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Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

  • Wed 8 Apr 09, 06:12 PM

From Justin Rowlatt Ethical Man

The first of our Ethical Man America films airs tonight. Normally when you finish a Newsnight film you sink back in exhaustion and reach for a comforting drink. I can't do that with this one because this is one of a series of seven films and we are already editing part two. It is a bit like a news version of a soap opera - News at Ten meets Eastenders perhaps.

It is an unusual way of telling a story but this is an unusual story. We embarked on a 35 day, 6,500 mile bus, train and road trip around America to look at what the world's second most polluting country (China has just over taken the US in terms of greenhouse gas emissions) is doing to try and move to a low-carbon economy.

We start in a small town in the rust belt looking at the unique challenges America faces - why the average American produces twice the greenhouse gas emissions of a European. You can see a (rather surreal) taster of tonight's show here

We'll also be asking - are we harbouring war criminals? In the week that Rwanda marked the 15th anniversary of the genocide that left 800,000 dead - here in Britain four men accused by Rwanda of being involved in the killings walked free from the High Court. Their extradition request failed with the judges saying, if they were sent to Rwanda, they would not receive a fair trial. These men were brought to the attention of authorities following a BBC investigation. We'll be asking - is it time British courts were able to prosecute crimes against humanity committed abroad?

Jeremy will also be speaking to Ken Livingstone - the man who worked with the police in 2001 in devising the tactic of kettling and Bruce Kent the veteran protester about whether protest is being criminalised, and is the right to protest under threat?

Do join Jeremy at 10:30pm on BBC Two.

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