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Friday 30 September 2011

Sarah McDermott | 11:37 UK time, Friday, 30 September 2011

UPDATE AT 1807 - Here's what is happening on tonight's programme:

In our final edition of the week, Andrew Verity will be asking what if anything is wrong with the predatory capitalism that Ed Miliband called for a clampdown on at the Labour Party's conference earlier this week.

Tim Whewell will have more on the news that US-born suspected al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, whose death was said to have been personally ordered by US President Barack Obama, has been killed in Yemen.

And as Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito's appeal against their convictions for the 2007 murder of Perugia student Meredith Kercher draws to a close we ask what the obsession with Knox is and has it got anything to do with Berlusconi's Italy.


In our final edition of the week, Andrew Verity will be asking what's wrong with the predatory capitalism that Ed Miliband called for a clampdown on at the Labour Party's conference earlier this week.

US-born suspected al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, whose death was said to have been personally ordered by President Obama, has been killed in Yemen, reports say - we'll have more on that.

And the BBC's technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones has a piece about how US patent laws are threatening web development and innovation.

More details later.


  • Comment number 1.

    Everything you need to know and understand about predatory capitalism is included in the archive posts of this person (open link)...

    In fact, I would guess that Ed's team probably got the phrase from this persons NN blog posts, though of course, ignoring the deeper root cause analysis.

  • Comment number 2.

    PIMCO's El-Erian Drops The F-Bomb: "French Banks Are Down To 1% Capital, Institutional Panic Underway"

  • Comment number 3.

    Barrie wrote Wednesday:

    I too must adjust my position Kev.

    "SUDDENLY I can hear every word Kirsty utters! Yet my hearing is declining. What is more, I found your Warkster cogent and incisive, in her questioning. Although she let Ed use tricks like: "Well of course we must take that into account", when a hole was punched in his assertions.


    This is good news Barrie. Yes your right, she did ask good questions. Is the beeb tryng to be more objective in its work rather than its usual lefty wing position?

    I've no idea what the Warksters politics is..all I know is she's a Scot, not a fan of Alex Salmond, she's on the tele a couple of times a week and wears reading glasses. Sorry to hear your hearing ain't as sharp as it used to be Barrie. My own hearing is fine which is a bit of a miracle considering I've been around a lot of noise for years..those vibratings cones have been known to do a lot of damage. My eyes are going though, I'm starting to adjust the distance between the page and my eyes - a sure sign of deteriorating eye sight, I'm only 46 :( I heard a radio talk show host a while back (the Savage Nation) talk about the RAF in the second world war and how they'd take Bilberry to improve their eye sight..and it works. I can now read the small print on any given vitamin bottle with no eye strain again. Good tip for you there if your eyesight starts going..get yourself some Bilberry.

    I reckon newnight should open with our story rather than the usual stories of Greek debt and the global meltdown. Your recent conversion to the Warkster, your hearing on the decline and my eyesight going west...but thanks to the the little bottle of Bilberry..all is not lost. Thats a good news story I reckon (well, except your hearing loss) I'm available for interviews but only if an actor speaks my words and I'm in shadow and you Barrie can hopefully get in the 'spoil party games' and 'we have ourselves another one' thing you've got going for you whilst your on...yes, it would be good TV I reckon.

  • Comment number 4.

  • Comment number 5.

    I suppose that bad companies could include those big companies who consistently fail to pay subcontractors on time at the end of the month. One local big haulage firm had all the work out of the local cement works and had three rates for the subcontractors they gave most of the work away to. These included owner drivers who could get a cut rate paid weekly, one rate for the end of the month and one rate for if you didn't really care when you got paid. Of course the cement works could have given out all the work direct, but the haulage company was almost totally owned by the banks ( the proprietor had been bust twice before ) and was in on the local Catholic mafia ( who controlled all the work out of the cement works ). Said haulage company went bust a couple of years ago when the cement work switched to rail for the coal in and cement out.

  • Comment number 6.

    "The EU insists on the right of mobile workers to move from one country to another and, in certain places, they are entitled to benefits,"

    in what way is someone coming to the uk claiming benefits 'a worker'?

    allowing unlimited immigration is as extremist as allowing no migration. the eu have screwed up the countries in the eu. they are fanatics who will destroy common sense to keep their extremist ideological projects.

  • Comment number 7.

    The 15 mile-per-hour winds that buffeted northern Germany on July 24 caused the nation’s 21,600 windmills to generate so much power that utilities such as EON AG and RWE AG (RWE) had to pay consumers to take it off the grid.

    “You’re looking at a future where on a sunny day in Germany, you’ll have negative prices,”

    the price of oil fell 20% since march. yet bills have gone up. nice maths if you can get it. which industries is the uk population not subsidising?

  • Comment number 8.

    alan johnson said on This Week about the financial situation 'we know what to do but haven't worked out how to get elected afterwards'.

    which shows where the political thinking is? : not about what is best for everyone but best for themselves?

    when people are asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for the uk in afghanistan the politcos in the uk can't make the minor sacrifice of their electoral chances [which may or may not be real] for the good of the country. the political class unable to make minor sacrifices are the small people. the lilliputs.

  • Comment number 9.

