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Prospects for Wednesday, 7 May

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  • 7 May 08, 10:27 AM

Today's programme producer is Simon Enright - here's his morning e-mail to the production team...

Hello All,

There really is lots around today....

Jackie Long and Meirion have a strong piece of original journalism about airport security. We hope the government will speak to us off the back.

Could we have finally seen the Democratic nomination decided? Has Obama done enough? Are there any circumstances conceivable where Hillary can still win? Peter Marshall is in Washington.

We've also got David Miliband on the programme - off the back of his climate change speech.

What else should we do to push the agenda?

PMQs will be interesting...
Will the government be damaged by ignoring the advice of the ctte it set up to look into the issue of cannabis?
What is it that we should do on Burma that other parts of BBC News are not?
How do we mark the transfer of power in Russia?

All the best



  • Comment number 1.

    Security, US politics and the Environment.

    All the big issues.

    Guessing your not going to have a look at the suicideing of the DC madam. Remember her who has 2000 phone numbers, some of them Pennsylvania avenue

    She was found hanging even after she outright stated that she would never commit suicide. (which now has become a you tube craze of everyday people stating for the record that they will not commit suicide). Of course she is also the second suicide by hanging involved in this case.

    or what about the 'suicide' of Riad Hamad, his method of suicide was to torture himself then bind and gag himself and then threw himself in a Lake.

    Riad Hamad was an activist and a charity worker murdered for reasons we will never know, because we trust our media to find these things out and expose them, but you have no intention of doing that, do you

    So i am sure PMQ's will be interesting, but not as interesting as trying to work out why you don't report all the news.

  • Comment number 2.

    the topics in the dog and duck are

    food prices

    house prices [hundreds of estate agents offices are closing]

    despite high taxes lack of services e.g after 10 years of labour the dentist problem, the midwife problem, the 'beeching' post office closures etc looks to be going backward.

    never ending endless foreign wars not in our direct interest [thanks tony!] and the figures and pictures we never see ie the wounded.

    the joke jallopy of a justice system.

  • Comment number 3.


    In todays House of Commons, A Labour MP is worth something less than 27,000 votes; a Conservative MP about 44,000 and a Lib-Dem around 96,000. Democracy demands that, while this situation pertains, MPs' voting should be "loaded" according to party. This simply cannot be denied. It would be very revealing to "recount" recent divisions with appropriate adjustment! I further suggest it would bring the voters back out in droves, come election time. The change could be enacted with nothing more than a cheap calculator. We could call it Gordon.

  • Comment number 4.


    Referring to my post 3: Would it not be appropriate to call government benches "The Cheap Seats" and perhaps - with regard to the donkeys down the front - they would be the "stalls".

  • Comment number 5.

    I do hope Hilary Clinton keeps on shrilly demanding that voters select her for the Democratic candidate. The more she shrieks and the more she puffs and huffs, the more chance the Republicans have of winning the next USA election. Undecided voters will hopefully be put off the Democrats by both Hiliary's prancing and Barak's preaching. Let a man, McCain, a man whom the ageist UK would swiftly dismiss lead a great country to even greater glory.


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