself. After hearing about all the trainig you have done, and the physical anguish you have put yourself through, I had a tear in my eye watching you celebrate this momentous occasion. Absolutely delighted for you. Scotland is very proud of you, as I am sure the whole of GB is.

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  • 10. At 10:01am on 20 Aug 2008, SEACOAST wrote:

    Fantastic performance, Chris. You and the rest of the team made me feel so proud to be British.

    To know that all our competitors were trembling with fear every time they saw their draw against the 'Dreaded Team GB' was an experience I'll never forget.

    So please carry on till London 2012. You are the inspiration for the whole team. With you there, we can go for the 'perfect 10' golds!

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  • 11. At 10:03am on 20 Aug 2008, Cuzzer wrote:

    Chris, you are quite simply the man. I hope that one day I can have a similar feeling, knowing that I have achieved the best I possibly can.

    Enjoy your next two nights, I have no doubt you will!

    One of the things I love about Olympic Years is that Sports Personality of the year will be won by someone who deserves it rather than some average footballer - I look forward to watching you collect that one mate, and everything else that comes your way.

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  • 12. At 10:10am on 20 Aug 2008, Nick Ling wrote:

    Wow! You're my new hero.

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  • 13. At 10:11am on 20 Aug 2008, TedBlog wrote:


    Firstly, congratulations on a truly awe-inspiring Games. I hope that once you have had time to take stock of just what a feat you've achieved, that you also realise how much it means to the people watching back home.

    The country is buzzing with excitement about what has gone on in the velodrome and I've already noticed a few more bikes than usual on the roads which can only be a good thing.

    What I think has been so fantastic about yours and the team's achievements is the spirit that each one of you has demonstrated. There's something fabulously un-British about the drive, determination and confidence with which the team has carried itself. Alongside that there is an absence of swagger or arrogance that can be evident in teams that are so successful.

    And I think you Chris, have exemplified that. All the ruthless aggression that is necessary to be a winner is channeled through the bike as you race and then left on the track. Once the race is done you have been unafraid to show just how much it all means to you and how much effort and dedication it takes to achieve what you have. All of this to me is what sport and the Olympics is all about.

    There will be no more deserving a gold medalist at this Games or any other.

    Thank you and congratulations.

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  • 14. At 10:19am on 20 Aug 2008, Chris wrote:

    awesome, chris. i am inspired!

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  • 15. At 10:20am on 20 Aug 2008, pez6660 wrote:

    Hello Chris,

    Well I was crying up there with you when you got your 4th GOLD medal.

    congratulations to you and all the GB cyclists,you have made me,and all of the UK very proud of you and your teams achievements.


    Mr Perry Clifton


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  • 16. At 10:24am on 20 Aug 2008, Rob Olivier wrote:

    Chris, Well done. Absolutely Brilliant.

    Really hope you can compete in London, the Euros and World Champs, and that the body hangs in there.

    It sounds like a good shiatsu is in order.

    I'm interested on how UKCycling can stay ahead with its current advantages and fend off the competitive backlash from other cycling majors. Hope you can hang onto Shaun Sutton and the excellent backroom team; and track cycling can raise the bar even higher in London.

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  • 17. At 10:27am on 20 Aug 2008, United Dreamer wrote:

    Brilliant performance from the man mountain that is Chris Hoy. All the talk was about Wiggins coming into the Olympics. But you came out with th glory. Brilliant team effort by all (including Wiggins). Keep raising those petrol prices;)

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  • 18. At 10:28am on 20 Aug 2008, retiredmike wrote:


    What more can you say?.

    Arise Sir Chris.


    Whitley Bay.

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  • 19. At 10:33am on 20 Aug 2008, Spaced Invader wrote:

    You probably have no idea being so far away just how many people here in Britain have been following every race from the Velodrome closely. And of course each time you've been spectacularly successful! Congratulations and thank you for making Britain proud!


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  • 20. At 10:45am on 20 Aug 2008, scotlandabroad wrote:

    I hope the atheletes in the cycling team get all the recognition they deserve - their performances have been wonderful. Well done to everyone, especially Chris Hoy!

    Like myself, there are many people watching the olympics who have trained, participated and competed in various sports (I have trained for and run marathons) and we do have some idea of the talent, effort and dedication of top athletes. Their achievements leave me speechless with admiration!

    I am in my 40's and have participated in sport all my adult life inspired by watching the olympics as a child. My owm children have been watching this olympics, particularly the swimming and cycling and I hope the athletes have given them a lifelong inspiration.

    Nobody should underestimate the athletes achiemements - knighthood or not, you guys are heros!!

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  • 21. At 10:46am on 20 Aug 2008, Jason wrote:

    Do you reckon you'll have enough strength left to carry the Union flag at the Closing Ceremony, Chris? :D

    Seriously, many congratulations on a fantastic historical achievement.

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  • 22. At 10:48am on 20 Aug 2008, Big D wrote:


    I have watched you and the Cylcing team almost religously (even at work) during the Olympics and I can tell you I am very proud ouf what you and your team mates have done.

    You deserve special praise after the took out your 1km event and you have come back better than ever.

    People like you make me proud to be British and Scottish and long may it continue.

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  • 23. At 10:51am on 20 Aug 2008, PhilPlives wrote:

    Chris - you shouldn't have started this blog - you're going to be overwhelmed with responses. I haven't raced for 35 years or so but went up to Manchester in March for my first contact with cycling in all that time and so I could see our Olympic champions in action - and you didn't let me down - any of you - you did become Olympic champoins - well done.

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  • 24. At 10:51am on 20 Aug 2008, Ashleighwalters wrote:

    I can see a SIR Chris Hoy MBE this Christmas I think!!
    BBC Sports Personality as well.
    Well done on your achievements truly remarkable.

