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My Hungarian Grand Prix review

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Murray Walker | 11:19 UK time, Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hello everyone, the drama just doesn't stop in Formula 1 with only 20 points covering the top five drivers as this fabulous season takes a summer break.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was full of action and incident. For Red Bull it was a sweet and sour race with another win for Mark Webber but Sebastien Vettel was left fuming after his safety car penalty.

I'm a massive Michael Schumacher fan but his dangerous move on Rubens Barichello was over the top and exposed flaws in the seven-time champion's character.

Watch my thoughts on the Hungarian GP in the video below and send me any questions you might have about F1 in general, or the races specifically.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Murray.

    Great Blog once again.

    Do you think Kamui Kobayashi could be the most successful Japanese driver in F1 and do you think any of the big teams will take a chance on him in the future?

    I certainly would like to see him alongside by other favourite driver - Robert Kubica!



  • Comment number 2.

    Hi Murray,

    After your long and distinguished F1 commentating career I came across this.

    Would you consider doing some Snooker commentary for the new season?

    Also another part of your commentary was something called Murrayisms:

    Which do you think was the funniest thing you said in commentary that we could all share?

    I hope you are well and I understand if these aren't related but I hope you enjoy watching them nevertheless.

  • Comment number 3.

    Another great blog Murray and great to hear your views.
    You're right when you say its a long wait to spa but i guess it will let the anticipation and excitement build for whats going to be a memorable final push for the title.
    I have to say i don't feel one bit sorry for Vettel for the penalty he recieved! This is his third full season and he still dosen't know the rules!!? Then those gestures he made in the pits making out that he was hard done by! He still has a lot to learn and i don't see him winning the crown this year. You might be right about Alonso though. I personally want the title to go to webber this year. He's proven its his time!!

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Murray,

    Once again, a great review of a fantastic season so far.

    You touched on the new drivers and new teams....who, in your opinion, has put in the best rookie performance of the year so far? (could be driver or team)

  • Comment number 5.

    Hi Murray

    Thanks for another honest opinion.

    I wondered if you could remember any previous occasions when Scuhacher has tried to shunt another driver off the track. I am sure I can!

  • Comment number 6.

    Hello Murray, I am surprised at the furore over Michael's move.

    I like MS, but I won't ever say he is fair or honest or sportsmanlike.

    You yourself were commentating when he patented the SchumiSwerve, which led to the "move once" rule change.

    We just have the same MS back, the one that won a WDC by driving into Hill. (He apologises for that in his book, but the title still stands)

    The one that tried it again. The one who orchestrated Austria 2002, and who employed Rubens as his lapdog.

    Maybe some rose tinted specs are being worn about what he was like. He's just back, and he's as "determined" & "focused" as he ever was.

    Lets not forget how he won his WDC's, and how he drove.
    We are talking about the driver who had illegal traction control on the car in the race when Senna died, the car Senna was chasing when he crashed, but it was deemed legal as Michael "didn't turn it on". I'm not making that up, you know that. You remember the courtcases.

    This seems like an anti-Michael Schumacher diatribe, but its not.

    as I say, I LIKE HIM, but lets not pretend he's something he's not. His move on Sunday was exactly what you'd expect of MS, he's done it before, and he'll do it again, and some even condone it.

  • Comment number 7.

    Hi Murray

    Regarding the schumacher incident. I too am a massive schumacher fan, I do not condone the agressive move, maybe his side of the incident is true, either way it was very dangerous. My point is where everyone attacking him as a driver going too far, that it was maybe the worst incidents seen in F1 and further lowering his credability. I ask tough, however great Aryton Senna was, and drivers agree on his greatness, wasn't some of his tactics just as bad? The main one I refer to is when he drove into Alain Prost to ensure he clinched the 1990 championship, a deliberate, very dangerous move, which could have ended with severe injuries, especially as the cars were no where near as strong as they are today?


  • Comment number 8.


    With all the recent talk of the great Ayrton Senna, how do you see his no holds bar driving compared to Schumacher's move at Hungary? Many are saying it is hypocritical that Senna is considered the greatest driver ever when he was prepared to put his and other driver's life in danger (which certainly Prost thought at times) and berate Schumacher when he does something similar.

  • Comment number 9.