    ...what's wrong with the predatory capitalism....

    "Because the demand for junk bonds was higher than its supply, Lewis argues that corporate raiders began to attack otherwise sound companies in order to create more junk bonds."

  • Comment number 10.

    ...what's wrong with the predatory capitalism....

    Errr... let's not get too bogged down with moral discussions, how about saying that predation involves breaking the law:

    Or is there a two tier legal system in the UK & US, where white collar looting is applauded from the galleries?

  • Comment number 11.

    'Andrew Verity will be asking what's wrong with the predatory capitalism that Ed Miliband called for a clampdown on at the Labour Party's conference earlier this week.

    Er.. loaded, much?

    Here's another to lob in...

    'When did [ ] stop beating their wife'

    Not saying what it may be is good, but until one gets a better definition than that offered by the likes of Mr. Miliband in a party political speech, the BBC's askers may rethink how questions are framed a tad.

    Unless the result is foregone?

  • Comment number 12.

    Thing is, what Mr. Milliband 'calls for' may not be quite what's called for, much as some may view the two as indivisible.

    He can be viewed as a bit hard to comprehend and hence may not be the best basis to kick off from...

  • Comment number 13.

    What wrong with predatory capitalism?

    First, you need to understand what is the purpose of any 'ism'.

    The answer in the end MUST be to maximise the valuable economic output of a nation's major asset - its people - so that in turn means that the maximum number of people need to be productively employed.

    Preditory capitalism does is not generally congruent with the aim of capitalism (as set out above) hence in so far as it acts against the objecting of the 'ism' it is a bad thing!

  • Comment number 14.

    It would appear that the eco-fascists are squealing about Eric Pickles's plan to reward local councils for weekly bin collections, the only service most council taxpayers see directly at the coal face. The eco-fascists argue that it reduces recycling and that the bad smell and potential rats would not be a problem if weekly waste food collections were introduced. If you are going to send a vehicle round every week anyway you might just as well collect all the rubbish so their eco-fascist quasi-religion doesn't stand scrutiny. It would appear that they intend to rot down the food waste for compost anyway with no attempt to generate electricity, but like I said in a recent post their ecological arguments simply don't stack up. Incidentally here in the Ribble Valley we have always had weekly bin collections and now they collect both general waste and recyclables every week, we could be looking at some extra spare cash to use on other council services

  • Comment number 15.

  • Comment number 16.

    Surprised postings here tonight are all on economic lines, which, lets face it,we have all done to death and not made a blind bit of difference.

    The development of the day is surely the USA apparent increasing habit for political assasination within the borders of external sovereign nations.

    'personaly ordered by Barrack Obama we are told' why such a statement?

    Would not

    Barack Obama admited he personaly ordered the murder of a man today without trial and has been taken into custody by the hague' be more appropriate?

    Would the nations media be as bland in their statements or forgiving of an assasination of a leading western political figure by an Iraqi who lost his entire family during a USA bombing raid for a war initiated on fabricated evidence of weapons of mass destruction and links to Al queda which never existed?

    These extraordinary acts by the USA are now being treated as if they are ordinary, or even worse, moraly correct.

    They are very far from being ordinary, they are, in fact, quite probably criminal acts under international law and should be treated as such.

    But those with the biggest military get to make the rules it seems... is that what the American people really want to be about?

    Is that what they will default to as their economic decline continues?

    The most technologically advanced and lethal collection of weapons of mass destruction do not reside in Iraq, they never did, they reside in the USA and the USA, increasingly it seems, are demonstarting that they do not have the requisite level of maturity to be trusted to never use them in anger.

    The murder of individuals you don't agree with in sovereign states and ordered by the president no less could be seen as the start of a v dangerous slippery slope of habitual emboldened amoral intervention to 'get what they want', even more dangerous in the context of a nation in a very steep and irreversible economic decline.

    Are you all asleep out there?

  • Comment number 17.

    Perhaps Ed Miliband could have done far better politically if instead of generalisations he had directly attacked the culture of the Banks and their stock market parasites. After all, it was to appease the Corporate Nazi's that they set up Southern Cross in its final business structure, not that much different from PFI and the current financial predicament of many NHS hospitals. I've lost count of how many times our local cement works has been taken over, each time to the detriment of the local and our overall economy, now they have contracted out working the new quarry, workforce less than half what it was 25 years ago, Ever since Scancem the fleet of road tankers has been imported, the original Thomas Ward ( Sheffield ) owners ( wasn't that bad under RTZ ) always bought quality British vehicles like now sold to the Germans by its greedy former owner ERF.

  • Comment number 18.

    If you get around to views on the proposed motorway speed limit to 80 MPH mine are here:

  • Comment number 19.

    Don't you find it really strange that the eco-fascists bleating about the extra fuel used to do 80Mph when they never mention the now scientifically proven 83% increase in CO2 emissions and 37% extra NOX caused by the traffic calming they were pushing until fairly recently. They now go for the less pregnant 20 Mph zones without humps or narrowing, but its still at least 10% extra CO2 and the toxic stuff will still be doubled.

  • Comment number 20.