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  • 25. At 10:54am on 20 Aug 2008, greenmariner wrote:

    Well done to you and the whole team this week!
    Everyone did exceptionally well and yes you could see the other countries quaking in their boots!
    I watched the world championships and was so worried you could be 'typically British' and lose concentration, but you didn't, none of our athletes have and it's amazing! This defeatus attitude in Britain has diappeared, and the cycling team is a large influence on that, especially you!
    If we can do this in China, think how well GB can do in it's own country!

    Again, congratulations, and enjoy the next few months!

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  • 26. At 10:58am on 20 Aug 2008, djw1973 wrote:

    Hi Chris

    From a fellow Scot and Brit absolutely delighted!!

    Simply world class from yourself and the whole team.

    It has been a pleasure to watch you all in action and you have done the whole country proud!

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  • 27. At 10:59am on 20 Aug 2008, el_doc wrote:

    I hope BBC Sport pass on all these wonderful messages of congratulations to Chris Hoy.

    He ought to see just how much his glorious gold medal triumphs have inspired all those who have been glued to the TV cheering him (and the rest of the British cyclists!) on.

    What an achievement. The nation is extremely proud of you, Chris.

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  • 28. At 11:02am on 20 Aug 2008, Magrina wrote:

    Well done Chris, your 3 golds are a magnificent achievement and a fitting reward for all your hard, hard work.

    It looks like they are going to name the Glasgow Commonwealth Games velodrome after you - but wouldn't it be even better if the Meadowbank velodrome in Edinburgh could be saved, upgraded and named the 'Sir Chris Hoy, MBE Velodrome' as it is where you started out and would be a fitting tribute.

    All the best for the future Chris - may be one day I will see you fly past me at 70 kmph+ when I am out cycling in Edinburgh!

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  • 29. At 11:02am on 20 Aug 2008, whateverwhatever wrote:

    Well done Chris and the whole team, including the superb support staff.

    Thought you might like this from today's Guardian:

    "So perhaps it is time for a look at the bigger picture. Front pages today, top of the breakfast news, children getting on their bikes to play at team sprinting in the streets outside their home (this is not mere whimsy but happened to an acquaintance, yesterday, when he phoned home - 'can I talk to the kids?' 'No they are outside pretending to be Chris Hoy')."

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  • 30. At 11:04am on 20 Aug 2008, RetiredNo6 wrote:

    Chris you are a British sporting great. One of our greatest ever Olympians and a truely inspirational character.

    But personally as someone who has struggled to help support cycling as a true minority sport in Britain, I hope that the achievements of yourself and the team can bring the great sport of cycling, both road and track, to the top of the national sporting agenda.

    If it does, then that in itself is a legacy as long lasting and significant as your gold medals.

    Well done mate. Go and have a well earned rest!!

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  • 31. At 11:04am on 20 Aug 2008, gsm0610 wrote:

    Chris, you are a total legend and the pride of Scotland. Nothing else need be said!

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  • 32. At 11:05am on 20 Aug 2008, UpstairsDownstairs wrote:


    What can I say that hasn't been said already ?

    Congratulations doesn't even begin to cover it, but the whole nation is so proud of you. All that dedication was most definitely worth it , and it inspired this lazy bum back on to her bike round the country lanes.

    The whole cycling team have done GB proud and seem to have been inspiration for the rest of the Olympics team.

    Well done.

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  • 33. At 11:07am on 20 Aug 2008, Tuney76 wrote:


    What a fantastic performance, you and the rest of the team are a true insperation to all. Enjoy your time off you truely deserve it.

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  • 34. At 11:08am on 20 Aug 2008, SudaNim wrote:

    With all the bad news we keep hearing in the UK lately, it's fantastic to finally have something to lift our spirits.

    You have been amazing to watch, and I'm sure there are kids who in 8 years time will cite your achievements over there as the moment that inspired them to follow you into the sport.

    Put your feet up and relax - you've earned it!

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  • 35. At 11:10am on 20 Aug 2008, bungalowtour wrote:

    Wonderful, wonderful performances all round. At last we have atheletes who live up to expectations (and more...)

    Every single one of you should be so proud of your acheivements - and rest assured the UK is very proud of you all. And whilst I know Chris that you would not single yourself out in that great team - you must know that you stand out in a team of outstanding individuals.

    Thank you for given us, the public. so much to be proud of, and long may it continue.

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  • 36. At 11:10am on 20 Aug 2008, Naylor wrote:

    As a mere mortall I cannot imagine the effort you guys put into the training for these events. The whole of the team has performed wonderfully in these games and that only comes from the preparation over the past years and these medals can only go a small way in rewarding you all for those efforts. Personally I would have loved to have seen Jason take you to a third round in that wonderful final yesterday but I believe that you showed your true persona in beating him on the line, gold medal winning attitude from a true champion. Congratulations to you and the rest of the team.

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  • 37. At 11:17am on 20 Aug 2008, norfolknscouse wrote:

    What can i say that has'nt already been said?

    You are quite simply an awe-inspiring individual. Your dedication, committment and sheer determination, coupled with humility and absolute professionalism, have made millions of fellow Britons so proud.

    Yes, there have been many brilliant performances, but to win 3 gold medals in such style puts you firmly at the head of the table as far as I'm concerned.

    You richly deserve all the success and acolades that will undoubtably come your way, and do you know what the best thing about it all is? - everyone knows you won't change one little bit.

    Congratulations Chris - you will never know just how much your performances and attitude have meant to someone watching thousands of miles away who has been going through a rough time.

