How about that for a statement of intent?

Friday was meant to be the warm-up day for the British team at the Laoshan Velodrome.

Super Saturday, with Bradley Wiggins in the pursuit and Chris Hoy in the keirin, was supposed to be the first time we saw the Union flag being hoisted.

Instead, the men's team sprinters - Hoy, Jamie Staff, Jason Kenny - grabbed a gold that no-one expected, trouncing the reigning champions France with a brutal display of flat-out speed that blew their rivals apart.

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We knew that Britain was coming into these Olympics with the best-prepared, most confident team in its history.

What we didn't expect was that the dividends would come so early, or that the margins would be so great.

So wonderfully, violently superior was the performance of the British cyclists throughout the afternoon that you almost felt sorry for the other countries.

Wiggins flew round to a new Olympic record in qualifying, faster than his rivals by almost four seconds.

Wendy Houvenaghel and Rebecca Romero went through their heats three seconds faster than their nearest rival, Houvenaghel setting a new lifetime best and British record in the process.

And that was only qualifying.

The pockets of British support dotted around this vast hall barely had the chance to sit down and take a breather from waving their flags.

Maybe Nicole Cooke's presence trackside was a lucky sign. Then again, this squad is so well-drilled and ruthless that they probably don't believe in luck.

After a bad Thursday at the Olympics for Britain - Emms and Robertson going out, Bradley and Billy Joe Saunders failing in the boxing ring - we suddenly had new names to shout about in the streets.

Staff, a former world, European and British BMX champion, only took up track riding in 2002.

The omens hardly suggested an Olympic gold was round the corner. On his very first ride round a velodrome he crashed badly, breaking his collarbone and ripping the skin off his face, arms and legs.

Kenny, the rosy-cheeked 20-year-old from Bolton, is a child of the Peter Keen/Dave Brailsford revolution.

He started riding at the new Manchester velodrome at the age of just 12, was crowned world junior champion in sprint and team sprint six years later and looked as nerveless here in Beijing as a veteran twice his age.

Then there's Hoy, the man who had his favourite event taken away from him, the rider with thighs so freakishly large he admits that other athletes stare at them in the Olympic village.

Hoy first dreamed of taking part at the Olympics when he watched the medal ceremonies from Los Angeles on television as an eight-year-old boy.

It was his phenomenal final lap on Friday that took the British trio home, his parents jumping up and down in the stands as he fizzed past in a blur of muscle and bike.

He now has two golds of his own, with a possible two more to follow in the next few days.

Would you bet against him, when even the stripes on his helmet look fast?

Tom Fordyce is a BBC Sport journalist covering a wide range of events in Beijing. Our FAQs should answer any questions you have.


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  • 1. At 3:56pm on 15 Aug 2008, Guy Swarbrick wrote:

    I think it's fair to say that GB weren't favourite for the Gold, but a warm up day? A Silver was always likely to be the minimum outcome and we were so close to the French at the Worlds that nobody would have ruled out a Gold.

    Great start to the track competition. Shame Houvenhagel, Romero, Burke and Wiggins didn't get a mention on the News at lunchtime - and that they only found time to show half of a 45 second event in order to show a two minute piece on the press launch of Paula Radcliffe's ice vest, but we're used to that.

    Cycling shows the rest of the GB team the way - again.

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  • 2. At 3:57pm on 15 Aug 2008, Saintsforever wrote:

    Great start for them, let's hope that team GB can do just as well as in the World champs in the other events!!!

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  • 3. At 4:02pm on 15 Aug 2008, MIRADORDELMAR wrote:

    Not at the minute - the athletics is looking a tad wearisome for us despite all the funding they get - sotherton has improved but given her javelin has a huge handicap

    Come on the cyclists - we need you !!!

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  • 4. At 4:05pm on 15 Aug 2008, MickS wrote:

    The shame is that with the athletics programme starting proper over the weekend the cycling will be squeezed in amongst events that there is no chance of GB winning a medal in.

