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Ms Kelly & Mr Kieran?

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Mistajam | 10:13 UK time, Monday, 11 June 2007

Kieran blows Kelly a kiss

Well, well, well. Over the recent weeks Kieran Richardson has been in the papers - not because of usual Premiership footballer antics, but instead because of his cousin Charley being in the Big Brother house. Well, it seems that he's been getting some good advice about how to handle the extra press interest from his new girlfriend - Kelly Rowland!

She's allegedly declared him the 'love of her life' and the pair have been dating for a few months ever since they met backstage at one of Ms Kelly's concerts. He even apparently chartered a special flight to take him to Cannes to spend some time with her. No wonder she's been back and forth to the UK over the past few months!

The only downside I can see to this is that it's given Charley another claim to fame...


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  1. 1.

    I know an Irishman thats gonna be sillyjealous.

  2. 2.

    I know an Irishman thats gonna be sillyjealous.

  3. 3.
    • At 02:39 PM on 12 Jun 2007,
    • MistaJam wrote:

    ah, but he's a man u player. will he get as jealous?

  4. 4.

    you can have her ;)

  5. 5.
    • At 10:16 AM on 18 Jun 2007,
    • Jalysah wrote:

    WTF? How did this come about? I thought she was christian? I know he surely aint!! She looks all innocent and he's a cocky git!!! Weird comination!! But as they say opposites attract!! God help when charley gets out the house she'll be runnin off that loud mouth of hers!!!

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