    Sir Murray, you were the best in your job, you wil reman the best (not betlittling the efforst of the new guys)
    On Michael Schumaker and Barichelo, It as wrong and bad for Schu to do that, but Barichello has always been a winger, wanting to be nice to the public (did not bring him big sponsors) Jenson Burton beat him in Braun and he winged. Barichelo is not a world Champion because he ws not good enough or aggressive enough as Michael or Senna. Now he fustrated he will never be and so he will not critisize the yungsters, but Michael for his of proficiency. Sorry to say, David Couthard is the same, never as good to be a world champion and complain at the slightest opportunity about Michael. If senna was here today, Barrichello ad David would have complained about him too. Just 2 wingers with a failed team owner in Jordan - like sometimes, but other times loathe him.

  • Comment number 10.

    "We just have the same MS back, the one that won a WDC by driving into Hill."

    Senna did exactly the same thing to Prost, yet nobody complains about that half as much now. Guess when a German does it it's worse? As I remember that was the season the FIA did everything they possibly could to help the British driver win the title over Schumacher.

    No driver ever won a championship without being aggressive, and I've seen Lewis Hamilton drive VERY aggressively and dangerously at times (he's British though, so it's not the same I guess) but that is very often the difference between a good driver and an average one.

  • Comment number 11.

    I find all the tv pundits such hypocrites, Coulter highlighting how Schumacher is the only driver to ever be disqualified from a Championship yet his offence was no where near what Senna did taking out Prost, worst off all he actually said it before the race that this is what he was going to, and how Pathetic was it seeing Brundle glorify the Senna driving style because of how aggressive he was and yet have a real dig at Schumacher for the same thing, I saw Brundle on the BBC red button forum saying “oh with Senna there was more class about it because he said it before the race that he was going to take the other guy out” come on does that really make it all classy and cool.

  • Comment number 12.

    Hi Murray, one question from me, after Mark Webber drove a superb race in Hungary do you think it's possible he could emulate the achievements of the other famous Aussie - Jack Brabham - and become a multiple world drivers champion?

    I certainly think from a guy of his talent he could win at least one championship if not two or three as, in my opinion, of the 5 in contention really for this season's championship Webber makes the least mistakes, is arguably the best at overtaking and I can't see Schumacher getting back to his brilliant best for next season as much as we'd all like to see it happen.

    Thanks, Mat

  • Comment number 13.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 14.

    Hi Murray, great to hear your views on Hungary!

    I've really enjoyed this season's racing so far and can't wait to see what happens throughout the rest of the season.

    I think the race to the championship could be one of the closest, if not the closest yet.

    What do you think of the new points system? Are there any downsides to it?!

    I can't see any myself so far!!

  • Comment number 15.

    Alonso will not win this years championship to be honest hes to rubbish of a driver to win this year

  • Comment number 16.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 17.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 18.

    Typical...wondering how long it will take for the bashing band wagon to keep rolling.

    Schumacher fans?....yeh right.

    Fine the guy defended hard and apologised, but you all seem to relish these opportunities to really bash and lay into him, and accuse him of trying to purposely cause rubens harm.

    Its all getting very childish and uncomfortable to watch. Its never been a secret of how much comtempt the british media have for him. You guys are suppose to be professionals...but your constant bashing of michael is getting very childish now.

    Just double standards & sour grapes.

    Did any of you guys bash Coulthard for that DANGEROUS move on Michael which took him out & lost him the win in Spa 98?

    Did any of you guys scathe rubens for DANGEROUSLY throwing his steering wheel out and chandhok ran over it in monaco?
    Did the FIA stewards not find it dangerous enough to punish?

    Did anyone bash vettel for running drivers to the wall at his starts?
    Did the FIA not find that dangerous enough to penalise?

    Whether you like michael or not..he would not want to push a driver into the wall to have a serious accident!

    I think its absolutely disgraceful how you representatives of the sport feel the need to queue up to take your potshots.
    -How can grown men act worse then bullying children in the playground...its disgusting.

    I wouldve expected better from you murray...not jump on the band wagon.
    Any other driver would not be treated the same way.

    If I represent the beeb, I would be thoroughly embaressed and ashamed of the over the top critisisms.

    As a Brit...Im already thoroughly embaressed and ashamed of our media - This has been their job....beat up on those who have beaten our hopefulls, ridicule and try to belittle their achievements.

    Im sorry murray...I do like you and have met you many times...but this is starting to get way over the top now. Have a look at the front page of the beeb f1 site....Its getting very inappropriate & childish now.

  • Comment number 19.

