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Friday 29 July 2011

Sarah McDermott | 16:05 UK time, Friday, 29 July 2011

Two newspapers have been fined a total of £68,000 for breaking the law when reporting the investigation into landscape architect Jo Yeates' killing, and eight have paid out for libel.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire have issued a statement saying he "acted on the instructions of others".

So why does anyone bother with newspapers anymore? On tonight's Newsnight, our Political editor Michael Crick reports on the state of the British tabloid press.

And as US Republican leaders scramble to rescue their deficit-cutting bill hours after a vote on it stalled because of a revolt from members of their own party, we'll be joined by Sharron Angle, the Republican Senate Candidate for Nevada in 2010, and leading Tea Party figure.

Join us at 2230 on BBC Two.


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  • Comment number 101.

    "The [Norwegian] prime minister also warned against measures that would curtail people's freedoms.

    "I would like to ask from this podium that we avoid starting a witch hunt on expression," he told MPs.

    "Everyone had to choose their own path in a landscape filled by shock, fear and despair. But the Norwegian people found their way home again."

    But the right-wing Progress Party indicated that it would press for tougher judicial measures.

    Per Sandberg, chairman of parliament's justice committee, and a member of the party, said when parliament reconvened in a few weeks there would be discussion "about sentences, searches by the police and everything else".

    "My party has always wanted that. I believe there will be new measures," he told Reuters."


    so the right-wing use an attack *by* the right-wing to demand political/social/legal measures that can only INCREASE the chances of a repeat attack, by other right-wing extremists "enflamed" by the new measures. These people, and their 'press' associates, have no shame or morality whatsoever.

    i know little about this PM, but he has seemed to me eminently sensible throughout this period, i dread to think what a lesser politician would have done. Compare Norway's, and his, reaction to the reaction of the US and Bush post 9/11.

    i hope the PM, and his party, reap the rewards for these measured steps in the next election, and those parties, like this so-called "freedom party", that are aligned with the insane Breivik and his racist ideology are swept away.

    but then, as now being mentioned on the news, those right-wing racists are infiltrating blogs like this one to push their extremist ideologies onto unsuspecting readers. And no doubt trying to undermine other, more Liberal ideologies and bloggers.

    best 'we' keep an eye out, eh?

    considering Breivik seems to believe (and therefore behave like) he is a "genetic psychopath", that would probably be a good place to look first, for those pushing this pseudo-scientific notion. The deafening lack of "analysis" upon Breivik by the right-wing media is about as revealing as it can get.

    #99: i know people who say "Imho", and also "lol". I guess its a generation/humour thing.

  • Comment number 102.

  • Comment number 103.

    99. At 11:00 2nd Aug 2011, barriesingleton wrote:
    I realise I am not sure WHERE you stand Junkk. might you be sitting?

    It's hard not to be a smidge careful, and stiff of back, when trying to navigate some fences..

    If course, 'I' have opinions, but try to ensure they don't stray into implying others need to have them too, other than by seeing the power of the argument, and with luck agreeing.

    It's when others see fit to impose, or constrain the debate, or shut it down, that I get nervous.

  • Comment number 104.

    #55: listened to the link: now i understand your points on it.

    in short, because there has been so much theft from normal people's wealth production in the last 30 years (taken away as "profit for owners"), people's incomes have fallen below the necessary level to maintain decent lifestyles, and pensions. To continue this theft even after it was economically destructive, the wealthy allowed mortgages and 'financial organisations' to be deregulated, causing a debt explosion fuelling imports, whilst devaluing sterling/dollah/eurwoe.

    lets be clear - ALL the wealth generated by the 60,000,000 people in the UK over the last 30 years has gone to just 1-5% of our population. To prevent social revolt from this theft (of many, many £Tns), the other 95% were handed massive amounts of debt.

    in the UK, this was compounded by the ignorant ruling class deciding it is better to play Casino-Banking, than actually go through the messy business of building things to sell, - like Germany, Japan and China do.

    because of this cocaine-fuelled stupidity, ignorance and class-hatred, the UK is now in a huge pickle.

    1. we have a small, ultra-rich globalist 'elite' who threaten to leave if they have to pay ANY taxes.
    2. our economy is almost entirely controlled by kkkorporates, who own EVERY vital part of the national infrastructure - energy, water, food, and communications are the obvious elements, and they they also undoubtedly threaten to "leave" the UK if they have to pay taxes.
    3. our currency has been enormously devalued, not only through financial deregulation, but also because of so-called "quantitative easing", - which is called "printing money" by more honest people.
    4. our balance of payments is insanely bad, because we have very little manufacturing left, and only utter morons abroad would want City bank services. [thankfully, most of our trading partners have equally bad banking services - once they start to reimplement 'regulations', we can expect the City to nose-dive in weeks. :/ ]
    5. the majority of our political class are either completely in bed with, or are part of what has happened in the last 30 years - or have absolutely NO CLUE about the reality of the situations.

    here is the rub: the financial problems of 'the West' could be solved by wiping out the debts (as should have happened to the 3rd world decades ago). HOWEVER, that will tank the Banks, even if China agrees. It will also tank the pension funds, and the stock markets. And the UK is in that mess up to its neck - or *down* to its neck, depending on how you look at it.

    there is so much MORE happening here, i could spend hours trying to add in all the factors i see operating - and i am no expert.

    however, all of this so far is actually manageable, with enough good political will, and morality on the behalf of politicians. - Yeah, we're [bleeped]. And if actual solutions are given, then the movers-behind-the-scenes will make sure they are prevented. Which makes it damnably hard to explain what i think SHOULD be happening. Which also reflects the position into which i have been placed, to perhaps be cryptic - or not.

    more to come...