    Why can't we just concentrate on the events that we are good at and squeeze the others in. If the athletes complain about lack of coverage hint to them that coverage follows performance.

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  • 5. At 4:08pm on 15 Aug 2008, Rockmount18 wrote:

    The performance of the cycling team has been totally inspirational. Commitment, dedication ... superlatives seem inadequate. Contrast this with the lack lustre half hearted efforts of a certain member of the olympic tennis team, and well ... it makes you wonder ?? Cyclists you have done us proud, true olympians !!! well done !!!

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  • 6. At 4:21pm on 15 Aug 2008, MIRADORDELMAR wrote:

    I agree - what is up with the bbc when it fails to concentrate on sports we are good at but instead concentrates on a sub-standard athletics team instead ??

    Oh by the way we failed to qualify in the shot put high jump 3000m etc but we can tell you we have won a gold at the velodrome and we'll show you that later!!!!!!

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  • 7. At 4:25pm on 15 Aug 2008, batsaa wrote:

    Mr Mick S,

    Imagine GB were dominant in weight lifting and the broadcasters followed your logic: It would make for a very turgid viewing schedule.

    The reality (fortunately) is that the broadcasters focus on the premier Olympic events as these are the ones that most people want to watch. I enjoy watching the cycling, but I'm also really excited about watching the men's 100m final which GB have no chance of winning.

    Euro 2008 (with no home nations involved in the finals) showed that there is still significant interest in major sports events where GB aren't represented.

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  • 8. At 4:31pm on 15 Aug 2008, MIRADORDELMAR wrote:

    Fair enough by all means show the blue ribbon events such as the 100m but do we really have to watch all the UK athletes failing to qualify - thats turgid viewing if you ask me !

    Question is why do we have no chance of winning the 100m - why no world class athletes for this event - we have a massive population in this country you think we could find 1 or 2 sprinters we could nuture

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  • 9. At 4:33pm on 15 Aug 2008, RedRoseLoiner wrote:

    Cycling, rowing, sailing..superaltive use of resources in the past decade now bearing fruit like never before. Athletics diminishing return for large wads of lottery money smacks of the poor leadership of most professional sports in our country, take the money and run(or not as the case may be)

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  • 10. At 4:41pm on 15 Aug 2008, RubberNutz wrote:

    The GB cycling team are showing the very un-British qualities of total confidence and unbelieveable organisation. You know what? I think I like it.

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  • 11. At 4:42pm on 15 Aug 2008, MIRADORDELMAR wrote:

    All the excuses are coming out - just didnt feel right on the day , humidity etc come off it you are all competing in the same place as everyone else.

    Who can we find to turn this around 2012 is going to be too embarrassing as far as track and field are concerned.

    From what I saw today we are very feeble at everything - do we have a long distance training school such as Kenya has? Are our olympic qualifying times and distances to throw too feeble??

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  • 12. At 4:43pm on 15 Aug 2008, paulthebike wrote:

    to quote a few above - why can't we concentrate on events we're good at - it's the same year in year out - British media concentrates on footballers not succeeding and Andy Murraycrashesout or Tim Henmandisappoints and constantly ignores cycling success - often on the same day as other disappointments - track world champs and the MTB World champs were a case in point..........

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  • 13. At 4:45pm on 15 Aug 2008, mythicword wrote:

    Right on GSWARBRICK ~ which dumplin head at the BBC decided to show us once again Lady Madonna's ice vest rather than pure sport. When are the Producers of Sports issues going to realise that celebrities and primas don't count and that sport and sporting events and there exposure to educate and excite is far more important. Read the blog for goodness sake and realise that performances were influenced by youngsters watching years ago and having a dream to emulate.

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  • 14. At 4:47pm on 15 Aug 2008, RetiredNo6 wrote:

    Congratulations to the gus.

    When Keeny first said he was going to make Britain the strongest track cycling nation in the world people laughed.

    They are not laughing now.

    When Dave Brailsford said earlier this year that we could have a British Tour de France winner within the next 10-15 years the same people laughed.

    Anyone going to bet against them now?

