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Do you need Springwatch to solve your wildlife mystery?

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Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 11:57 UK time, Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Something moved in under your shed? Is your garden being torn apart by creatures unknown? Weird noises in the attic?

Who you gonna call?... SPRINGBUSTERS! Or... er... me...

Do you keep seeing a big cat prowling across the allotment every other evening? I know I do... okay, we can all dream!

Seriously folks, if you have a wildlife mystery to solve, our special Springwatch cameras and big chest of electronic gizmos may be able to help.

This year the team has decided to kick me out of the office occasionally - and let me come and visit you, to try to film your unusual furry or feathered visitors in all their glory. Can we come to you and help solve some mysteries and perhaps share the weird and wonderful things going on in your neighbourhood with the rest of the world?

Springbusters are standing by...

All I need now is to hear from you!

Do please get in contact, by commenting below, by email or, if you prefer, by letter to us at Springwatch, BBC Bristol, Bristol BS8 2LR.

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