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Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

  • Sarah McDermott
  • Tue 21 Apr 09, 06:13 PM

Here's David Grossman with a look ahead to tonight's programme:

Gordon Brown has called for a Commons vote as early as next week on plans for a reform of MPs' expenses. The Prime Minister wants to abolish the controversial second homes allowance, which has led to a series of corruption allegations against senior politicians, and make expenses "simpler and less generous". He made the surprise announcement on the Downing Street website. Under the plans, the second homes allowance would be replaced with a payment for daily attendance while MPs' staff would be employed directly by the House of Commons instead of by the MPs themselves. The Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg fears a daily payment could mean giving MPs a cheque simply for turning up. And the Conservative leader, David Cameron, says he'll push for further changes.

We'll be asking could this mean MPs will now get £20,000 for just turning up to work? And we'll be speaking to the Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Sir Christopher Kelly.

Meanwhile, they are hunkered down inside the Treasury, with just a few hours to go before the Budget. Our Economics Editor, Paul Mason, will give us the latest on what the main challenges are for the Chancellor tomorrow.

And when one man's graffiti is another man's art. The world renowned aerosol artist, who uses the Koran as part of his art, shows us his award-winning work.

Join us tonight, at 10.30pm, on BBC Two.

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