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  • 38. At 11:19am on 20 Aug 2008, Jordan D wrote:

    Was lucky enough to be in the velodrome in that balmy night in Athens when you won Gold and it was awesome. Made me very proud to be British and also to be at your alma matter, Edinburgh University. Was extremely happy to see you made Alumnus of the Year and hope due rewards come from your new successes.

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  • 39. At 11:19am on 20 Aug 2008, obrees-offspring wrote:

    Chapeau mate, chapeau! hope to see you all at nationals at some point, ive no doubt there will be a few quid behind the bar for you and the rest of the team!

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  • 40. At 11:21am on 20 Aug 2008, The__Jack wrote:

    Well done Chris, Absolutely astonishing performance. Have been watching it avidly, and everyone in Edinburgh unbelieveably proud to have the most successfull Scottish Olympian ever, the most successful British Olympian in 100 years to come from our small city.

    I hope you never have to pay for another drink ever again, in Edinburgh or indeed anywhere in Britain.

    Absolutely amazing.

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  • 41. At 11:22am on 20 Aug 2008, stonechatfc wrote:

    Fantastic effort chris and look forward to seeing you carry the olympic flame in london on its last leg, cycling of course!

    matthew weymouth

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  • 42. At 11:28am on 20 Aug 2008, greyiceblue wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 43. At 11:32am on 20 Aug 2008, Binge wrote:

    Congratulations Chris to you and all your fellow members of the cycling team.

    In Athens in 2004 you provided me with what I rank as my all time favourite Olympic moment when you won the Kilo having had to witness the OR being broken by those going before you.

    To have to change disciplines but then come out and dominate the sprinting events is, as everyone else has said, awe-inspiring. Three more marvelous memories to rival that Kilo.

    I'm really looking forward to showing my appreciation of the whole team's achievements by coming to Manchester for the World Cup on Oct 31st.

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  • 44. At 11:40am on 20 Aug 2008, studioderm wrote:

    Well done chris you have done Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK proud.

    Please keep up your fight to save the Medowbank velodrome from being pulled down for housing development.

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  • 45. At 11:40am on 20 Aug 2008, fabledfunster wrote:

    Hi, I am an alumni of Edinburgh University and work there too. We are very proud of our Golden Alumni. You adorn the home page of our website
    and quite rightly too.

    A wonderful effort Chris.

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  • 46. At 11:41am on 20 Aug 2008, irenearling wrote:

    Inspirational – yes, you are! To feel proud, to do something myself, to feel really excited about these and the next Olympics! You’re the man of these, and hopefully of the next, too! And a nice guy. Enjoy your well-deserved rest and I look forward to see you receive your sports personality of the year award on TV later …

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  • 47. At 11:43am on 20 Aug 2008, HK_Brit83 wrote:

    Magic mate- Pure magic.

    Everyone else has said it all I guess. Except perhaps for those of us who had to 'watch' most of the cycling through the BBC website because the Velodrome was roundly ignored where I live.

    I was simply delighted / frankly astonished by your performance. Although the way the rest of your team-mates were talking about you (considering what a phenomenal bunch of athletes they are) I suppose it should have been obvious you were always going to do it.

    Congratulations and long may you enjoy the free bevvy that's coming your way.

    I hope they're making a DVD so I can actually watch all of the races involving the whole Cycling team. You guys have been the spearhead in the best British assault on an Olympic games ever. Feel justly proud.

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  • 48. At 11:48am on 20 Aug 2008, Globaltraveller wrote:

    As a proud Scot (sorry, but not a "Brit") Congratulations Chris and to all other medal winning cyclists in Team GB.

    I completely concur with Chris's views (and those of others) regarding the facility at Meadowbank in Edinburgh. Yes we know Glasgow will get a "world class" velodrome, but having both will only inspire another generation of Scottish cyclists.

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  • 49. At 11:49am on 20 Aug 2008, BenHK wrote:

    You are a legend, thanks for all the joy you and the Great Britain team have brought.

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  • 50. At 11:51am on 20 Aug 2008, Ponty1 wrote:

    Well done Chris and your cycling team. If you and the team don't win BBC SPOTY individually and as a team, there is something wrong with this country, it would not deserve the likes of you. Whatever, you and the cycling team are my SPOTY.
    Next time you are at the Newport velodrome, ask for Timmo and get a crate of beer for you and the team. Mind you, by the time you get from Edinburgh to Newport, you might be a little tipsy, with all the free beer flowing your way...richly deserved! If you can't make it down south, I'll give it to Geraint in Cardiff, he can pass it on to you (unless he drinks it himself).

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  • 51. At 11:53am on 20 Aug 2008, bigfluffylemon wrote:

    Can't speak enough words of praise for you, Chris. You've done Scotland and GB proud.

    Sir Chris Hoy? We hope so!

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  • 52. At 12:00pm on 20 Aug 2008, emedwards79 wrote:

    Chris many, many congratulations! The UK have truly been behind you, screaming at the TV screens and crying right along with you each and every time yourself and the team have gloriously won a medal. I can't tell you how exciting this Olympics has been at home and how proud you have made us. A true gentleman and athlete, you deserve the recognition for all your hard work and I hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

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  • 53. At 12:06pm on 20 Aug 2008, Neil Hoskins wrote:

    Had to chuckle about the fraying ribbon: the Chinese haven't quite shaken off their image for poor quality, then.

    Congratulating you seems somehow patronising, but I will anyway: well done, mate.

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  • 54. At 12:26pm on 20 Aug 2008, KirstyMTB wrote:

    Awesome performance Chris by you and all of the GB team - hope Shanaze and our mountain bikers can emulate your success!!!

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  • 55. At 12:31pm on 20 Aug 2008, RobVilla wrote:

    Well done Chris to you and all the team - this is truely an unbelieveable success story.

