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Freddie Starr ate my producer

  • Paul Mason
  • 23 May 06, 02:23 PM

freddiebite203.jpgOn Newsnight it is producers who do all the work. As business correspondent I get a regular producer assigned to me, and this is often seen as a career path to the heady heights of going into warzones, or the BBC's Millbank political nerve centre. However this is what happened to the career path of one recent business producer. I am not sure whether he qualifies for an Equity card for this... Why is he doing this? Click here.
Watch on Wednesday night for the full story...

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I am trying to understand the significance of the photo.

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  • At 08:20 AM on 24 May 2006,
  • Paul Mason wrote:

Watch tonight and you will see. My producer got the job of being in the hamster costume. The man on the left is Freddie Starr. If you are outside Britain Roberto you may not know that the most famous newspaper headline ever was "Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster" - as it plumbed the depths of irrelevance of tablod journalism. Regards, Paul

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  • At 11:36 PM on 24 May 2006,
  • Carino Risagallo wrote:

Hurrah for Susan Watts and her bird flu, if I had heard one more pompous idiot say "choice" I would have thrown my Horlicks at the TV.

FARC and the war on drugs seem to have somewhat disappeared from the media recently, but perhaps it's just that I've stopped read El Pais. Anyhow, it'll be interesting to see what they'll do about the "axis of good" and the new 'socialism' sweeping South America, and also what "the axis of good" will do about them. If Colombia gets its own left-leaning government at some stage then there'd presumably be a possibility for talks of some sort

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