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Thursday 14 January 2010 - the plan so far

Sarah McDermott | 13:49 UK time, Thursday, 14 January 2010

Haiti awaits the arrival of a global rescue effort in the wake of the devastating earthquake that may have killed tens of thousands. We'll consider if a natural disaster like this could actually galvanise internal change in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Plus the last in our series of films about Guantanamo. Tonight it's the story of a Uighur man from China who was picked up on the Afghanistan Pakistan border and sent to the prison camp. He has now been exiled to a remote Pacific island.

More later.


  • Comment number 1.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 2.

    Goodness I'm sick of this "the plan so far" and "in more detail", nobody can follow the arguements on this blog, people post to the wrong one etc.

    Are the NN team waiting to see what we pick up on, and then go run with it, I wouldn't think so.

    But I find it very annoying and I suppose they think it's "edgy"! with thanks to Barrie

    Do NN hate us bloggers?! Divide and rule anyone?

  • Comment number 3.

    The mods are a little tetchy today for some reason, the above bounced post was a link to an article on my local newspaper site, BBC alleged to be helping local media but obviously any publicity for them is not allowed. Anyway said story was about a local farmer who has used his Lancashire county sponsored snow plough to clear a range of local roads for the past 40 years was told just before Xmas that he couldn't do it anymore because he didn't have an NVQ in snow clearing. The result was many of the locals being cut off for more than a week, why do rural people pay their council tax, if their roads don't get gritted in winter they get nothing except their bin emptied in return.

  • Comment number 4.

    With you there Lizzy.

    I SORT of understand the desire to encourge comment on the new(s) stories earlier in the day, but don't think it has much value, and as you point out, confuses and confounds.

    Now, if, instead, a morning bulletin came out with......

    "Here are the main stories of the day so far. What is yours? What do you think we shoud be covering? who could we be talking to? and what should we ask....................? "

    Could even have a series (say max 5) of topic headed blogs, for the day, into which the TEAM could report back updates and firming plans. Then at 11:30 pm, a "What do you think of if so far?.......... blog for comments on Kirsty's diction and Jeremy's suit.

    That would be novel.

    BREAKING NEWS............

    In a press conference earlier today, the Devil was calling for urgent relief supplies of grit and rock salt to be delivered as a recent prolonged spell of unseasonal weather has caused his fires to go out and fresh supplies of souls for fuel are rare as hen's teeth!

  • Comment number 5.

    iraq inquiry

    working in difd must be hell. they seem to live on a different planet. it seems because their mission is 'eradicating poverty' [which is impossible as it is usually defined as those below a percentage of the average wage] and that iraq is a 'middle income country' then iraq is not really their problem.

    she did reveal some insights. from their way of doing things an infrastructure project takes 18 months to plan and 5-10 years to deliver so for the occupying power to tell iraqis their power supply is going up from 4 hours to 24/7 by next tuesday is 'unrealistic' and only raised false expectations that could never be delivered.

  • Comment number 6.



    to the discussion about Jeremy's suit I would add discussion about the tie he may be wearing, as well as the colur of his shirt and socks.

    The devil you are talking about may not have many souls available to him but he does seem to have envoys out and about while he's burning with desire and 'passion'.


  • Comment number 7.

    #6. colour it should be, obviously

    we couuld also discuss the brightness or otherwise of Kisty's outfits, couldn't we, Brightyanthing? I remember barriesingleton once saying that she knew how 'to pull it off' which he claimed caused the breakdown of his marriage. If not marriage, then a relationship.. That night she wore her peacock garment.


  • Comment number 8.

    I'm disappointed that Newsnight weren't covering the the meeting today when Damian McBride and Lord Mandelson gave BBC journalists advice on how to cover the election.

  • Comment number 9.

    I note from the daily email that Emily mentions an item regarding the country's possible overreaction to Swine Flu.
    The question it appears this item is getting at is whether pharm. companies were a bit over-enthusiastic in trying to flog their wares to the government - with a "not guilty" finding presumably implying that the government were too over-enthusiastic in paying.
    Given I can clearly recall the front pages of many newspapers, for days and weeks on end, shouting headlines about "how many people in the UK will die", I would prefer to question the role played by the media in forcing the hand of pharm. companies and government alike.
    I hope Newsnight can again be selfless and objective enough to address this (even if it doesn't find a place in the angle of tonight's report).

  • Comment number 10.


    Way to go Jaunty! I had not spotted the 'POVERTY BANISHMENT TRAP'.
    Excellent!!! I can die happy.

    They REALLY DID 'tackle the job that couldn't be done'.

    Joy to the world. Politicians to the logic classes.

  • Comment number 11.

    Swine Flu

    DAMNED IF THEY DID..............

    To be honest there is a problem for the government/health/ ????? advisors to be caught somewhat between a rock and a hard place on issues such as this.

    Perhaps at the hands of our truth lean, emotion fat media, determined to 'tell' the public how to react with even the broadsheets and NN stooping ever closer to SHOCK, HORROR, PROBE headlines.

    I know several people who had Swine Flu (before jabs were available) and had it badly, and I am GLAD I was offered the jab as soon as available.

    That does not negate the ever present distasteful fact of profit raising its greedy little head everywhere you turn.

    But take another side of the coin. The lack of grit/salt (NOT stockpiled JUST IN CASE) to cope with our recent weather.

    AND DAMNED IF THEY DIDN'T................

  • Comment number 12.


    I suppose there might be a good side to Global Rescue 'galvanising internal change'. When the four Horsemen turn up, they will be obese from burgers and have no teeth from Cola, be broke from playing the casino and the lottery, while their horses will be impounded by Global Animal Rights for 'over-riding'.