    So many great performance and could see riders from other countries punch durnk by Britain's success.

    You have made us all very proud and made track cycling more and more popular.

    Thank you for all the special moments

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  • 56. At 12:34pm on 20 Aug 2008, Carole wrote:

    As a Scot and a v v proud Briton, I am sooooooo thrilled 4U!!! In fact, Team GB have been a credit to our wee country compared to China and America!
    Brilliant performances by you in all races, and everyone says how much you've worked for these, plus deserve them. Fair play SIR!!!!!!!!

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  • 57. At 12:40pm on 20 Aug 2008, fife_rtid wrote:

    Well done Chris all of Scotland are proud of you. You are withourt Question the greatest athlete this country has ever produced and right up there along side Sir Steve Redgrave as one of the all time greats in Great Britain.

    Arise Sir Chris you deserve it

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  • 58. At 12:44pm on 20 Aug 2008, hagbeard wrote:

    Incredible performances to win three Gold Medals.

    Incredible performances by all of the GB cyclists - road, track and BMX.

    Such a refreshing change from watching boring athletics all the time :)

    Fantastic stuff!

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  • 59. At 12:48pm on 20 Aug 2008, Ruaraidh Gillies wrote:

    A most awesome achievement for the team: to practically replicate the performance from the Manchester World Championships on the Olympic stage. Cha-peau!

    And, more than that, for every member of the track team bar one to return with at least one medal is phenomenal (and Cav has his 4 Tour stage wins to console himself with!).

    I will be at the Salford Nocturne next weekend to salute you, Geraint and Ed. Problem is, I think half a million others will be there too! I'd better go and reserve my place at the barriers now!

    And never mind 'Sir' Chris Hoy: Kelly Holmes only needed 2 golds for a damehood - they should make you a minor royal at least!

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  • 60. At 12:50pm on 20 Aug 2008, Tim Fry wrote:

    Chris - what an amazing number of comments and compliments.

    And reading through them they are more than just basic "well done" compliments - your performance and attitude has sincerely touched many British people.

    I wrote as my Facebook status during Mark Cavendish's demolition of the Tour De France sprints that this could be the greatest year in the history of British cycling - that has certainly come true.

    Through hearing interviews and reading the article in the Observer Sports Monthly it's obvious that the thorough research, progressive attitude to technology and hardworking supportive culture of the team has lead to such great success this year.

    British Cycling is a shining example to any sporting organisation and any business of how to achieve success.

    Congratulations Chris for being an inspiration for so many riders and thank you for leading by example and delivering an unbelievable THREE gold medals.

    The weather in the UK is absolute rubbish but thanks to Team GB we're having the best summer ever!

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  • 61. At 12:51pm on 20 Aug 2008, gordonascroftMBE wrote:

    Many congratulations Chris.
    Although I am now disabled, it has meant that I have been able to follow your brilliant success on the track. I knew nothing about cycling until I watched it on TV, although I have been a very active sportsman.

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  • 62. At 12:55pm on 20 Aug 2008, plastic_paddy wrote:

    Outstanding - simply outstanding.
    The whole country is walking tall thanks to you and your colleagues in Team GB. We are all hugely proud of you.

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  • 63. At 12:55pm on 20 Aug 2008, atm19707 wrote:

    Well done Chris, its been great to see you and your teams triumphs.

    Honours will surely follow, but mostly you will have influence to ensure sports get proper funding. This is surely the main reason for all the GB medals.

    Don't let any current politicians take credit. If there is any credit, it should be for John Major who started the lottery to fund sports. With your new found influence make sure that Lottery funding continues and increases, and beware of politicians with their hand in the pot.

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  • 64. At 12:57pm on 20 Aug 2008, Geohorn wrote:


    Congratulations for your incredible achievements and also the rest of team GB.
    I have been following cycling for the last 4 years and as a late starter "vet" I can truly say that you have given me true inspiration to train and achieve my goals!
    Many thanks!!

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  • 65. At 12:57pm on 20 Aug 2008, rogwin wrote:


    I loved reading this great article. Our worldbeating athletes and sports people live in a different world from the rest of us; have physical and mental strengths to amaze; and experiences we can only dream of. It's also a great skill to be able to share the meaning of all that with ordinary grass roots players and fans. Thank you for doing so.

    I think the track and road cycling is wonderful spectator sport because it has so many ingredients - speed, aggression, deep tactics, thrills and spills, grace and style ( I love the teamwork and co-ordination of the team pursuit), head to head competition, made all the more exciting by our so successful team.
    The British Cycling Federation have set a benchmark for all our other sports to strive for. Congratulations from a proud Brit.

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  • 66. At 12:59pm on 20 Aug 2008, ShavedLegs wrote:

    Is it true that you nicked the back legs off a Rhino from Edinburgh Zoo? :-) It's been such a thrill to watch your performances, and that of the rest of the team. Not just winning, but totally demolishing the opposition. Everyone who takes part in cycling in Scotland, and the rest of the UK, have really enjoyed the profile and respect that you've generated for our sport.

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  • 67. At 1:07pm on 20 Aug 2008, Aladix wrote:

    Congratulations Chris and all the team! A magnificent achievement by you all. You have been a fantastic ambassador for Britain not only because of your amazing 3 gold medals but also because of the sheer emotion and pride which you have showed in winning.

    Great Britain salutes you!

    Good luck in everything you do. Enjoy your success and all the rewards which should come your way.


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  • 68. At 1:17pm on 20 Aug 2008, storrie wrote:

    4 gold medals in 4 different discliplines arguably a greater achievement that Steve Redgrave managed. Surely a knighthood beckons.