    When I think back to when I started out as a pretty decent young amateur cyclist even as recently as the early 90s the way the sport was run in Britain was a disgrace.

    Now look at us...... just fantastic to see the professionalism with which we treat the sport now. If the progress of the next 15 years matches the progress of the last 15 then we have a real chance of moving from minority sport to a sport that is in the general public's consiousness.

    Let's hope Chris and Bradley amongst others can do the job tomorrow. We could end up quite easily with 6 cycling golds from these games, which would be phenomenal.

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  • 15. At 4:50pm on 15 Aug 2008, philskills wrote:

    Do you think the BMX will get any coverage and if so will it have the same tired old jokes that they pulled out when snowboarding hit the Winter Olympics?

    I'd say there were far more young people out there with a BMX bike than with some crazy expensive road or track bike, and it's these kids we have to inspire.

    I was watching the coverage the other day and one of the studio guests had to stop the presenter so he could mention the BMX. In my eyes this will do much more for cycling than any hill climb or track race, even those these results are very impressive.
    BMX is seen as achievable and relevant to so many people and the fact that a mixed race girl from a less than privileged background has a chance of winning a gold should me more than enough reason to support it. At least lets hope it gets more coverage than the archery, which is hardly a great spectator sport.


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  • 16. At 4:51pm on 15 Aug 2008, ceebs wrote:

    I don't want to see people performing just because they are British, I want to see pure performance, atheletes at absolutely the top of their game, on that ground alone, the cycling team deserve much more coverage. in Atheletics, ok the plucky Brit comes in 15th, but the combination of the spectacle, the Atheletes, from wherever in the world performing has got to act as an inspiration to tomorrows atheletes.

    We shouldnt ignore sports just because the British athelete didnt win. How many kids took up running after seeing Jessie Owens, or gymnastics after seeing Olga Korbutt?

    Having said that the lack of concentration on the cyclists is truly poor.

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  • 17. At 4:55pm on 15 Aug 2008, alfie wrote:

    Cyclists performances so far almost frightening !
    The pessimist in me says "Can anything go wrong?" For surely on this display the team is going to dominate to a degree we hardly dared to
    hope for.

    I am going to keep my fingers crossed but look forward to watching the next few days...

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  • 18. At 5:00pm on 15 Aug 2008, Guy Swarbrick wrote:

    philskills said
    > In my eyes this will do much more for cycling
    > than any hill climb or track race, even those
    > these results are very impressive.

    > BMX is seen as achievable and relevant

    I like most forms of cycle sport but I can't see why BMX is more 'relevant' or likely to do more for cycling than road, track or cross country mountain biking. A BMX track is just as artificial as a velodrome.

    I'd rather watch Reade win the BMX than watch some no-hope jogger come 15th in the umpty-thousand metres, though.

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  • 19. At 5:13pm on 15 Aug 2008, AussieInDubs wrote:

    Great effort by the Brits on the first day of one of my favourites disciplines...

    My Aussies had a shocker, though. I don't think our squad is strong enough to compete fully this Games but we'll be back!!

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  • 20. At 5:13pm on 15 Aug 2008, jophinejophine wrote:

    "And that was only qualifying."


    Don't you know that the fastest qualifier races against the slowest qualifier in the first heat? The 2nd fastest qualifier goes up against the 2nd slowest?

    And so on through the rounds. The faster you finish, the weaker your next opposition.

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  • 21. At 5:20pm on 15 Aug 2008, HermanSlatz wrote:

    Yay....Great Britian won a gold medal. What does that make now....3?

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  • 22. At 5:27pm on 15 Aug 2008, philskills wrote:

    philskills said
    > In my eyes this will do much more for cycling
    "> than any hill climb or track race, even those
    > these results are very impressive.

    > BMX is seen as achievable and relevant

    I like most forms of cycle sport but I can't see why BMX is more 'relevant' or likely to do more for cycling than road, track or cross country mountain biking. A BMX track is just as artificial as a velodrome."

    Indeed - My point perhaps was not made as well as it could have been.