    20Mph zones will result in extra congestion where parked cars make it impossible for two vehicles from opposite directions pass each other in safety assuming that everyone will stick below the limit. Then there are the hills where cars with small fuel efficient engines will not be able to maintain 20 without going down into first gear and being extremely inefficient and noisy for residents. In fact all alleged traffic calming measures encourage people to buy large powerful cars if they want to get anywhere in decent time. In a true green economy policy would encourage the use of fuel efficient vehicles, its always the " reverse theory " alleged unintended consequences when relying on eco-fascist Aristotle science.

    ( Link first published and sent to all UK environmental groups in 1996 )

  • Comment number 21.

    Who on earth is that ridiculous woman who keeps talking over everybody whilst she spouts complete unworkable nonsense? Can't Newsnight find anyone authoritative to put on - even if they are going to be interviewed by the useless Emily Maitlis?

  • Comment number 22.

    #16 "Are you all asleep out there?"

    How do you know you are awake?

  • Comment number 23.

    Was Rowenna on speed or something? For goodness sake Ms Maitlis, put your foot down and make sure everyone gets an equal say. Interupting someone with "can I just take up that point" and then shouting down the opposition with "can I please finish..." is blatently unfair.

  • Comment number 24.


    Oh come on, Emily's quite good really. She's also something like the third or fourth most popular NN presenter according to the viewing figures, though it's all rather skewed depending on which day a presenter appears (that's from memory based on some research I did some time ago, so I could be wrong). Thursday is currently the death sentence, I believe.

    She could do more to keep her guests in line, though.

    Based on about 12 months of watching Newsnight pretty much every day, I'd say Kirsty Wark is currently the best presenter, very closely followed by Paxman. He's an excellent writer, though. I was most amused by the subtle humour in his recent book review.

  • Comment number 25.

    Perhaps the one thing the Corporate Nazi NGO's hate most about the proposed 80 Mph motorway speed limit is that it could actually save some key people in our economy some money. It would appear that Hammond is trying to buy people off with the promise of more 20 Mph zones, which will net him far more fuel tax and the VAT on repairs than the 80 limit will do. Its time all speed limits cut in the name of political correctness over the past 20 years to be reinstated back to their 1960s default. The only true progress in road safety since then was radial tyres and more recently the free bus pass for the over 60s legislation which had nothing directly to do with road safety.

  • Comment number 26.

    City's influence over Conservatives laid bare by research into donations


  • Comment number 27.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 28.

    A WRY SMILE (#16)

    Hillary Clinton said: "This attempt to intimidate our diplomats through violence is wholly unjustified."

    Where IN THE WORLD might Syrian bully-boys have picked up the idea of INTIMIDATION THROUGH VIOLENCE? That is as unthinkable a ploy, as folks flying planes into buildings . . .

    I have said before that England is now collectively mad; America, by comparison, seems to be in some state BEYOND SIMPLE MADNESS for which I have no name.

  • Comment number 29.



    Ecolizzy can explain if you are struggling, Muse-et-al.

    In passing (#22) GREAT STUFF! But the NewsyNighty gallery would emit an entangled pair of Higgs Bozos, and fuse, if they tackled anything so 'gravitational'.

  • Comment number 30.


    Its time all speed limits cut in the name of political correctness over the past 20 years to be reinstated back to their 1960s default. The only true progress in road safety since then was radial tyres and more recently the free bus pass for the over 60s legislation which had nothing directly to do with road safety.

    Since the 1960's we've seen:

    Widespread adoption of disc brakes rather than drum brakes (a massive increase in braking power that exceeds the standard stopping distances in the Highway Code).
    Introduction of anti-lock brakes (see above).
    Increasingly wider tyres, giving greater braking and steering performance.
    Widespread introduction of power steering, which allows for greater steering response for less physical effort.
    Introduction of numerous safety standards that increase the chances of surviving a crash for both car occupents and pedestrians.
    Huge improvements in headlight technology that makes night-time driving much safer.


    introduction of reverse parking sensors to prevent minor bumper damage from people who have difficulty reversing a car into a space without hitting a trolley park.

  • Comment number 31.


    You mean the varicolour lazer drills? Or the LED daylight-dazzler sidelights? Or the super-nova retina blasters that 'make the world go away'?

    Some regulatory authority seems not to have noticed the increased Wham for Watts that is now making night driving a nighmare.

  • Comment number 32.

    #19 brossen99

    I'm no eco-fascist or a fan of the death from global warming lobby. Far from it. But I don't think that's the real point about speed limits.

    Don't know how old you are, I but remember when I was young everyone was always going too slow, and I was always trying to get past them in my car.

    Now I'm a grandfather and everyone's always trying to get past me. It's an age thing. But my insurance is cheaper. Think about it.

  • Comment number 33.


    Not all advancements are beneficial, of course.

    But most of them are, especially if your car headlight lenses/reflectors are properly adjusted. As for specific points: As far as I know there are no manufacturer-fitted headlights that involve lasers, and lasers attached to cars would probably be illegal.

    LED lights are generally noticebale but entirely comfortable in daylight, and not particularly dazzling at night.

    I'm not sure what a "supernova retina blaster" headlight is, but the most powerful halogen lights I've seen are only legal in cars made before about 1988, or are dazzling as a result of poorly-adjusted lenses/reflectors.