    Also agree 100% there is no justice and i have no faith in the British public if Chris Hoy and the cycling team don't walk away with a BBC sports personality and Team of the year double

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  • 69. At 1:18pm on 20 Aug 2008, Ian B wrote:

    "What would happen if I lost the gold by one thousandth of a second, because there was a training session I skipped or didn't give my all to?"

    Says a lot about the difference between a world beater and the rest of the world.

    Absolutely fantastic dominance - Hoy is as far ahead of the field in track sprinting as Usain Bolt is in athletics. Turn on the power from anywhere and none of the opponents could live with him.

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  • 70. At 1:27pm on 20 Aug 2008, betarider wrote:

    How can anyone say something different, you've done Scotland and GB proud.

    I sincerely hope you and the rest of the GB Cycling Team including the Roadies get the plaudits, rewards and recognition each of you richly deserve.

    Just think you'll never have to buy a round in Scotland again..Chapeau

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  • 71. At 1:32pm on 20 Aug 2008, bjpott wrote:

    Great performance.

    Surely the best win was beating Kenny who is without a doubt, as you said, the future of the sport. In fact I though he may well have had the beating of you this time round.

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  • 72. At 1:37pm on 20 Aug 2008, sportmadcaz wrote:

    Watching the cycling has been fantastic! Well done to everyone! I've been reduced to tears several times over the last few days watching all of you live up to the high levels of expectations. Enjoy the beers and the time to relax, but be back soon!

    Surely out of the Olympics, it's got to be: Chris Hoy for Sports Personality, the TEAM GB cycling (including the road cyclists) for Team of the Year, and Phelps for International

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  • 73. At 1:39pm on 20 Aug 2008, koopykoops wrote:

    Chris, what an acheivement by you and the team, utter focus and prossionalism. I've always followed cycling and tried to get tickets to the World cup event in November, but sadly for me the tickets have sold out. You have obviously inspired people to get out and support you all. Long may it continue.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do in the future.

    Ian Cooper - Peterborough

    P.S. we even renamed our pub quiz team to "Chris Hoy the Real McHoy"

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  • 74. At 1:47pm on 20 Aug 2008, Sam wrote:

    Congratulations Sir Hoy!

    Enjoy that beer, you are now the top Olympic Gold winner this Country has the honour to call one of its own with 3 golds in a single games! In fact you are the only one still alive!

    Talking of enjoying a beer, perhaps a bottle or two of 'Kirin' Japanese beer would be rather fitting : )

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  • 75. At 1:54pm on 20 Aug 2008, Anne wrote:

    Chris thank you for sharing your expreriences with us, it has been a complete joy and total delight to watch you and the whole team on TV at the Games.

    All you have to do now is get comfortable with basking in huge nationwide tidal waves of glory! You completely deserve it. I'm thoroughly inspired by your dedication and totally in awe of your talent.

    Best wishes to everyone in Team GB who've been doing their bit for us. You are heroes.

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  • 76. At 1:57pm on 20 Aug 2008, niall40 wrote:

    You, the cycling team and Team GB have done an amazing job in Beijing and it really does make you proud to be British, which is a nice change! Outstanding.

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  • 77. At 1:57pm on 20 Aug 2008, yellowgwatson wrote:

    Amazing!!! You brought a tear to my eye Chris, you are a credit to Scotland and an inspiration to the future of our country. I'm a teacher in Edinburgh and will be talking about you to all of my learners, the commitment, dedication and rewards that you have demonstrated is amazing.

    I'll be at the front of the queue to buy you your first pint!


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  • 78. At 2:06pm on 20 Aug 2008, Moutarde wrote:

    Inspirational stuff, Hoysey

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  • 79. At 2:08pm on 20 Aug 2008, dangerdanaher wrote:

    Fair play Chris, great performance

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  • 80. At 2:27pm on 20 Aug 2008, smartTopher wrote:

    Chris Congratulations! fantastic effort, well done all the training has well and truly paid off. I cycled with you once in Edinburgh, a long time ago now when I was a student. I'm sure there will be a que a mile long at the Canny Mans to buy you a pint on your return.

    You are truly an inspiration! see you in 2012?

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  • 81. At 2:30pm on 20 Aug 2008, philscotty22 wrote:

    Chris - congratulations on your gold flush of medals. You, and the other cyclists, have had me glued to the velodrome action this week, when i should have been working!!

    you definitely get my vote for SPOTY, your achievements have been truely awe-inspiring and have made a fellow brit/scot very proud of you.

    best of luck in the future, in whatever you choose to tackle next. but for now enjoy your time in the limelight - you've truely deserved it - and enjoy a well earned rest!!

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  • 82. At 2:35pm on 20 Aug 2008, SportsUnited2009 wrote:

    Chris Hoy 'The Real McHoy'. Great stuff Chris, brilliant. You obviously have tremendous talent and have obviously put alot of effort into training so glad you're getting your deserved rewards.

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  • 83. At 2:38pm on 20 Aug 2008, dudeSingingTheBlues wrote:

    Chris, and all of our fantastic cycling team, hat's off and kudos to you all. As an ex-trackie myself (albeit many many moons ago !), I know just how tough a discipline it is. You have truly inspired a nation with your astounding efforts, I am even getting work-mates who sweat just at the thought of losing their TV remotes asking me questions about cycling !

    Only one word really sums it all up.......


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  • 84. At 2:47pm on 20 Aug 2008, dynamicBENROBINSON wrote:

    A Hoy there..............

    I am your biggest fan. You truly are the best there is at sprinting on two wheels.

    I am astonished at the power you can produce when it really matters.

    Well Done Chris Hoy you really are the Real McCoy.