    I meant to say that (and I should clarify at this point that I live in a city) most young kids will get a bmx or mountain bike first off and that going to the park and flying over some dirt jumps is closer to their reality than cycling up a big hill, which I wouldn't let my kids do for fear of being mowed down by a truck or charging round a wood track, which at the age of 39 I have yet to see.

    As such, watching BMX racing is likely to inspire young kids in a way they can relate to. I am aware that the truth of the matter is that there are not that many people who compete in the racing side of BMX, most prefer freestyle which is arguably the most progressive form of bike riding. Coverage of the bmx racing though will open a lot of eyes to what is possible on a bike over and above going fast. And I think that this is my point, that ultimately seeing Shanade or any other of the young hopefuls taking doubles or tucking into berms will change the perception of what people think a bike can do.


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  • 23. At 5:30pm on 15 Aug 2008, markiechops wrote:

    It's not the events themselves that are "turgid", as one commentator suggested, merely the losing of them. I don't think that anyone would have dreamed that 8m people would have switched to BBC2 just before midnight during the winter games 8 years ago to watch the British Women snatch gold in the curling, but that's just what happened, and there'd be nothing turgid about watching weightlifting if we dominated the sport.

    So far Team GB have taken 2 cycling golds and a silver over distances where they weren't expected to succeed, and if they continue to ride to form they should deliver one of the most exciting weeks in British sporting history.

    If that happens, who in the UK will care one jot about the 100m sprint?

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  • 24. At 5:35pm on 15 Aug 2008, SurfingSharka wrote:

    It everything falls into place over the weekend, this could be an absolutely stunning couple of days for British sport. Tomorrow is going to be a real rollercoaster! I can't wait... I'm a bit nervous already but clearly the GB cycling team are showing nerves of steel! Together with the sailing and rowing it's all happening just in time for us all to be able to stay glued to the action over the weekend... good luck everyone!

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  • 25. At 5:38pm on 15 Aug 2008, sopflange wrote:

    Why do people incessantly moan about our "lack" of great 100metres athletes. From what I can gather we have 60 million inhabitants (1% of the world population) and we have 1 16th opf the remaining athletes in the 100 metres. That's a pretty good ratio. Only three people can win medals in the entire world. So I suppose the Americans must be absolutely livid with their poor showing. I don't see the Spaniards, Germans, Italians and French doing any better. And as for spending the money and running, I think we will find by the end of these games that the sudden massive injection of cash across all sports will result in our being in at least the top ten in the medals table beaten only by the likes of major superpoweres and possibly the Aussies who have nothing else/better todo than gallivant around in the sun all day. This will be in stark contrast to the years of spending cuts that resulted in poor Olypmpic showings.

    Maybe we will never win consistently because we are happier assumingt the worst without ever checking the facts so our political leaders see no point in future funding as it won't give them any credit despite the evidence of its success.

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  • 26. At 5:40pm on 15 Aug 2008, HermanSlatz wrote:

    25. Feel good about finishing behind Italy, Germany and France...and maybe the Nederlands.

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  • 27. At 5:46pm on 15 Aug 2008, Ryushinku wrote:

    Someone sounds very bitter...go and drown your sorrows rather than wasting everyone's time with childish trolling that has nothing to do with the subject.

    The cycling team were phenomenal today, both men and women. Hope this is a glimpse of further glories to come!

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  • 28. At 6:11pm on 15 Aug 2008, BenIsRight wrote:

    Got a bit confused reading these replies...

    ...all the track cycling events were shown live on bbc1 were they not?

    Both me and the british cycling team have said it. They want PB's. To ride as well as they can.

    That translates as, winning everything. Seeing as their PB's did win everything in the worlds for the last two years.

    Expect 3 golds from wiggins, 2 from hoy, 1 from the bmx, 1 from romero. Theres another one in there im sure...i do get confused remembering.

    Cycling bringing in 9 golds altogether is above expectation, but put that down to the team sprint doing better than silver and cooke winning the road race. But 9 golds = the whole GB team in Athens.