    Or someone's forgotten to cancel their full-beams - happens quite often. It pays to develop the skill of subconciously memorising the shape of the road ahead in advance, and being able to screw up one's eyes and suffer the pain of bright light without closing one's eyes and then proceeding to navigate the road ahead based on a combination of recent memory and minimal visual cues whilst blinded.

  • Comment number 34.


    Vast improvements based on seeing a little further by standing on the shoulders of idiots.

  • Comment number 35.


    Other people have been going too slow for me for over 30 years now.

    However, looking back on my younger self I can only say that I am older and wiser, and I have better insurance these days. Partly due to age, partly due to shopping around, and partly due to a very long no-claims bonus. In fact, my insurance is now cheaper than my Grandad's.

  • Comment number 36.


    Possibly so, but I fear we're veering away from the topic of tonight's Newsnight.

  • Comment number 37.

    #36 Fair Pay

    Possibly more interesting though.

  • Comment number 38.

    I can't wait to hear Ed Milliband announce that his anti-predatory rhetoric as a fore -runner as a far off dream of a POLICY on this - has been dropped & was a mistake - FOR HIM!

    Milliband is just another London centric rubber mouthed 'foreign-iser' & he's not a moderniser.

    Does Milliband realise that most of the real predators are foreigners, non doms, spivs, job stealers, health tourists, escaped war criminals, despots & every type of other criminal - who have it in for Britain - perhaps Milliband thinks that the predators are those wicked people in the squeezed middle who need another Gordo tax/debt & immigration bashing?

    Be careful Ed - there's a wicked non-Londonised English predator - father, son, daughter, grandparent - lurking around & waiting for every short termist, economic opportunist immigrant - around every dark street corner

  • Comment number 39.

    #33 Fair Pay

    I too have noticed problems seeing past cars coming in the opposite direction at night fitted with " ice blue " headlights on cars like Jag's, Mercs etc. It almost as though the blue light closes down your pupil to absolute minimum and perhaps they will only be banned after they have been conclusively proven to kill someone. I notice that boy racers also love ice blue headlights, although they would appear to be less popular than they once were, perhaps some people have already seen the light. Back in the 1950s everyone drove on sidelights and a spot, which allowed your eyes to adjust to true night vision, it all ended when a drunk got run over near Birmingham one rainy night.

  • Comment number 40.

    So is anyone else, other than Jericoa and Barrie Singleton, going to protest at being turned into a little Pinochet or Hitler?

    I could hardly believe the way "my" government and BBC treated yet another case of extrajuditial killing by our CIA masters as routine law enforcement!

    What chance have we had to hear the evidence these "terrorists" would have given to us? How do we know the truth now that people like Bush,Obama and the Clintons are the supreme arbiters of what we get told?

    Read their lips perhaps?

  • Comment number 41.

  • Comment number 42.

    @41 Any sensible idea in a Scroogist capitalist world threatens someone with bankruptcy Brossen.

    Or are we all to compete with sweated labour in the Orient now?

    We have to find a balance between capitalism and sensible social/community action.

    And we need constructive protectionism based on putting our kids needs first before there is another world war.

  • Comment number 43.

    '40. At 07:22 1st Oct 2011, Myfault '

    Well, one can also add Lord Boateng, as I write in SKY quite comfy with the whole thing.

    One can't help but wonder if any other President had presided over such actions the commentary might have been a smidge different.

    Seems 'news' these days depends more on who you invite on to comment on who the medium likes.

    Which is simply another form of double standard.

    You can at least always vote Mr. Obama out. Then the BBC will be there for you again when actions you don't approve of are committed in your name. Speaking for the public, like.

  • Comment number 44.

    @43 Thanks.

    But voting Obama out achieves nothing while the Likud finance the next leader of the "free world" and can do what they like with us once their new man is in office.

    Clinton and Obama came in to office promising all sorts of things which mysteriously evaporated in the way Labour`s promises also evaporate once America`s latest "British Prime Minister" is in Number 10.

    Who repealed the Glass-Steagal Acts?A Democratic president!

    Have you ever wondered why "your" BBC is so untroubled and quiet about little inconsistencies like that?

  • Comment number 45.


    Further, the 'Incompetent Elite' of Westminster, get to play Globopoly on the World Board, moving the higher value pieces of Johnnie Foreigner states. All the games are accompanied by side bets, laid with our money. Losing is of no account to the players.

    The question that goes unaddressed, is "What manner of individual immerses themselves in serial failure (note the recent list of apologies from ALL parties) yet continues in office, while retaining the inappropriate title: HONOURABLE?"
    NewsyNighty: please address WITH GRAVITAS!

    The PERVERSITY OF WESTMINSTER GOVERNANCE roars in the stone deaf ear of media, while I roar in the other (equally deaf) ear:


    Who controls the BBC?

  • Comment number 46.

    A VERY LIGHT BREEZE (#41 link)

    I note the 'passing mention' of tidal power, in the link, Bro, 'oddly' negative. I wonder if I qualify as a 'Wind Denier' or 'Solarphobic' - even a 'Lunatic', for championing tidal power? (For the less informed, tides are lunar power, and the moon is still there.)