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  • 85. At 2:49pm on 20 Aug 2008, Balqhuidder wrote:

    How wonderful to be proud to be British again! I hope the success of Team GB helps us all believe that we need no longer be content with simply taking part. We can build on this outstanding performance and prove even more to the world when we host the games in 2012.

    We do have a long way to go and our athletes and sporting professionals need all the help we can muster. Surely now we have to reevaluate some of the proposed closures of sporting arenas such as the landmark Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh to which the heroic Chris Hoy admits he owes so much. What do we prefer, gold medals or failure? We need to take stock and build on British brilliance by saving not closing sports facilities.

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  • 86. At 3:00pm on 20 Aug 2008, RhinosAndy wrote:

    My sincere congratulations to you, Chris, and the whole GB cycling team for your hugely inspirational performance. You are a fantastic ambassador for your sport. The London 2012 organisers might have to use Wembley Stadium as a velodrome, I'm sure track cycling tickets will be the most sought after there are at the next Olympics!

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  • 87. At 3:50pm on 20 Aug 2008, BigShifty wrote:

    Chris you absolute genius!!

    Euro 2008 was brilliant because we didnt have to see any British teams showing us how bloody useless we are.

    Then the Olympics comes along and the entire team has been shockingly awesome.

    Led by none other than yourself (and a special mention to the young swimmer for an equally heroic performance)

    watching you finish the sprint I had 'Chariots of Fire' playing in my head, still sends the shivers down my spine to think about it.

    Truly great sporting Summer

    And truly inspirational performance from you and the rest

    Get In!!!!!!

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  • 88. At 4:06pm on 20 Aug 2008, SteveUK1978 wrote:

    Sensational....and just reading the blog really drums home just how hard you have to work and how dedicated you have to be to get to that level.

    I can only echo the comments of the posters on this blog and say what an inspiration you and the whole of Team GB has been.

    Congratulations and enjoy a few beers - you deserve it.

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  • 89. At 4:09pm on 20 Aug 2008, etienne123 wrote:

    you're a hero, champ, proud of you and the team. fantastic.

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  • 90. At 4:28pm on 20 Aug 2008, oneadamone wrote:

    You legs are utterly massive. Twice the size of the other riders, even your own teammates! How in the world is that possible? Great performance, and please, what it your secret le workouts?!

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  • 91. At 4:38pm on 20 Aug 2008, TomCayman wrote:

    I'm another expat Edinburgh boy dropping a line to say both :
    a) Fantastic job !
    b) Let's leverage your success to do whatever it takes (U-Turn by Edinburgh Council, Worldwide fundraising campaign etc) to save Meadowbank !

    Such a shame that on side goverment pats our Olympians on the back, on the other side they rip out grass roots resources like the Meadowbank velodrome and stadium !

    So, congrats to Chris for his success AND for lending his support to :

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  • 92. At 5:00pm on 20 Aug 2008, spartansutd wrote:

    I would imagine your fabulous exploits will inspire kids into cycling. Even though those top level carbon bikes dont come cheap.

    I have never had that much interest in cycling, but i was amazed by you and your team. You are a credit to your profession sir, well done.

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  • 93. At 7:19pm on 20 Aug 2008, dchappy wrote:

    I, with heart felt respect, admiration, and sincere best of wishes congratulate and salute Mr. Chris Johnson for the rare achievement in three events that he participated in this year's Olympic. and to all those winners of world record holders.

    In my humble opinion his achievement of this rare feat goes beyond simply getting three gold medals to contribute honor to his country and making his government and country men proud and happy.

    I suppose all will agree with me and honor him because of the fact he is another rare personality who has set a mile stone in these three events for the rest of the world to toil hard to compete and achieve his set standard and more. He his rare I say, because he has proved that there is nothing like “IMPOSSIBLE” For a person, if proper arduous hard work is put in to achieve the goal one sets to achieve. Just as did said Napoleon, as Hillary, and other very rare worth mentioning personalities so proved.

    Finally, but far from being the final say, I would like to the world community of nations that these sportsmen of each country specially those who contribute to earn immense glory and good name to their country with hard personal toil must not only be honored by awarding a “TITLE OF HONOR" or a medal by their country. I would request their government should reward them with life long pension of substantial amount which should be reviewed at an interval. They should also be given free health care service for life. This I suggest, as because they achieve such honor and good name that others fail to achieve for a nation.

    I submitted my humble opinion, for all my friends to vet and accordingly differ. I would definitely respect their value able suggestions . Thanks to all participant friends

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  • 94. At 7:33pm on 20 Aug 2008, dennisjunior1 wrote:

    Thanks Chris

    for your blog updated on the olympics!

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  • 95. At 7:56pm on 20 Aug 2008, rupe1969 wrote:

    hey chris you and all the cycling team should be proud of your achievement and keep up the good work. as there is a lot of new talent coming through and the will now be more inspired by your achievements. i hope to see all the other sports taking something from your performance and they could learn a lot from your professional attitude well done and keep wining

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  • 96. At 7:56pm on 20 Aug 2008, lwelshbloke wrote:

    Performance of the games for me. Well done Chris and the whole of Team GB Cycling.

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  • 97. At 8:24pm on 20 Aug 2008, mweb6161 wrote:

    Indeed, Chris and the cycling team were inspiring to say the least, your hard work and efforts are appreciated greatly by us all watching at home.

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  • 98. At 8:48pm on 20 Aug 2008, Edinburgh Pete wrote:

    Congratulations Chris

    A fantastic performance by yourself and the rest of team.

    Your blog is a fascinating insight into what it takes to be a top athlete and what the achievement means to you

    So looking forward to you showing of those medals at Murrayfield one night Edinburgh are playing – hurray along soon

    Enjoy the celebrations, you’ve earned them :)

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  • 99. At 8:52pm on 20 Aug 2008, leanmeancraiglevein wrote:

    Not bad for a Moray House boy!

