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Wednesday, 15 April, 2009

  • Sarah McDermott
  • Wed 15 Apr 09, 02:57 PM

Here's a look ahead to what's coming up on the programme:

Tonight on Newsnight we are looking at the police. Have we got the police we want or deserve?

More images have come to light raising questions about the levels of force police used at the G20 demonstrations. The latest shows a sergeant slapping a woman who has been hurling abuse at him. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner announced today that the tactics used by police to maintain order are to be independently reviewed.

So how damaged have the police been by the images and the debate about their tactics? Has the controversy about the police actions revealed anything new about policing now and about whether police and their tactics have changed significantly in recent years?

Has the terror threat changed the way the police act - are they getting tougher? And with the heightened terrorist threat and mass environmental direct action, does the police response match the threat?

We would like you to tell us what you think about the police, and whether your view has changed after seeing the images from the G20 protests. Please leave your thoughts below.

We will also be talking about what can be done to stop the war in Sri Lanka, and the Courage ad that has been banned.

Plus the second episode of Ethical Man Reborn in the USA, in which Americans tell Justin Rowlatt what would make them use less fossil fuels. Ethical Man gets the Greyhound to Detroit on the first leg of his 6,500 mile journey around the country, and he test drives GM's billion dollar electric car - the Volt. Could this be the car that saves General Motors and how can other corporations be encouraged to develop low carbon technologies like it?

Do join Jeremy at 10.30pm on BBC Two.

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