    If only tides could be adapted to killing Johnnie Foreigner! The Westminster Opportunists would be fighting over who thought of it first; Dave would be granting a monster budget of imaginary money, and Ed would be saying: "Not nearly enough!"


    Nuff sed

  • Comment number 47.


    Stewardship of a nation, requires a very rare level of human competence, in those charged with undertaking the task. Dave thinks that the "Best of the Best", in our society, become mercenary killers; that phrase (and his banal espousal of it) neatly encapsulate the bankruptcy of our culture, from aberrant top to absolute bottom.

    When the English Spring comes, we must strive to create a diametric alternative to Westminster's abomination; an alternative that is steeped in philosophical calm, skilled in applied human psychology, and has a reverence for elegance* (in its most fundamental sense) in all things.

    We can then remove this country from the madness of GDP, manipulated money, arms and warfare, aspiring, instead, to raise maturity, contentment and wisdom, across the nation.


  • Comment number 48.

    @45 Who controls the BBC Barrie?

    A fascinating subject, to which we refer at our peril in this "free country"!

    My general answer is that it could be the same people who install our latest "prime minister" and control the City of London and decide where our military point their guns,etc.

    That`s the easy bit,because it`s quite obvious that the Likud runs the USA and the USA run Britain and "our" private enterprise media.

    But though it`s tempting to swallow the codswallop churned out by the BBC`s detractors I suspect the BBC is not the anti-Zionist anti-capitalist pinko paradise and mouth piece the Likudniks would like us to think it is.

    For a start it spends a fortune ignoring us and making super-lite entertainment "shows" which are clearly aimed at grovelling to America and American audiences.

    Then it devotes considerable effort to blending with the global capitalist MSM like CNN and Fox,and though it was not anything like as hard on New Labour`s antics as it was on Margaret Thatcher,it`s as well to remember the Labour has become more neo-liberal than the Tories since Thatcher was in power.

    And is NN about to take an RT/Keiser standpoint on financial dodgy dealing any time soon, as Wall Street continues to take the world to the cleaners, like it did in the aftermath of 1929?

  • Comment number 49.

    #42 Myfault

    Pray tell me what is sensible about wind farms, unless you are brainwashed by the eco-fascist quasi-religion, I suppose if the lights go out it will be mostly your fault ?

  • Comment number 50.

    Not one word on the huge demonstrations in the USA, Manhattan is closed down as is NYPD Headquarters, the MSM must be under strict instruction from their pay masters in Wall St, finally the sheeple are starting to awake!!

  • Comment number 51.

    Whoops, how did that slip through.

    Or this:

    Or this:

  • Comment number 52.


    Supercomputers, preying on human fear and designed to enrich an anti-democratic elite are taking over the world's stock markets.

  • Comment number 53.

  • Comment number 54.

    Ed Anti-Business Speech

    Each case will be different , but the example given was the “care home” one, but I suggest this had more to do with property prices than anything else.

    If Labour had not removedhouse price inflation from the BoE inflation figures back in 2004 , the incentive for mal-investments would not have been created.
    Every action has a reaction, its called causality.

    This is why a small bunch of people , with little or no practical experience of the economy, interfering with the rules they know little or nothing about, can be so dangerous to everyone else.

    Now if Labour had kept price stability in the economy , would there have been a incentive to profit from the care home housing stock ?
    I think it would have been a lot less likely.

  • Comment number 55.

    Jaw-Dropping #26

    Maybe you should look at all the donations to political parties. Look at the many hundred of smaller donations ( of less than £30k) to the Conservative party there are.

    What outrages me is the Labour party claiming near £2 million from taxpayers.
    Taxpayers have never , to my knowledge, given consent for this. When taxpayers pay taxes they do so under the impression it is used to fund public services, not keeping indebted political parties afloat.

    How many hip operations could £2 million pay for ?

    Where is the lefts outrage over that ?

  • Comment number 56.

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  • Comment number 57.

    @55 Good point Steve,and all the more surprising when you realise that whichever party is "in power" doesn`t make a bit of difference to "government policy" and our cringe worthy obedience to Washington and Wall Street.

  • Comment number 58.

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  • Comment number 59.

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  • Comment number 60.


    Lynne Featherstone MP has chosen the false images of 'celebrities' to go 'high-profile'. Her concern - apparently - is the impact on the young.

    Ms Featherstone is a LibDem who, under Nice Nick, signed up to Dastardly Dave WHO EMPLOYED FALSE IMAGES TO PROMOTE HIMSELF AND TO VILIFY NICK. Now how might Ms Featherstone reconcile those two? (Is the clue in her name?) Dastardly Dave also connived at the Liar Flyer:

    Another falsehood. Might it be that all this Westminster DISHONOUR is 'trickling down' into the psyches of rioters and looters? Perish the thought.

    Did Ms Featherstone feel moved to speak out against Dave's falsehoods (in the interest of the children of course)? Did anyone?


  • Comment number 61.

    @60 The altered image of Dave is another issue entirely.

    I imagine Ms Featherstone is making a serious point about the body fascism so prevalent in our ghastly Americanised media.

    And I say good for her,because it`s a dangerous thing to take on the "boundary expanding" perverts and pornographers in the media.

