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Beanie vs Kanye & Pharrell

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Mistajam | 09:23 UK time, Saturday, 19 May 2007

Before I run off to tear it down at the One Big Weekend in Preston, thought I'd post a couple of videos for you to look at and comment on! As they're about different genres, I'll split them over 2 posts....

First off, taken from the forthcoming Beef IV DVD - here's Beanie Sigel going at Kanye and Pharrell:

I get his point, that Kanye and Pharrell do dress quite flamboyantly and that if you went to "the hood" in Philly, you may get a little heat but I also get the feeling that Beans is bitter that neither of them produced any tracks on his last album. He needs to remember who produced his best track (Kanye - The Truth). Does this have ANY bearing at all on their music? Is it possible to be 100% Hip Hop and rock a silk shirt? What do you think?


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    • At 09:35 PM on 20 May 2007,
    • soultrain wrote:

    Beanie Sigel is off on a long thing!

    Pharell and Kanye West are very talented producers (I'm assuming here that all their work
    credited to them is genuinely there's and not the work of ghost producers!!) - they have an extensive selection of quality work, some of which is classed as legendary for this decade. Also selling bucketloads of albums and helping the careers of many artists. Their record speaks for themselves and it sounds like a case of jealousy here, especially with the idiotic comment at the end of coming out of the closet. Its meant to be about the music, not about the clothes you wear! You make the point that you understand that if you dress flamboyantly then you feel the heat in the hood. The same would go for nearly all the fellow rappers he's worked with over the years who show so much bling in their videos if they suddenly strolled down the street.

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