    Also I feel that the beeb are doing a massive dis-service to Lewis Hamilton who barely gets recognised by the brilliant performances hes given despite the mclaren not being a competative car.

    It has been very obvious that Jenson button is the beebs goldenboy, it just seems that despite jenson failing against Lewis..the beeb f1 team seem to gloss over his bad performances and lewis' good performances so it doesnt look as if you are giving button bad press or any negativity.

  • Comment number 20.

    I am surprised that the whole michael and rubens saga has been so big, when you look at the footage, schuey is gradually making his way to the right side of the start/finish straight, as soon as he leaves the final bend, of which he freely admitted he got wrong in his interview and was from that point going to make rubens go round the long way to get passed him, as much as i like rubens, i can say on this occasion that only an idiot would put himself between a wall and schumacher which by the way was a piece of track which was getting narrower and narrower by the second. What was surprising to me was one of schumacher's x team mates didn't know this. This whole episode has been made to look worse by the BBC1 forum who even suggested that senna's actions in the past (on more then one occasion were OK). A question which comes to my mind is if senna had not been so tragically killed would he have been doing the same things michael schumacher is doing now which is just driving hard and not giving an inch to an opponent. I asked my son, how many "nice" champions are there on the track? (and all of them have the potential to be hard) his answer was vettel could be... but look at vettel under pressure when he was starting the race at germany and nearly pushed alonso into the wall. My point is every world champion is a champion because he knows what he wants from racing, to be the best. 7 times looks like the best to me.

  • Comment number 21.

    Thinking back to 1997, if Michael had his 2nd place in 1997 championship removed, then Senna should have been stripped of at least one WDC retrospectively too? Just to bring the ethical nature of the debate over these so called bravery, skill (Senna) and faux-pas (Michael) in line with each other?

    I'm a Schumacher fan, though I am a Senna fan also.

    For me, Schumacher was / is more talented / quicker than Senna ever was / could have been.

    Schumacher has never displayed the premeditated intent to drive someone off the road that Senna has.

    For me, that last sentence above clinches it, beyond debate, that Schumacher is ten times the racing driver Senna ever was....

  • Comment number 22.

    "We are talking about the driver who had illegal traction control on the car in the race when Senna died, the car Senna was chasing when he crashed, but it was deemed legal as Michael "didn't turn it on". I'm not making that up, you know that."

    Please, Senna was not chasing anyone at San Marino! He was in the lead.

    I have to say some of Senna's driving was outrageous - why does nobody compare this to Portugal 1988 when Senna pushed Prost right up against the pit all at high speed. Check it out if you can.

  • Comment number 23.

    Whilst I agree with the comments made about most champions having a less than desirable side to them on the track, I still dont think this should be seen as some sort excuse for the sort of driving Schumi delivered in his defence against Rubens. What Senna did to Prost, and what Prost did to Senna, to win the championship shouldnt be seen as some sort of yard stick for future generations. It was a different time, but in my opinion if incidents like that had of been nipped in the bud back then with disqualifications and fines, maybe great drivers like Schumi wouldnt have displayed the same attitude (like in the 1994 season when he crashed into hill).

    Its a bit like the Ferrari incident last week. Several of the commentary staff of ex drivers (most notably Coulthard) seemed to think it was the teams right to go deliberately against the rules because he believes that team orders is an inherent evil, bred from the very foundations of the sport.

    Even with Schumi flopping this has been a killer season so far, but personally I hope Ferrari are punished for what they did in the last grand prix. I hope Scumacher or any other driver, is heavily punished should they drive in a dangerous manner, and maybe sometime in the distant future, F1 can find some sort of consistancy that is recognised ammounst all the drivers, and we the public get to see the team mates battle it out, and a true best driver/car combination win every championship...I dream that is possible.

  • Comment number 24.

    Lance Armstrong 7 times Tour de France legend, hard nut cancer survivor, comes back and ultimately realises hes past the best years of his life as a cyclist - so moves on.

    Schumacher learn from the above and move on before your envy of faster drivers means you do hurt someone next time.

    Senna was better than you and had more competition from Piquet, Prost Mansell et al, sadly we will never know just how much better he was as we lost him at his prime.

    Do the sport a favour Micheal, the young boys are the future and are more exciting to watch - bye bye bitter one.

  • Comment number 25.

