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Flava Flav's biting my steez...

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Mistajam | 05:25 UK time, Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Greetings from the set of Trexx and Flipside! 4th day of filming today and all's going well - although I forgot about the 12 hour days when it comes to filming...and I'm not an early morning person! Everything we've filmed so far is getting great responses from the big bosses who have seen it so we must be doing good - so far I've been covered in talc, been a tool, groped by a hen party and hit by a granny. You'd better watch it when it's on!

Looks like the sitcom flex is becoming popular though. Fresh from 3 series of car crash television that is Flavor Of Love, former Public Enemy hypeman Flava Flav has been given his own sitcom called 'Under One Roof'. According to Sohh - the show will focus on Flav, who plays an ex-con, and his relationship with his rich, conservative brother, played by Kelly Perine (who you'll know if you watch Trouble TV's One On One) after they become roommates.

Call me cynical but if you make Flav's character a young streetwise man and the Kelly's character his rich conservative uncle and his family, isn't it just Fresh Prince? Will you be watching it if it comes over here?

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