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Next Week on BBC Three...

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Mistajam | 10:22 UK time, Thursday, 31 July 2008

..the last 2 episodes of Trexx and Flipside will be on air!

Thank you very much for all of the positive (and constructive) comments you've sent me about the series. I definitely had a great time filming it and I'm glad that a lot of people 'get it' now - it's meant to be silly fun Kenan and Kel/Fresh Prince/Laurel and Hardy type of comedy with larger than life performances from the actors. Even though the later time slot on Sunday could have led you to expect something else, it is what it is and what it is is what was intended.

Yes, there have been moments that could have been re-worked to be funnier but that's what first series' are for - if it does go to a second series, the lessons have been learned and it can only get better! Now, it's too early to say if there will be a second series however, I've been told that the ratings have been good and have continued to build through the series so we'll see.

To those people who didn't get it, didn't like it or decided to hate on it for some unknown or random (bordering on obsessive) reason - maybe the show wasn't for you. I know people who love some sitcoms that other people hate as much as they love them - Gavin & Stacy, The Office and Peep Show to name just 3. And as a performer, if you don't take risks you can never progress and you could end up being boring, tired and formulaic. Dizzee took a risk with 'Dance Wiv Me'...

Here's a taster of one of the last 2 episodes you can catch on BBC Three on Sunday at 10.45, Monday at 8pm or anytime on BBC iPlayer:


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