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  • 29. At 6:18pm on 15 Aug 2008, NotHughPorter wrote:

    Tom Fordyce, I hope you read this and remind Hugh Porter that not all BBC viewers are cycling fans. In the men's sprint he made no attempt to engage the general public. Why not at least tell people how fast the riders are going, and make some attempt to compare their power output with the sprinters in athletics? There's plenty to be said about the bikes too - their cost and weight and so on, and the wind tunnel training and the special clothing. Given that the BBC have known for years that most of our gold medals were going to be in cycling you'd think the penny would have dropped that the the vast majority of the TV audience need some help to get into it. God helps us when Porter tries to explain what's happening in the Madison.

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  • 30. At 6:20pm on 15 Aug 2008, Hodgy08 wrote:

    well thank heck for the cyclists (so far that is), they seem to be in pretty good form and winning the team sprint should give the whole team a big boost, hopefully it starts a roll of medals. They've demonstrated a very un-British trait of turning up to the biggest event and producing their lifetime best.

    Much more British is the judo, frankly, its almost funny now. Every time a Brit is covered the commentators start the 5 minutes talking about how the Brit is the big favourite, how hard they've worked, ho much they've worked on their grip etc. Anyway, the minutes tick by with the Brit doing ABSOLUTELY SOD ALL, maybe going down a koka early on, all the while the commentators talking up their chances and saying how long is left. Gradually the time runs out. They can't be enjoying themselves much at the moment.

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  • 31. At 6:21pm on 15 Aug 2008, Jamez_Samuelez wrote:

    How the hell did we win that?

    That was about the worst team sprint I've ever seen. Chris Hoy was so far off the wheel infront i thought we'd blown it.
    Lets face it, he basicly rode those 3 laps on his own; and he still beat the French, the WORLD champions by 0.5 of a second, unreal stuff. He really does have legs "like motorway pillars" (cringe)

    With the exception of the points races and the male BMX, the other golds must be ours?

    Be interesting to see who the "sport personality team of the year" award goes too...we all know who should get it

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  • 32. At 6:55pm on 15 Aug 2008, pjscott501 wrote:

    While I agree that the Olympics is the perfect time to give a higher profile to the sports which don't traditionally get the limelight (such as cycling), it has to be noted that the racing was shown in full live on BBC1 this morning. You can't really ask for more than that, it's just a unfortunate that many of the events we're strong in are in the morning UK time.

    Personally, I think it is right that the afternoon phase of coverage focuses on live action (even if that does feature us not qualifying in the 10,000m or whatever), meaning the re-capping that's done throughout the afternoon is necessarily brief.

    This is especially true since the site has pretty much every single bit of coverage at your fingertips, meaning you can re-live any moment you want, whenever you want by simply going online.

    I do agree though that some more context (how fast they're going etc.) would be helpful, though a delicate balance must be made between that and dumbing it down (I don't personally want to see a vid with Chris Hoy racing a car - or a husky dog racing team or some other quirk - Top Gear style) - it's a serious sport.

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  • 33. At 7:25pm on 15 Aug 2008, sapland wrote:

    I have no great knowledge of cycling at all and will readily admit to not being a great follower of the sport but being a general sports fan (the armchair kind admittedly) I do like to keep tabs on what goes on and the progress of the british track cyclists over the past ten years has been most impressive.
    It seems, from an outsiders point of view, that an extensive strategy has been implemented that is thoroughly professional and forward thinking and one that has gradually developed a winning culture and used it to push on even further.
    It's incredibly refreshing to witness, particularly the way the team has psychologically imposed itself over the opposition, not something that we see from our sports people that often and a rare thing generally in sports.
    I watched the World Champs this year and last and was blown away by the performances and hope that continued success in the Olympics will bring the attention from the media and the public that the team deserves.
    I'm a close follower of rugby and though the England team's progress to the World Cup final was a great story it was not an example of true sporting excellence. That they were awarded the Sports Personality Team Award over the cyclists was frankly embarrassing.
    Congratulations to the sprint team today, an inspirational performance, technically it didn't seem quite right but they still powered through to win. Wow!