  • Comment number 105.

    #104 cont:

    the REAL danger to a continuation of a good living-standard for all, is that the inevitable social dislocation will be used by the racist far-right to deliberately destroy the social-consensus for their own political ends. Their hatred will cause Societies to turn inwards, and against each other - and frankly, not much would survive. THIS is the greatest danger that 'the West' faces, and Russia is helping that along as much as it can. Stupidly, but then its leadership have not gotten over the hatred they feel about the behaviour of the US/Western 'elites' during its own crisis time in the 80s and 90s.

    and also unfortunately, those who have been 'winners' for the last 30 years also fully intend to use the right-wing to maintain their privileges and wealth, never mind the slaughter of the innocents that likely entails - after all, such has never concerned them before. [If the UK far-right ever does come to power, i hope "Tommy" remembers this post, and actually does the redistribution he will claim to intend - he will get **VASTLY** more pleasure from this, in every way, than murdering millions of "muslimks", and will also be far less likely to end his days in a bunker.]

    in short, there have been winners in the last 30 years, who are now incredibly rich. And everyone else - 90%+ - have been shafted. Now that the scams are coming to an end, there will be pain for all. It IS unavoidable, sorry. (though that is not *MY* fault, btw. I tried long before the last election to warn people what was coming). We are in a situation that the dark ages would have recognised, a few live in castles, and many more live in mud huts, paying "rent" and "tax" for the privilege. 80% or more of their hard labour'd produce from the land is taken by the castle-dwellers, and they live barely above subsistence level.

    but the 'Lawds' like to gamble, and they are not good at it, so they gamble future 'revenues' (the produce, money and wealth of the peasants on the land) on the casino tables.

    now the bills have come home to roost (because like most coked-up gamblers, they vastly over-estimated their own intelligence relative to everyone else), they want the peasants to work even harder, with less left for them to live on, and now until they simply drop dead, like 'lesser races' in German concentration camps, (or current US privately-run prisons that make profits by using the inmates as slave-labour).

    the only real alternative, that doesn't involve the peasants turning on each other in a frenzy of slaughter, is a massive redistribution of resources from the minority to the majority, hopefully as peacefully and cooperatively as possible:


    Agrarian Reforms in the Late 18th Century

    While the principal aspect of Danish foreign policy throughout the 18th century was »peace and quiet in the North«, the Danish foreign minister Andreas Peter Graf von Bernstorff overcame brief internal disturbances to lead the country to a period of great prosperity. As of 1787 he put through land reforms, thus freeing the peasants, a feat styled in the 19th century as the core of national self-awareness. The Danish image of themselves as a freedom-loving, peaceful people was fed by the fact that - while continental Europe was dominated by the turmoil of war and the violent upheavals of the French Revolution - Denmark was realising the libertarian and humanitarian ideals of the Enlightenment in agrarian reforms achieved not through revolutionary, but instead reformistic methods. The edict of 1788 emancipating the serfs, with which the monarch gave the peasants their freedom for all time, laid the cornerstone for patriotism and the devotion of the people to the crown."

    obviously, in our more advanced economies, more is required than simply "land reform", - BUT - the principle is exactly the same.

    here is the crux - if *you* were a millionaire, would you watch 20 people die so you could buy yourself a new McLaren? Or 100 die to buy a Van Gogh? Or would you reinvest that money to build up even more wealth for your children, AND those 100 people?

    difficult one, eh? And those of you who automatically say "of course i would help those people!" - how many of you think of this economic relationship when you see people starving in Africa or Asia? Those who said the opposite probably vote Tory/EDL.

    immorality is not just restricted to the ultra-wealthy, as Barry keeps saying, this 'pig-ethos' is filtered throughout our entire society. Thankfully, Murdoch's grip has finally been weakened - slightly - but we have a long path to travel, and only a short time to travel in.

  • Comment number 106.

    before the last election, i *strongly* wrote that voters should consider voting Green, the only Party that wanted to invest in new manufacturing, in higher incomes (the Living Wage), and make the UK energy-self-sufficient. And to make kkkorporates and Banksters stop their unbelievable theft. Apart from Brighton, i was clearly ignored. And Brighton went to the Greens because of their close work with the actual communities, and hard work by the party organisers.

    i'm sure the rest of the country is enjoying their Tory overlords, frankly i will start pushing for Brighton Independence soon. There is nothing left to lose.

  • Comment number 107.

  • Comment number 108.

  • Comment number 109.

    it's OK...happens all the time...fellow travellers...keep yer 'eads down....


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