    Absolute Legend.

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  • 100. At 8:57pm on 20 Aug 2008, StuarteeY wrote:

    I have visited this website for years, but have never gone to the bother of registering so I can post comments - well, because of you, now i have!

    I wanted to take a moment out of my life to congratulate you on your success - you are amazing and deserve every enjoyable moment you have ahead.

    Makes me proud to be Scottish.

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  • 101. At 9:02pm on 20 Aug 2008, chrlin1969 wrote:

    Chris - congratulations on a fantastic achievement. An absolute inspiration. You've done Scotland and GB proud.

    BBC Sports Personality of the year is surely in the bag!!

    as for that beer - i don't think you'll have to buy one of those for a while, it'll be drinks on the house wherever you go.

    enjoy the heros welcome that awaits when you return home.

    The rest of the GB cycling team have been awesome - here's hoping for more success in 2012!

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  • 102. At 9:19pm on 20 Aug 2008, singingroverfan wrote:

    Congratulations Chris,
    Like most people, I am watching from the UK, and cannot believe the professionalism and dedication that our GB Cycling team have brought to the games. Those of us that ride cycles badly marvel at the skill and speed that is produced.

    Well done to all of the cycling team, enjoy your break from racing and look forward to the future.

    Fantastic, and the support that your blog has received is a testament to your openess. The blogg was a great feature because it helped us understand the man behind the legend.

    Best wishes,

    Stephen, Ipswich

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  • 103. At 9:42pm on 20 Aug 2008, offertonhatter wrote:

    Absolute congratulations Chris, or should we say Sir Chris ;-)

    You and the whole GB team have done the country really proud, it has certainly lifted our spirits during all the rain we have had!

    In fact I have dusted down the bicycle down, and will be taking it on holiday next week, and that is saying something.

    If I see you in Manchester during one lunch time in the next few weeks, I will buy you a beer, you have REALLY earned it.

    Once again, Superb!

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  • 104. At 9:46pm on 20 Aug 2008, MandFboys wrote:

    Congratulations Chris, on a fantastic sporting achievement.

    Like many others I have never felt the need to post a comment until now but feel I must do due to your incredible success. You are an inspiration to us all and I felt immensely proud to see you win your gold medals (as a fellow Scot).

    My 4 year old son watched the races with me and cheered and punched the air when you won. You should be proud of what you have achieved and I am sure you will have inspired many kids to take up cycling. A real legacy and all down to you and your fantastic team mates.

    Well done again.

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  • 105. At 10:21pm on 20 Aug 2008, robbie15 wrote:

    The real McHoy!! You just can't stop a great scot from winning!

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  • 106. At 10:35pm on 20 Aug 2008, Isola wrote:

    Congratulations Chris. You are truly inspirational and I can give you no higher accolade than to say you make me and many others very proud to be British. All the best.

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  • 107. At 10:36pm on 20 Aug 2008, astottie wrote:

    Just got too agree with everyone elses support on here really, I thought you were awesome and the rest of the team as well. I'll be there for the next couple of meets in Manchester and could go on with the praise but will stop now and give you a word of warning. Make the most of your achievements because the British press will turn - it's what they are good at. Already 'bloggers' on here have started to have a poke. A 'journalist' called james Munro found the British cycling success 'embarrassing' and Mihir Bohse unsurprisingly has also started to have a dig. Ignore these people you did marvellously and the majority of the Nation is very proud of you! Read this quickly as the 'site police' will soon remove it!.
    Well done Great britain!!

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  • 108. At 10:52pm on 20 Aug 2008, Brekkie wrote:

    Congratulations from me too - been an absolute privilege to watch you over the past few days. Thank god they ditched the kilo then!

    I just hope come 2012 they will see sense and add an extra day or two to the programme so the likes of Victoria Pembleton have the opportunity to attempt the feat you've achieved.

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  • 109. At 11:15pm on 20 Aug 2008, Crazyace wrote:

    Absolutely brilliant Chris, congratulations to yourself and the rest of the cycling team. You've made me proud to be British,

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  • 110. At 11:20pm on 20 Aug 2008, RubberNutz wrote:


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  • 111. At 11:21pm on 20 Aug 2008, ianwarncken wrote:

    Truly inspirational stuff. Like most people I can't really say I ever took much notice of cycling in the past, with it always being football, football, football. This Olympics however has seen you and the rest of the guys (and girls) however put that on the back burner with some rally remarkable pieces of sports person-ship.

    You specifically Chris have been truly first class. I have watched all your races and would like to say it was a priviledge to see you achieve your goals. I for one think you deserve a knighthood. Well done Sir Chris.

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  • 112. At 11:43pm on 20 Aug 2008, RichN95 wrote:

    Chris, I was in the velodrome for Saturday and Sunday. After the Keirin semis I shouted "Well done Chris" and you waved back and said thanks which made my Olympics. You also got the flag from the guy next to me.

    While out there I read Richard Moore's book about you, so I know how much you had to do to get this far.

    You are a total legend, and even if you don't get the credit you deserve, you will always be Sir Chris to me.

    PS Retire before 2012 because Jason Kenny will beat you.

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  • 113. At 00:56am on 21 Aug 2008, Countrymouse32 wrote:

    Well done Chris. Your wonderful achievements on the track this week have been inspiring. What I admire even more is the way in which you have won. The interview you gave after winning the sprint was a masterclass in how to win gracefully. That was as inspiring as the win. The true Olympic spirit is alive and well in you. Your parents must be bursting with pride. I think the whole of Scotland is. Congratulations to you Chris -and to the whole GB cycling team. Thank you for an amazing week.
    Best wishes, Kate in East Lothian

    P.S. I totally agree with what you said about the Meadowbank velodrome. Well done for making the point at what must be a
    frenetic time for you. Your comments had an impact here.