    Schumachers move was not good, but do we honestly have to label it as one of the worst moves in F1, a few weeks back, Vettel turning in on Webber, very dangerous. David Coulthard, breaking in the wet while Schumi was lapping him...Those both very dangerous...

    Murray you were a great commentator, please have a word with Eddie Jordan, he is so annoying, to the extent that Coulthard and that other lankie fella laugh at him on live TV..

    Why can we not listen to you rather, I have not watched F1 for a long time, but the one thing i do recall from you is your un-biased opinions.

  • Comment number 26.

    Nice one Murray :)

    I have to say i think the schumacher/Barrichello incident has been blown out of proportion. Schumi was wrong but so is EJ and the rest of the commentators for Exaggerating the incident. Let's face it they have been trying to destroy him since the season started and jumped on the opportunity to exploit this incident. Barrichello was coaxed in to saying the incident was the worst he had ever experienced by EJ who put the words in his mouth, Although being an opportunist he was happy to help beat up on Schumacher. let's not get to delusional, danger and unfortunately fatality has always been a part of Motor racing and so has aggression and controversial maneuvers, so let's not blow that incident out of proportion, Sometimes i think us people are like Parrots, we just repeat what we hear.

    Also im backing Webber for the title even though redbull is backing Vettel. I think Vettel's driving suck's particularly his overtaking and close proximity driving, for some reason he feels the need to aggressively swerve towards others. But i guess Redbull management and F1 fat cats love him more than Webber because of his image and would like him as a poster boy for f1.

    For those of you dragging Senna in to the argument and comparing Schumacher's driving to his, i am disappointed. The crashes do not define him, to understand Senna's genius you have to take the man as a whole in to context and look at his whole career in f1 at least. The incidents were not that frequent or the norm.

  • Comment number 27.

    I still maintain that had Senna not died when he had he and/or Schumie would have killed each other no ifs or buts neither was above taking another driver out of the race to suit their own ends. Vettel is of the same mould.

    Schumie tried to treat Rubens as if he were still his paid chump. To be honest the sooner he and Vettel are rubbed out of F1 for good the safer it will be for the other drivers on the track.

  • Comment number 28.

    Character flaws of Schumacher! A tiger doesn't change his spots. Win at all costs is the motto. Rubens was forced to play second fiddle to him during their Ferrari days and in this incident Schumi acted out of a force of habit. He was just trying to remind the Brazilian of the caste system that should have been ingrained in the latter's psyche.

    Schumi isn't very repentant either. 'It didn't look to me to be dangerous but I am sorry if Bari felt under pressure' or equivalent words.

    There are others of this breed. Alonso and Hamilton, to name just two. Fortunately Barichello kept a cool nerve and a fatal mishap was averted. A lesser driver could have panicked essaying a tragedy of dire consequence.

    It is sad the race stewards are not equal to the seriousness of the transgression. They forget they are the custodians of a level playing field and get swayed by the fortunate outcome. The seat of judgment is a hot place to be in. I would have the German racing no more; and it would help to keep some hot headed ego junkies in line.

  • Comment number 29.

    Formula 1 is utterly BORING. Thanks goodness for people like Michael Schumacher.

    I'm not a Schumacher fan but I think that all this politically correct nonsense and criticism is getting out of hand.

    Did nobody notice that Barrichelo was passed a radio message just before he caused this incident? He was told that machel was "closing the door late". In other words he was told to ram his car up beside Schumacher and catch him out. This is exactly what he did and he should take full responsibility for it. Schumacher didn't try to push him into the wall he was caught out by an idiotic move on Barrichelo's part on a piece of track totally unsuitable for that sort of move.

    Barrichelo needs to consider himself lucky - which is probably why he isn't saying much at all about it all - it's just stupid British commentators who are.

  • Comment number 30.

    @Sevenseaman (28) - Ummm, a tiger doesn't have spots....

  • Comment number 31.

    @feedbackdestroyer - why do you seem to be the only person who heard this radio transmission? I didn't hear it. No-one else has mentioned it. Care to give a link so we can all listen to it and judge for ourselves?

  • Comment number 32.

    All those 'Senna taking out Prost' whinges - you continually show that you are either biased or don't have the knowledge of F1 you pretend to.

    Yes, Senna did that absolutely on purpose - it was an entirely deliberate and calculated move. It was done in retaliation for what Prost did to him at exactly the same track the year before - and in the same circumstances; if neither was classified as a finisher, then the culprit (Prost in 1989, Senna in 1990) would become champion.

