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Prospects for Tuesday, 18 December

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  • 18 Dec 07, 10:48 AM

Carol Rubra is today's programme producer - here is her early email to the team. What do you think we should cover?

Good morning,

There are several interesting stories around today. Let's think about which ones we can put our own stamp on.

clegg203x100.jpgLib Dem leadership - the result will be announced this afternoon and we're hoping to interview the winner. Vince Cable has proved an impressive interim leader so what are the challenges for the new leader?

Mervyn King - he's giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee. We might get more details about who was warned about flaws in the regulatory framework and when. The Bank of England has also increased the amount of support they are giving to Northern Rock today by underwriting loans provided by other banks. What does this mean for the tax payer?

Immigration - under the legacy exercise 37% of asylum seekers have been given leave to remain. Is this the best way of dealing with the problem?

Honours - Tony Wright's committee has 44 recommendations about what should be done.

Turkey has made the biggest incursion into Northern Iraq since 2003. And Condie is in Kirkuk. How will this affect the stability of the region?

ANC - members have begun voting. Peter Marshall has a profile of Jacob Zuma.

And we have an End of Year interview with Diane Parkinson who has been campaigning for the overhaul of the compensation scheme for injured soldiers after her son Ben became the most seriously injured soldier ever to survive.

Please lots of ideas to the meeting for guests and treatments.

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  • 1.
  • At 02:25 PM on 18 Dec 2007,
  • James wrote:

I realise that London probably counts as regional politics - but can you cover the current scandal involving Ken Livingstone and Diversity International.

I have just read a report in Evening Standard - and it sounds very interesting with even a whistleblower.

The Evening Standard report is missleading as usual.
Allowing immigrants to remain is a huge mistake as it just encourages illegal immigration to continue and the gangs that profit from hiding them will prosper more.

  • 3.
  • At 05:26 PM on 18 Dec 2007,
  • NormanTomlinson wrote:

Why did the BBC '1 o'clock news. state that the BoE will provide aqn additional £100 billion to Northern Rock and then it was stated in the 5 o'clock 'News 24' - that a total of just over £60 billion has now been guaranteed to Northern Rock ?

Surely, the News Editor should be sure of his facts before 'going on air' as this could quite easily have caused another run on Northern Rock

I am extremely dissappointed with the BBC News Editor on this matter


  • 4.
  • At 07:44 PM on 18 Dec 2007,
  • Adrienne wrote:

What's going on here then? Is it just a misunderstanding or something more cynical going on in the consultancy world?

Does one have to me a minority to be considered for special programmes/courses in London, and what is a 'minority'? Look atthis very closely.....

It's already the case that at primary school age, 75% of London's boroughs are now under 50% White British, and in some East London boroughs (e.g. Tower Hamlets, and Newham and Hackney won't be too far behind) the White British pupils are already a minority, at under 24%.

London appears to be becoming rather like New York City. Is that just a coincidence? Bear in mind the cognitive ability differences between groups, and consider the White British exodus.

  • 6.
  • At 10:43 PM on 18 Dec 2007,
  • cliff harris wrote:

"tell us 10 interesting things about you"
Is how paxman started his interview with new libdem leader Nick Clegg.
Is this drivel what paxman gets a million pounds a year of our money for?

We have been appreciating Kenyans right from campagning time, but many people are disapponted by what I called elemination of existing democracy, by leaders who pretend to have practice it, yet putting democracy in their own pockets, this is very sad in the histry of Democratic nations like Kenya. If the world want democracy to continue, they should put presure on Kibaki & his elecral commision to recount votes and presidency be withdrawn from him till fully verified. This will make meaning of democracy and those without guns will enjoy it equally, because guns seems to spoil democracy, since there is nothing honourable where justice is absent, people are killed any how, so what is the responsibility of the gov't, to kill innocent people?. I am not apolitician,I am only 19 yr old Sudanese student who is also very concern on the rights of Kenyans which is openly denied yet the world is watching, this is completely painful,they voted for their right leader but their rights for choosing their leader is denied by Kibaki's gov't because of open rigging and having guns with them,it has been reported by EU electrol observer that there has been no accuracy in tallying the results and many votes forms were crossed, is this not aclear evidence to withdraw presidency from Kibaki? Tell me what you feel, what is happening in Kenya now is not trible clashes, but the lovers of democracy!, this is very sad news for Kenya and to all the democratic loving nations. Remember yesterday was Museveni of Uganda and Olesunger of Nigeria, today is Kibaki of Kenya and tomorrow will be in the US and Sudan. So democracy is there but not practiced, and it's seriously fading. The democratic nations must take care!

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