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  • 114. At 05:13am on 21 Aug 2008, DickyG wrote:


    Wanted to add my congratulations to the hundreds above. You are an absolute legend and I have been watching your efforts from afar with immense pride.

    The dedication you have clearly shown to your training, the team and the task in hand is truly awesome. As an Englishman I can't help feeling that it's the fact you are a Scot that has given you the edge. There's certainly someting of a steely resolve that you guys over the border have and you are a credit to your country.

    As a former cyclist I am definitely looking at taking it up again in a big way. Inspirational fella, truly inspirational

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  • 115. At 07:23am on 21 Aug 2008, Jenny_Juniper wrote:

    Chris, you are amazing and an inspiration to so many people.

    My 9 year old son wants to start cycling so that he can be like you - Manchester Velodrome here we come!

    There is a lot of talk at these games about Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps being the 'greatest Olympian' of the games. I don't think either of them are a patch on you and for me and my family you are the true star of these games.

    Awesome achievement, exciting to watch and noone came even close to beating you!

    Congratulations and have a beer on us!

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  • 116. At 08:01am on 21 Aug 2008, cczmark wrote:

    A totally stunning achievement and an inspiration to everyone.

    Cannot understand why the velodrome in Edinburgh should be closing - what a short-sighted decision.

    I live and work in Melbourne and everyone is VERY quiet here about the Aussie performance. It's great! Thank you for that. Looking forward to the total drubbing we will give them in 2012...

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  • 117. At 10:54am on 21 Aug 2008, Tramp wrote:

    Chris, this is our congratulations card to you. The whole team were fantastic but you were the star and a true gentleman with it. It's still all about the process though - the voting process which leads to the outcome of you becoming Sports Personality of the Year.

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  • 118. At 11:50am on 21 Aug 2008, tonylmiles wrote:

    Well done Chris...a fantastic achievement and completely deserved. You've exemplified the Olympic spirit for the UK and shown how it should be done. It will no doubt provide an inspiration for others. Though it's a shame that your fellow countryman Andy Murray couldn't have applied a fraction of the same dedication.

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  • 119. At 12:24pm on 21 Aug 2008, Milsom75 wrote:

    Chris, what an amazing Olympics - 3 golds and surely a dead cert form Sports Personality of the Year.

    Your professionalism and dedication is second to none and you deserve all the plaudits. Just phenomenal

    With the current energy crisis I think we should just convert your pedalling energy into our power stations and we'd be fine!

    Enjoy the Beijing drink up, no forward rolls on taxis though!!!

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  • 120. At 4:18pm on 21 Aug 2008, Thistledhub wrote:

    Simply the best!

    Good luck to you in whatever you choose to do in the future

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  • 121. At 4:56pm on 21 Aug 2008, klkestrel wrote:

    All the previous comments are more than well deserved.

    I have lived in Malaysia for 10 years, and although its a good feeling to be able to rub up my Aussie friends on our sporting achievements, for me the satisfaction comes from having sufferred all kinds of negative comments when i started cycling in the early 70's, from "get off your bike and milk it" and having people denegrate the memory of Tom Simpson, to having watched the same people become enthusiastic in the 90's about cycling and the spectacular success of the Manchester velodrome, to now seeing our once minority cycling sport (cycle touring and racing) totally eclipse all other UK sporting achievements.

    This is beyond my lifetime expectations.

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  • 122. At 5:53pm on 21 Aug 2008, jonathanM19990 wrote:

    Well i've got to give it to you Chris! 3 gold medals! Looks like your dad will never shut up at the next track race at good old meadowbank!;) but he now has a right! triple olympic champion!

    Yeah i live in Glasgow and a big cycling fan and a youth track cyclist. The way that you came back from having your event taken from the Games and then winning 3 golds is just amazing! It's quite inspirational and hopefully the Edinburgh council will reconsider knocking down meadowbank!

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  • 123. At 6:42pm on 21 Aug 2008, OwlerMTB wrote:

    Chris, fantastic achievement. I hope you know the pride you and the rest of the cycling team have brought to us all over here, there is a real patriotic feeling in the air as a result. Many congratulations.

    PS: Can I have Vicky’s number? :)

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  • 124. At 7:06pm on 21 Aug 2008, jollygrandsamster wrote:


    What a fantastic achievement, you and the team deserve all the plaudits and honours that's coming your way. If you guys don't win the Sports Personality and the Team award then I believe that there is a conspiracy by the BBC and whoever it is in league with.

    Enjoy your break and I look forward to seeing you guys in the future.

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  • 125. At 5:57pm on 25 Aug 2008, Kevvy-Bhoy--The-White-Kanu wrote:

    From one Porty guy to another

    well done champ!!!!

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  • 126. At 5:01pm on 29 Aug 2008, sunday_monday wrote:

    Hi Chris,you are a hero in my mind!
    I am a volunteer of the Beijing Olympic Games.
    I am the one who took a photo with you in the closing ceremony on 24th August. I was so excited.
    May be you don't remember me. But I am impressed by you.
    I didn't recognize you,because Track cycling is not so popular in China.
    I search on the Internet and find you and know who you are and then find this web.
    Could you send a email to
    Hope you could see this message!
    Or someone can help me contact my superstar.Thank you!

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  • 127. At 03:13am on 31 Dec 2008, Toinette wrote:

    Well, it looks as though I'm the first here to congratulate Sir Chris on his knighthood!

    Also, congratulations to his Mum, Mrs. Hoy for her MBE.

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