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  • 34. At 7:37pm on 15 Aug 2008, GillH wrote:

    I think it is the attitude of the British cycling team that is so impressive and so (in my opinion) UN-British! Here are people turning up to a major event prepared in every way and expecting to win. To have Bradley indicating that he would be disappointed if he didnt pick up 3 medals ......... whew! I'd laugh my socks off if any British athelete said that! But Bradley may well deliver 3 golds. I hope then that he and the rest of the team get the recognition they deserve.

    If the England cricket team could get some of the same, we would win the Ashes next year. (OK wishful thinking!)

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  • 35. At 7:44pm on 15 Aug 2008, andrewhe wrote:

    Everything I abhor about the Chinese government's attitude to their athletes is also applicable to the GB cycling team (except taking young children away from their homes and virtually forcing them to train). If sport is not a test simply of an individual's effort and talent then it loses interest, and the more involvement by others the less the achievement is valued. Putting huge sums of money into securing medals is just politics. It would be better spent on school playing fields and local clubs.

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  • 36. At 8:11pm on 15 Aug 2008, ttricardo wrote:

    Great coverage bbc of our glorious cycling team-came in at 7pm friday evening after work-saw the prog fronted by Gabbi-saw lots of coverage of Michael Johnson talking about other track and field athletes who haven't actually won anything yet,he talked about Michael Phelps who has won lots of medals,but isn't British,and,er it's finished.
    However we're told turn to bbc3 to watch womens football.Cheers bbc.

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  • 37. At 8:12pm on 15 Aug 2008, Jamez_Samuelez wrote:

    whats the point of spending this money on playing fields and clubs if us youngsters have no heros to aspire too?

    i bet you couldnt even get into the Monaco cycling team despite however much money you were given. All our athletes are hugely talented, but they need their money in order to dedicate themselfs to their sport.

    Theres no olympics for people holding down regular full time jobs you know.

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  • 38. At 8:16pm on 15 Aug 2008, mweb6161 wrote:

    The Cyclists and hopefully the rowers are truly inspirational and worth every penny of whatever funding they receive.
    Contrast that to indifferent (abysmal) performances elsewhere and we ought to give credit and additional funding to those WINNING athletes who put in the time and effort to achieve results.

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  • 39. At 8:38pm on 15 Aug 2008, Salyavin wrote:

    Wonderful to see GB dominant in a sport. As a keen cyclist myself I am delighted to see our team perform so well and with such confidence. I will be on my bike this weekend, as will, I suspect, many people new to cycling, inspired by our brilliant Olympians!

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  • 40. At 8:52pm on 15 Aug 2008, jonoutoftheblue wrote:

    Well done to the GB team today. What a treat to watch such a great performance and a new world record for us too.
    What a great day for British cycling.

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  • 41. At 9:46pm on 15 Aug 2008, Dan_Cater wrote:

    The Cycling set up is incredible. The only other sport we match it in is Rowing, where we cannot double up, but in the men's events alone are looking for minimum of 3 gold medals. If only it was a sport you could double up in we might start making some headway. The Swimming team are beginning to bug me. They seem to be so useless at pushing themselves and there are continuous excuses. Considering each athlete can do several events we have not got a good return except for those girls with medals who did exceptionally well. I realise cycling has benefited from a lot of funding, but when rowing can contend almost every single final without doubling up I don't see why the athletics team cannot match it.

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  • 42. At 9:55pm on 15 Aug 2008, piechucker31 wrote:

    #35 "Everything I abhor about the Chinese government's attitude to their athletes is also applicable to the GB cycling team..."

    Argh! It's so terrible! They're professional and focused, and determined, and they win and everything!

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  • 43. At 10:07pm on 15 Aug 2008, dpbeijing wrote:

    Why can't we concentrate on the positives?
    We're doing fantastically well in the cycling and should be rightly proud of our lads and lasses.
    Hopefully this weekend will bring us numerous other medals in many different events.
    Time to look at all the pluses!

