Seen our Monkey video yet?

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We're unveiling this two-minute animation on our website, and it will be broadcast across BBC television in the UK just before 1930 BST tonight.

The animation, by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett - the team behind Gorillaz - twists the tale of the classical Chinese novel "Journey to the West", turning it into a "Journey to the East" and the Beijing Olympics.

That journey reaches a climax with this animated sequence, and you can find out more about Monkey and friends on this page. There are image galleries, mobile downloads, cut-out-and-wear masks if you've got little Monkeys, and some facts and figures - which might keep you busy on the web, finding out about the Pipa, Ur Hu and Zheng.

You can also download your own desktop Monkey, an application which brings you the latest news about your favourite Olympic sports, and lets you set reminders for events at the Games you don't want to miss. Monkey - or Pigsy, or Sandy if you prefer - will alert you when your event is about to start.

Monkey will introduce BBC Sport's coverage throughout the Olympics, so watch the video, download him to your desktop, and let me know what you think.

Ollie Williams is a BBC Sport journalist. Our FAQs should answer any questions you have.

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