    Surely Dave`s fizzog hardly registers on the average rioter`s RADAR Barrie?He lives on another cultural planet!

  • Comment number 62.


    1) The young learn BEHAVIOUR, most readily, by example.
    2) Example begins 'at home' - politician's home is Westminster.
    3) To avoid bad example one should, as a priority, put one's OWN 'House' in order.
    4) Our PM spent £500,000 on a false image poster campaign, to subvert voters.
    5) Lynne Featherstone did not denounce Dave (a good woman 'doing nothing').
    6) Perversions come in all categories - Dave's image was perversion of reality.
    7) Westminster is culturally perverted, as is England. I assert a direct link.
    8) TV reinforces the nihilistic culture of Westminster.
    9) Rioters are home grown on Planet Dave, in a corrosive atmosphere that seeps from Westminster and from the 'Apha Individual' in every home: the TV.
    10) Rioting and destroying (by 'The Best of the Best') in Johnnie Foreigner Land, on a whim, speaks for itself - with a confusing message.

  • Comment number 63.


    The rioter`s role models are on Hollyoaks and Corrie and a thousand brutalising demoralising amoral action movies Barrie,innnit?

    Listen to their voices before you conflate and fabricate.

    Do they sound like Dave or Diane Abbott or Keith Vazz or Tariq Ali or even professional lower order impersonators like Billy Bragg?

  • Comment number 64.


    Nuff sed

  • Comment number 65.

  • Comment number 66.

    @64 Not long before he died I went to a little autobiographical talk by Clement Freud and it soon became obvious to me that I had already heard large parts of it on the radio at various times. So I settled down to study the man and let the words flow over me.
    Clement seemed a very angry man,and while he talked of his school days I became aware of a change in the pitch of his voice to something rather tragic and plaintiff and his face took on an expression of distress.
    The rest of the small audience seemed to interpret this as humour which distressed him all the more,and so I caught his eye and met his gaze with a look of serious concern,which I soon realised he found unbearable. At this he spat out the words "Why do they have children if they intend to abandon them?" with such vehemence that the room fell silent.
    He liked his grandfather, Sigmund, but saw him very infrequently.All that wisdom and superego could not compensate for a neglected little Id.

  • Comment number 67.


    Senior Tory says: "Coalition growth plan lacks credibility."

    Dave says: "This government has an INCREDIBLY active growth strategy."

    Nuff sed

  • Comment number 68.

    Seems to be a groundswell which I haven't seen reported on the BBC or Sky. I'm sure it's more to do with a lack of knowing an interesting story when they see it than any active censorship. Surely? No, the herd hasn't been properly directed to it yet.

  • Comment number 69.

    No restassured,it`s more of an uncomfortable realisation that being top dog and smarter than others is dead easy.

    At Saturday Morning Pictures and in church on Sunday, we "knew" that God was in his Heaven and American Mammon would sweep over the hill and rescue us in the form of the US Cavalry. All was well in our tiny worlds.

    Meanwhile ,back at the Downing Street and White House ranches,wiser heads than ours knew different less comforting and consoling facts.

    They knew that if they got it wrong homicidal revolutionaries and extremists (like the Nazis and the Russians) could sweep over the hill and end their dodgy Marx Brothers capitalist party games in a single tumultuous blood letting.

    That all was far from well in the world,and that their power and prosperity was a gossamer thin illusion that could be extinguished in a puff of totalitarian wind.

    Observe our Robin Hood and Maid Marian (the Keisers) and compare them with someone like Baron Rothschild,our Sheriff of Nottingham.

    Imagine that they changed places,and imagine that all the politicians (we amuse ourselves deriding) could be free to tell the truth and let their imagination`s rip.

    My guess is that we could fill football stadiums with Max `n Stacy thinkalikes and that Baron Rothschild could easily sort us out a far more realistic sensible social democratic brave new world....if they were truly free to do it.

    But human societies are not arranged to give expression to our unfettered thoughts.It seems we have to "prove that we are a safe pair of hands" and link ourselves to existing teams in existing institutions if we are to accorded "power".

    And what is "power"? What if Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert could be granted the power to take over from the Likud and Baron Rothschild and their bewildered looking President Obama as true "leaders" of this current political and economic disaster?

    Would the world be any better in ten year`s time? What if they said that you were "too rich" and that all your freedom and prosperity came at too high a price? What if they clipped YOUR wings?

    How altruistic are you?

    Being expansive and generous is easy....if you are rich.

    Being Max and Stacy is easy ....if you don`t owe your soul to the company store!

  • Comment number 70.

    '68. At 01:19 2nd Oct 2011, restassured wrote:
    Seems to be a groundswell which I haven't seen reported on the BBC or Sky.

    Certainly was on SKY just now.

    May have been the reporting stance taken by the station but I was minded of..

  • Comment number 71.

    51. At 11:57 1st Oct 2011, museV wrote:
    Whoops, how did that slip through.

    Or this:

    Or this:

    LoL. Well, of course there is also always...
    404 - Page Not Found
    This might be because you typed the web address incorrectly. Please check the address and spelling ensuring that it does not contain capital letters or spaces.
    It is possible that the page you were looking for may have been moved, updated or deleted.

    Or, of course, a simple closing.