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  • 44. At 10:13pm on 15 Aug 2008, GuyNoir9 wrote:

    It's now just a few hours since GB Team Sprint wins a Gold medal and the front page of the BBC sports web site has a pic of the Jamaican sprinter in his heat and any mention of cycling is really hard to find.

    The media often complains about a lack of winners yet when we have one, they do not give them anywhere near the spread that they deserve. Shame on you beeb!

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  • 45. At 10:21pm on 15 Aug 2008, Granpanick wrote:

    Despite the complaints about potentialy uneven coverage now that the athletics has started, I would like to say well done to the BBC for the coverage so far. We have been kept abreast of the equestrian teams performance (A minority sport you may argue), the swimming and diving, rowing, yachting, badminton, boxing, archery. In fact, all sports where there is a Great Britain presence. There has also been outstanding coverage of gymnastics and other events where we don't stand a chance. I hope and trust the BBC will continue to share television time for all sports. After all, the Olympic Games is the biggest single sporting event in the world and a nightmare for any television company to cover. It is impossible to please everyone so instead of complaining about the 'lack' of coverage of one particular sport, perhaps it would be better to embrace and enjoy the whole event. And if the BBC could promote tiddlywinks for the 2012 games.....................?

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  • 46. At 10:39pm on 15 Aug 2008, PlasticGloryHunter wrote:

    GuyNoir9 (#44), are you looking at the international version of the site?

    The UK version has had the cyclists on it all day.

    (You can switch between the two versions at the bottom of the lefthand column of the page).

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  • 47. At 02:15am on 16 Aug 2008, Spaced Invader wrote:

    Having watched our 'number 1' sprinter - the clearly overly bulky Simeon Williamson (also weighed down by his jewellery - literally) crash out in the 100m heats, then watching Chris Hoy and co destroy the best the world can offer, it makes me realise their is no 'Team GB'. Some Olympic sports are run professionally, others are a joke.

    Congratulations not only to the cyclists themsleves, but also the administrators, coaches, medics and everyone else involved in British cycling. You make us proud the way our track athletes once did.

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  • 48. At 02:45am on 16 Aug 2008, DGX1975 wrote:

    Legends, absolute legends..... specal mention: Chris Hoy, for greatest Olyimpian ever from Scotland.

    You could not meet a nice enough guy... a hero!

    As for the other folk moaning about the coverage, sh!t happens in events like these.

    Well done Tthe Cyclng eam GB.

    Gold, Gold, Gold.... cmon now!!!

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  • 49. At 10:35am on 16 Aug 2008, Zebedee wrote:

    Fantastic performance yesterday from the GB riders in the velodrome.

    Let's be honest GB could win evry gold going on the velodrome and the focus will still fall on Athletics.

    Come December and SPOTY then undoubtedly it will go to some overpiad footballer, Lewis Hamilton or if a miracle happens and Radcliffe wins the marathon then she's a shoe-in for it.

    At a push the BBC might deign to give the Track Cycling squad the Team of the Year award but that'll probably go to Man Utd.

    let's hope the track guys and girls keep it going over the next couple of days.

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  • 50. At 1:11pm on 16 Aug 2008, MIRADORDELMAR wrote:

    The shame is that with the athletics programme starting proper over the weekend the cycling will be squeezed in amongst events that there is no chance of GB winning a medal in. ( quote 4 )

    And he was right - just won a silver and gold in the kierin and htey have stopped coverage without even an interview and will we see teh medal presentation ?????

    Shame on you BBC

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  • 51. At 00:18am on 17 Aug 2008, macfingon wrote:

    In response to the fairly tired "Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oy! Oy! Oy!" chant (a derivative of "Oggy Oggy Oggy, Oy Oy Oy") regularly shouted by Australian fans, and in light of the fact that their cyclists are currently being roundly thrashed, perhaps the GB fans in the velodrome could respond with chants of "Wiggy! Wiggy! Wiggy! Hoy! Hoy! Hoy!", especially as this accurately sums up how many golds each of them will likely end up with. Just a thought!

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