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The Hype Machine's brand new App

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Producer Will Producer Will | 10:00 UK time, Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hype Machine App 1


The Hype Machine, one of the best blog aggregation sites, have launched its very own App which pushes forward personal music discovery in a way that hasn't been available before on portable devices.

‘Hype Radio turns music blogs into radio stations,’ in what really is a nifty bit of kit at £1.79. Every blog in Hypem’s large, wide-ranging database is automatically turned into its own radio station, playing the music they post, discuss and share.

The availability is huge and ranges from big names such as NME’s Daily Download and RCRD LBL to smaller blogs like Robot Dance Music and Chrome Kids.

There is no artist search or on-demand playback. Instead you have a variety of stations at your fingertips to tune into, essentially forcing you to listen to new music, but anchored on your interests:

Stations include:
Latest: Music that is being talked about right now

Hype Machine App 3


Popular: Tracks which are getting the most buzz on The Hype Machine
Genre Stations: the latest tracks posted on blogs sorted by genre
Radio Show: highlighting the month’s best new music (archived back to March 2009)
Blog Directory: All the music blogs Hype Machine tracks track, browsable by genre or alphabetically

And then there are a couple of more personal options:
My Mix: a combined mix of your favourite blogs
My Friends: a mix of what your friends are favouriting


But even when you favourite a track and want to listen back to them, they are mixed in with other similar tracks or suggestions from the blogs you have favourited to continue your personal musical discovery.

As well as this you can read the original blog which discussed the track. Staying within the App, and with a single tap of the screen, a mobile adapted post is brought up which fits nicely into the smaller screen.

We road tested it in the Now Playing office on an iPhone 4. The interface was slick and fast. We used it when connected to office Wi-Fi and there was a very short time to load up each track, and then it streamed seamlessly.

Though, outside on the bus for example, it might not be quite as slick and will more than likely eat up your battery.

It doesn’t do anything different to what you can’t do on the website, but in App form it is much slicker and smarter and should be checked out by anyone with a keen interest in finding new music.


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