    Works gangbusters.

  • Comment number 72.

    44. At 08:10 1st Oct 2011, Myfault wrote:
    Have you ever wondered why "your" BBC is so untroubled and quiet about little inconsistencies like that?

    Well, it is 'mine' in as much as it appears I am compelled to co-fund and get lumped in when spoken for, so I tend to wonder about a fair bit.

    My next bit of wondering will be at the consistencies that will be revealed, or not, regarding speaking out and who is who the kind of person they are. Or not.’-to-say-crowd-booed-gay-soldier/

    Guessing the BBC is OK with some aspects of the President's sayings vs. doings, but then goes hell for leather after others when they agree with him... or what is being spun?

    All media do it, of course. Some for ratings, for agenda, or both.

    Doesn't mean I have to like it.

    With much to task the Conservatives upon, I have given up on SKY just now for an obsession with Sam Cam not making speeches and, speaking of media turning a few into a horde, some bloke I have never heard of being critical from within that they are struggling to sustain as a mutiny. Don't know what Aunty's 'take' on it is, but I am sure they are being very measured, objective and impartial.

    So they are all as bad as each other, frankly. And as to financing, even Elliot Carver or Citizen Kane can have their stab... and reap the consequences... but I'll tend to be a wee bit more concerned, and critical, when the financing is by me.

  • Comment number 73.


    Andrew Marr Show - verbatim Dave:

    "Democracy is GOVERNMENT BY EXPLANATION" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Comment number 74.

    My Sunday morning mooch at the car boot sale brought me; a wood carving gouge to add to the hundreds I already own, an intense conversation about the difference between an analogue avometer and digital meters, and the sound of a thousand foreign tongues all gaily shouting the odds in what once felt like my country!

    And rummaging through books once owned by now dead, but wiser chaps than me, I got Karl Popper`s "Objective Knowledge" (couldn`t make head nor tail of it forty years ago!),Bertrand Russell`s "Power"and "One Dimensional Man" by Herbert Marcuse,all for £1.50.

    What we they have made of Max and Stacy,George Soros,Dave and the Likud`s attempts to order the world they left us?

  • Comment number 75.

    DAVE IS INCREDIBLE (Andrew Marr Show)

    Dave says Britons want to be in Europe, but he won't give them a referendum.

    Dave says he loves our countryside - that will be why he only bombs JF’s lands.

    Dave apologises for being rude to women - all those men (and poor Nick) can wait.

    Dave says Coalition: "for good of the country" - I thought it was a desperate power ploy!

  • Comment number 76.


    Democracy may be government by explanation Dave,but only after we have the information necessary to make a sensible choice of leader to provide that explanation!

    Did Marr demur Barrie,or did he give Dave the journalistic equivalent of a masonic hand shake?And would he be where he is today if he played hard ball?

  • Comment number 77.


    Of course he said those things Barrie! Would he be invited onto BBC programmes if he agreed with you?

  • Comment number 78.

    Barrie.....have you read Paxo`s book about MP`s?

    If so,has it altered you views in any way, or confirmed them?

  • Comment number 79.

    :o) and another new article by Jeremy in today's Sunday Telegraph!

  • Comment number 80.

    They close Paul Masons blog very quickly nowadays, funny how they keep others open for much longer, I guess they don't want what he says to gather any momentum.

    Anyway his title is .

    Euro: A 'loose cannon on the deck of the world'?

    A more acurate one which underpins it would be:

    Free market capitalism: A 'loose cannon on the deck of the world'?

    Meanwhile another USA extrajudicial murder of an individual has dropped off the news very quickly without so much as a wimper of protest being allowed to develop.

  • Comment number 81.


    But they're not free-markets Jeri....they're all rigged markets.

    Read the link in post #52 re 'Frankenstein Finance'.

  • Comment number 82.

    @79 Mistress.

    Thanks for the link,but the problem is that the concepts of Britain and the British Empire suggest a unity of interest and a common purpose that still lurks in the globalist breast today.

    Like the man in Belfast my ancestors came from the Celtic fringes of Britain and my kind were driven out of the British Isles in our millions to face an uncertain fate ethnically cleansing indigenous people across the world in the name of empire,but not always to our own advantage.

    Paxo and London and the BBC are part of a new global middle class whose interests and ambitions shine through the actual behaviour of the British political and media classes,whatever they say at election time to get themselves elected.

    They are heirs to the money men of the City of London and the old aristocracy of Britain that starved its peasants and treated them as expendable impediments to getting richer.

    Now they live in New York while their cronies, the Russian Oligarchs and international businessmen, lord it over us in Britain today.

    Can you afford to take over a newspaper and spread your views about politics in "your" democracy?

    Could you afford to set up a political party with a hope of winning without cultivating the aristocracy at the BBC?

  • Comment number 83.

    Just imagine what policies would almost guarantee you a landslide victory in a British general election?

    The ruling class last took the risk of allowing us a fighting democratic say way back in 1945,and we voted in a real socialist government to their deep chagrin and surprise.

    Since then party politics has been about denying us a say and ridiculing our powerlessness with parties like the BNP and Monster Raving Loony Party and UKIP.

  • Comment number 84.