    "Nowhere near as bad as what Senna did to Prost" - come off it. The speed, for a start, was nowhere near the same and Senna shoved Prost into a runoff area, not a concrete wall at 180mph. TBF, the speed the previous year wasn't the same either, when Prost turned sharp right into Senna.

    Further, the two drivers this time were racing for 10th position - 10th. Not the world championship. You can see what Schumacher was doing, corner after corner. Looking in his mirrors, seeing where Barrichello was going and then deliberately moving across on him. Not blocking - blocking is when you commit. Schumacher left it as late as possible, time after time, and his moves were clearly intended to be intimidating. If you're pushing someone towards the grass, you can argue fair enough (depending on all the circumstances) but if you're shoving people into concrete walls at approaching 200mph then that is a differnet matter entirely.

    Rule 1 is: do not behave in such a way as to put your competitors' lives at risk.

    I tend to take the point about Vettel's tactics off the startline. V similar to Schumacher and equally unacceptable.

    BTW, SupaSix-1. HAve you watched a video of the Coulthard Spa incident? If you had then there is no way you could draw the conclusion you write. Coulthard was in front and he was hugging the right-hand side of the track, keeping away from the main part of the track. Schumacher must have known something was there - he was driving into a wall of spray. He drove straight into said wall and straight into the back of Coulthard.

    When Senna did the same thing - drive into the back of another car in conditions of torrential rain - he accepted he had stretched the risk envelope too far and that no blame attached to the bloke he drove into - who, NB, could not see him in his mirrors anyway.

  • Comment number 33.

    Feedbackdestroyer - you say F1 is boring and display by your comment that you don;t know what's going on.

    The radio message - which I heard and which was commented on - was from Barrichello to the pits, not the other way round. He said 'he is closing very late. he is closing the door very late' I think he also said 'it's dangerous'. The response from the pits was....'understood'.

    RB was complaining that Schumacher was driving in a way counter to the rules of conduct.

    You should also bear in mind that the messages are broadcast sometime after they are actually transmitted. This was not Barrichello giving a running commentary as he was passing MS, it wa about something that had happened a couple of minutes previously. His response to the Schumacher Squeeze was 'black flag! he should be black flagged!', which was also broadcast a couple of minutes later.

    FWIW, while people say things in the heat of the moment, I tend to have a bit of sympathy for Rubens on this occasion.

  • Comment number 34.

    Hi all,

    Those of us who have raced ourselves know that what DC did at Spa98 was wrong, he slowed ON THE RACING LINE in very heavy spray. He knew exactly what he was doing.
    When watching it the first thing I said was 'thats a bit naughty'.

    As for this whole "Pro MS / Anti Senna" debate, (and visa versa).
    Aren't people allowed to support both ?
    Personally as I said above, I like MS, but lets not pretend he's something he's not eh?

    That move was wrong. If any driver had done it, it still remains wrong. Senna's move was wrong, if any driver had done it, it still remains wrong. Prost's move was wrong, if any driver had done it, it still remains wrong. You can't condone Michaels move, by saying "well, Senna did some naughty things, therefore Michael can"

    On another issue,
    Why is no one mentioning that Jenson seems to have signed to become Hamilton's new lapdog ?
    Alonso left because he refused to be, Kovy tried it for a bit, but said he was leaving as he wanted to be allowed to beat win.
    How much are they paying Jenson to be Hamilton's lapdog ?
    Other great lapdogs in History;
    Eddie Irvine, Rubens Barrichello.

    That sort of brings us full circle, MS forgot that RB is no longer his lapdog. As RB said himself "He was trying to bring something from the past into the present".

  • Comment number 35.

    Why has no one mentioned "ruthless". I bet RB (and all other drivers) will be a bit more careful when overtaking MS next time.

    (If they even attempt it, he's not frightened to have a 180mph accident you know, even with concrete walls involved)

    The move has DEFINITELY served its purpose.

  • Comment number 36.

    I don't think Schumacher was in the wrong in 94 but after rewatching 97 I have to agree that he can be over ambitious but so was Senna and he did it in even more dangerous circumstances at lower speeds in less safe cars.

  • Comment number 37.

    I am glad to see other posters making sense. Schumacher is being demonsihed by the likes of EJ, Martin Brundle and David Coulthard. Nothing Schumacher does is right in their eyes. If Schumacher defends himself then he is always referred to as "closing the door" unfairly but if he doesn't defend himself then he is made out to be a walk over. David Coulthard can't talk after him taking out Schumacher at Spa 98. And why does everyone seem to forget that Hill took Schumacher out twice in 95 at silverstone and monza (check it out on youtube).

