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Guess what bird's on my cap

Simon King Simon King | 12:50 UK time, Thursday, 3 June 2010

If you'd been looking carefully, you may have noticed in last night's show I had an RSPB bird badge on my cap. I'll be wearing a different badge with a different bird on it for each of the nine shows left in the series.

I thought it would be a bit of fun to set you a task: can you spot which bird is on my cap badge for each of the other shows? I'll give you the one from last night: a hobby. So watch carefully and post a comment below to tell us what you think they are.

Update 5 June 2010: The bird badge on Thursday's show was a Dartford warbler. Congratulations to JS, Dutch birder, sarahlcookson, Nicola Main, Ryan Wallace, liz, verreaux, wildlife_lee_n_tris and Michael_Fell, robster333. Keep those eyes peeled on Monday...

Editor's update 15 June: Mon 7th: peregrine; Tue 8th: nuthatch; Wed 9th: heron; Thu 10th: buzzard; Mon 14th: mute swan. Well done to all who got them right, and keep watching those caps...




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