    Well I seem to be the eternal show stopper and political party pooper on these threads,so it`s time to take off my latest costume .......and dedicate this thread to Sayyid Qutb .....and give you all a well earned rest until 2012.

    Seasons greetings to one and all ( mods inc.) from Jim Evans in Worcester!

  • Comment number 85.


    Understood / have posted on it in the past, the more volatility in prices the more they can cream off the differential with their high speed advantage while the rest of us are given stock market data 15 minutes old by the BBC and most other major public access to market data providers, which, in effect, means we are stealth taxed by the inv banks on every investment decision we make.

    It should be illegal, outlawed internationally, the practice is no different to me setting up an illegal connection to the electricity grid to siphon off free power.. but nobody challenges it, they set up a legal connection to the global financial system and siphon off free money, nobody bothers, nobody flags it as an issue, not one politician champions it.

    Free market capitalism is just the collective name associated with it,... it is still the mother of all loose cannons on deck though as far as 'hard working families and small business' is concerned.

  • Comment number 86.

    This comment has been referred for further consideration. Explain.

  • Comment number 87.

    Bearing in mind the almost commercial-level obsession with 'ratings' exhibited throughout the BBC, this early closing lark is intriguing.

    No open blog means no numbers. QED.

    A quick surf down of shutters up on the Newsnight list... - open but ancient... and stalled - only just reinvigourated - closed & festering - closed - near historical interest only - closed for watertight
    oversight - Yup, as noted... closed - Funny if not tragically, closed

  • Comment number 88.


    I don't think the BBC hires for technical ability Junkk - more for 'artistic merit'.

    Get the studio appointment 'right', and the 'packages' edgy; pay the 'talent' eye-watering sums, and the overall validity will take care of itself. (Judging by 'Start the Week' this morning, we 'conduct' (an appropriate term) wars in the same manner.

    As for government . . .

    In passing: Dave recently quoted Balfour saying "DEMOCRACY IS GOVERNMENT BY EXPLANATION". Well - a glance at Balfour's personality, shows him to have been capricious - if not perverse! I wonder if Balfour was a fan of Kipling? Were those words a consummate knave's twisting, "to make a trap fools"?

    Nice one Mr B.

  • Comment number 89.

    The Day America Died: The only Future for Americans is a Nightmare

    The Extrajudicial Killings of American Citizens

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

  • Comment number 90.


    He was referring to the rogue bank trader - UNAWARE of the irony.

    Until George, and his Westminster ilk, can see that the description also fits Margaret, Tony, 'Gordon' and Dave, all the grandiose initiatives in a five-year Parliament, will fix nothing.


  • Comment number 91.

    Occupy Wall Street protests spread across U.S

    All the protests were inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement which has seen hundreds of people camping out near the financial district in New York City and conducting marches calling for an end to home foreclosures and high unemployment.

  • Comment number 92.

    88. At 10:49 3rd Oct 2011, barriesingleton wrote:
    I don't think the BBC hires for technical ability Junkk - more for 'artistic merit'.

    Logic-free certainly borne out by their latest example of jointless thinking in self-referring my #86.

    Simply a precursor in answer to Jericoa's #80 on why 'momentum' may not be what is always sought, if the wrong kind.

    I then cited examples.

    Seems 'general' is better, and made the same point.

    When the excuse arrives (if it does) eventually, I am sure the OT clause will be invoked, as that catch-all one they like about scaring the horses was not even close.

    That kinda stalls it, as they usually dare me to complain about the one I answered so that goes too, but I think it should remain, plus I'm not keen on the nuclear option.

  • Comment number 93.


    After all, we are a democracy under the rule of law (with freedom to be unheard) so we can relax as cultural dilution continues apace, unemployment rises, strikes take hold, Human Rights run amok, cars become unsellable liabilities and 'heat or eat' the norm for an increasing cohort, going forward; all driving people mad.

    It's clear that Dave is incredibly good at national stewardship . . .

    In passing: One MP clarified Dave's rudeness to women; apparently he is just as rude to men as well. Who would have ever guessed? Memories of Brown?

  • Comment number 94.

    #87 JunkkMale

    Well noted re the early closures/limitation of the Beeb blogs.

    They were probably proving to be too much of a focal point.

    It's become quite clear, especially since the recent blog format changes, that the agenda always was to stifle debate and understanding (especially JJ-five-names' posts being too close to the truth cf we are really ruled by anarchists). Peston and Mason's blogs were probably enabling too much informed debate and understanding. The edict to censure the blogs must have come from high up/Govt.

  • Comment number 95.

    Most still think in terms of Left vs Right politics as it's easy to fool the masses that way. Even only yesterday the Beeb they were showing the results of a poll showing Cameron as far right, Neocon Blair just to the right of the centre ground, Brown far left and 'Red' Ed Milliband left of Brown!

    It just perfectly illustrates how manipulated the masses are. Especially concerning those perceived to be on the Left.

  • Comment number 96.

    94. At 16:31 3rd Oct 2011, museV wrote:
    #87 JunkkMale
    The edict to censure the blogs must have come from high up/Govt.

    High up where? Just to clarify a conflation hard to credit, as a mass apparently easily fooled and hence manipulated by those that know better. And know they know better, too.


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