    Could be worse. Miliband D might turn up.

  • Comment number 13.

    2. At 3:16pm on 14 Jan 2010, ecolizzy wrote:

    Good points ecolizzy and brightyangthing yet why only five topics for discussion, would anything contentious get through?

    Just so I think I've had my say .... I'll post - again - here as well.

    So, the oik elected to reveal the policy by stroke to the media is ..... Drum Roll ....

    Mr Denham .... Ta da!

    So HMG bows to the will of the people. Or is this another pre-election pledge along the lines of the smoking ban?

    Come on! ... You remember ....

    Pre election Nu Labour had the proposal to introduce a ban for the benefit of us all, then the suited socialist back-room anthropophagi realised that that idea was going to lose them votes so, with enough time before the election for the idea to sink in, they modified the manifesto so that the policy would lead to segregated smoking areas.

    Hey! .... it made the proletariate happy, it won votes, it gave them power .....

    .... to change it when they got in!

    No whipping, do as you wish ... Forget what we said ... We needed the votes!

    And, strangely, Mr Denham now - in veiled language - announces a review ....

    ..... and it’s not even a commitment!

    Oh well .... Here’s betting that the BNP are trembling in their boots .... Not!

    Questions ....

    Many Pubs closed as a result of the Smoking Ban, what will change as a result of this new attempted pacification of the GBP’s woes?

    If a Caucasian job applicant enters into a waiting room and sees a B or EM candidate going for the same job will the caucasian not now think that they still best turn on their heals and leave? (One wonders what the new Equality Bill has to say about that)

    Whom will be eligible for any new job created as a result of the 2012 economy booster stroke buster?

    Whom will be eligible to replace Trevor Phillips at the EHRC? (No one hopefully, he’s doing a pretty good job!)

    Will almost every TV interview, report or ‘piece’ nor almost every TV advert now not start with a BEM at point?

    Does this approach, which in the latter example came about as a result of some advertising lobby group complaint on under-representation in advertising, actually do any good? Does it sell more units of the promoted product? Has it lead to better community cohesion? Does the GBP, whatever their ethnicity, actually care? And what will the PC and Equality Brigade do by way of alternate career paths? Suggestions on a postcard to ....

    And, most importantly, will the ages old principal behind the British Bus Queue - i.e. you get on the bus in the same order as you arrived to wait for said bus - now be fully reinstated?

    Other questions on a postcard to ......

    So ... onward ....

    France is pushing ahead with it’s proposed ban on the burqa. Not surprisingly, IMO, there doesn’t appear to be much of an outcry about it although you never can tell as such issues are never really discussed in the British media for fear of being called racist. One report even stated that the younger female generation found the potential of the ban liberating having experience the pleasure of not wearing the headscarf!. But then that view won’t count if the men have their say stroke way. Or, if full EU citizens, perhaps advocates of overtly oppressive symbolism will just pick up and move to another country where such behaviour is tolerated in the belief that it endorses equality sic?

    And ... On ....

    Andrew Neal warrants a knighthood for the way he interviewed Mr Choudery today in the Daily Politics Programme. Sadly, (Sir) Andy was once again let down by BBC editorial policy. It doesn’t take half a brain to realise that ‘talking out the slot’ can allow you - the interviewee - to get away with never answering an important question. That said, one has to admire Mr Choudry for the eloquent way that he defended his beliefs .. perhaps he should be a lawyer, our jails would never be full again! Perhaps Mr Choudery, with such strong commitment to the Islamification of the UK should stand as a prospective MP at the forthcoming election? No ... wait ... Sharia Law doesn’t tolerate democracy does it? Or perhaps the necessary time spent canvassing would not allow him to do a full and proper job search - Oops ... my sincerest apologies here, Mr Choudery did point out at least twice that he is not in receipt of Jobseekers allowance which presumably negates the requirement to look for work? - and, of course, many couples would not be so happy with their marriage arrangements.

    Incidentally Mr Dyke more than adequately demonstrated all the reasons as to how and why the Corporation has so effectively dumbed down!

    And ... On ....

    So many,many years in this country and the driving trainee has never learnt to read and write english? How on earth can she read road and street signs? Perhaps we’ll go the way of Wales to accommodate the issue? (Oops ... Nearly said “problem” ... Sorry!)

    Question .... How many times did the convert pull down her face veil during the course of the programme? Is adequate vision no longer a requirement of safe driving?

    Thirty thousand theory driving tests taken in Urdu?

    Oops ... sorry ....

    I forgot .....


  • Comment number 14.

    #13 Hee,hee, JA still a good post! ; )

  • Comment number 15.

    Re 13# I'll second that ecolizzy.
    I'm afraid it's been months since I even bothered to look in on Newsnight, so there's been little point in me leaving a comment.
    Andrew Neal seems more in touch with right thinking people. He can see past the wood into the trees. That is where most people lead their lives in this jungle. Perhaps if the 'Editors', the 'Web team' and of course the 'Reporters' weren't hiding in the bushes doing politically correct interviews the programme might retain audience participation.

  • Comment number 16.

    3# Brossen99
    While watching a TV add with a Window Cleaner. My husband mentioned that they're no longer allowed to use 'Ladders' Due to Health & Safety.
    Ah Bless, [I blame Michael Crawford - Ooh, Betty]
    "What must they do" I asked. "Use a Pole with a brush that pumps water, if they don't have a hoist" he said.
    Well. Is it just me! I can't decide if it's they or the Pole that pose the greatest danger.


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