    RuariJM you show your obvious lack of F1 knowledge with your comments about Senna\Prost in Japan 1990. Senna took Prost out in cars which still had poor safety systems compared to today. There was no HANS, strong protective crash structures and no protection for the drivers shoulders and neck. If you look at a picture of an F1 car from 1990 you will see the driver sits very 'open to the elements'. Would you prefer to have a crash in an F1 car from 1990 or 2010? I know which one I would choose. The 1990 japan accident was at high speed and you must remember although there was a large gravel trap the crowd fences and tyre barriers were not as advanced as today. This was a far more dangerous move for both drivers and spectators than what happened at Hungary.

    Yes I do agree that his move does come across as severe but maybe RB did do this knowingly that the outcome for schumacher would be extremely negative. Nice PR stunt for RB. The way the BBC covered this was more how I would expect the 'The Sun' or 'Daily Sport' to react. EJ practically forcing words into RB.

  • Comment number 38.

    In response to nounouflers comments.
    I really think RB is old enough, wise enough, and experienced enough not to risk his life for the sake of a PR stunt.
    He still races after all this time, cause he loves driving performance cars and is one of the best ammbasadors for the sport.
    A family man, and a caring soul for others that step foot onto the track into what still is a dangerous sport, he has a true racing spirit that is remanisent of how real sports men behave towards others - in battle and out of battle.

    Sadly Schumacher doesn't do 'sport' if hes not getting his own way.

  • Comment number 39.

    The wheel, Thats obviously the difference between a driver who wins 91 races compared to just 11 wins. I agree with you about the nature of RB similar to Stirling Moss a possible race winner but not a champion.

    I do think it was an overly aggressive move of MS but RB could easily have backed off and MS made it extremely clear exiting the last corner in one move which way he was going. Why didn't RB go the other way? The thing which has disappointed me with RB is how he was when interacting with the bbc commentators. There he was with a big smile and looked like an excited kid. Then we see headlines in the Sun like "schu tried to put me into heaven". Come off it this is not Jermey Kyle! I believe after years of been thrashed by MS he saw this as his opportunity with the press ( maybe not with the move itself) to get back at MS. Something just doesn't seem quite right with RB and his reaction.

  • Comment number 40.

    I must say i love all the comments about Barrichello playing second fiddle to Schumacher, well the hard fact is he was, you treat Barrichello as if he was Champ material, well he was not, he is a glorified tyre warmer, you have drivers who are champs and you have chumps...

    Why would you get Heskey to take a Penalty shot at goal if you had Beckham, it is simple you put yor resources with the man who will give you results.

    The same goes for team orders, so what if Massa was told to move over for Alonso, let's be sure of one thing, if Massa got his act together and was leading Alonso but a good margin of points, Ferrari would have told Alonso to move over....

    Big deal, this is a team sport and there is a lot at stake here...the powers that be are doing their ut most to spoil a good sport...

    I mean think of it logically, who goes about preaching that they will do anything in their power to make this sport safer and then force the drivers to use 2 different tyre compounds, one perfect for the track and one that not dangerous using tyres that are not 100% suitable

  • Comment number 41.

    I reckon what Schumi needs to do now is go and break the lap record on Top Gear, that will shut RB up...

    Also looking at the replays of MS with RB, MS was looking intently in his mirror, is it possible he could not see RB?

    Now I hope MS, JB and Alonso can have a good 2011, those are 3 drivers I would love to see having a good race. 3 great drivers who started at the bottom and worked their way up to WC's

  • Comment number 42.


    Are you suggesting that Lewis Hamilton didn't also start at the bottom? In fact, what other place is there to start? In my view, MS is a nasty piece of work. If ever there was any doubt about that, I think he's finally proved it. Alonso is a vindictive cry-baby and Vettel is talented but can sulk. Massa - good guy, too bad he's with Ferrari, who believe rules apply only to other teams....rather like MS believe they apply only to other drivers. Lew and Jenson rule!! (Oh, and well done to Webber - I don't follow Red Bull, but fair play to you)

  • Comment number 43.

    Voice to text software has been around for some years and is very very good now. Im sure that the Beeb could run Murrays video through to get a basic text translation?



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