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Ready for a quick turnaround

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Michael Gray | 09:40 UK time, Friday, 2 April 2010

The Easter weekend is a vital time for clubs and playing two games in three days is always a tall order, with recovery a huge factor.

It's vital to eat the right food, rehydrate and get as much energy back into your body as possible. You have to look after yourself if you are going to give everything you have in such a short timeframe.

After Saturday's game at Queens Park Rangers, we will return to the training ground on Sunday for a 'cool down' session.

Players with any niggling injuries or knocks will be seen to while those that didn't play will be topping up their fitness to make sure they are good to go if called upon for Monday's match at home to Bristol City.

Everyone must be revved up and ready for the games coming up.

Footballers relish games coming in quick succession but two games in 48 hours takes it out of you. That's why we have fitness coaches and proper dieticians. It's important we heed that advice so we can perform to the highest level.

The following three days are going to be massive for Sheffield Wednesday. Two wins would put us in a very strong position as far as a scrap with relegation is concerned, but the key is to start with a good result against Rangers.

There is still a bit of a buzz around Loftus Road following Neil Warnock's arrival and they have a very talented squad, so it is bound to be a tough encounter.

QPR manager Neil WarnockWarnock has some talented players at his disposal

I also wanted to comment on Fifa's recent decision not to use video technology in matches. I must say I am disappointed by the stance. The way football is going, with matches much faster than 20 years ago, it seems crazy not to seek help from outside.

Some pundits have raised concerns about the time it would take to show a replay, but I think it could be done and dusted within 30 seconds, the length of time it takes for a free-kick or even a throw-in.

I think goal-line technology should be a priority as it would have the support of a lot of people in the game. It's not as if we want every foul to be analysed or every decision questioned.

I know Uefa is experimenting with extra officials in the Europa League, but I think one referee and an assistant on either touchline is enough.

Just because there are more officials on the pitch doesn't mean mistakes are going to be eliminated. At least if goal-line technology was used, there would be a definitive decision.


  • 1. At 7:42pm on 02 Apr 2010, Peter wrote:

    Good blog. I too am disappointed with FIFA's stance on technology. Taking the article that was hyperlinked in your blog FIFA say

    "The universality of the game: one of the main objectives of FIFA is to protect the universality of the game of association football. This means that the game must be played in the same way no matter where you are in the world. If you are coaching a group of teenagers in any small town around the world, they will be playing with the same rules as the professional players they see on TV."

    There's a bit of hypocrisy from FIFA here. They don't object to players being banned for incidents that are shown on TV, but missed by the ref at the time - not something that a group of teenagers will have available to them. If they are going to have TV cameras at every match played in the world then they can surely afford goal-line technology.

    In other words - there's a big difference between the professional and amateur games

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  • 2. At 1:59pm on 03 Apr 2010, PanamaBlue wrote:

    As much as Sheff Wed cannot wait for the season to end, I feel that you have the same feeling with this half hearted contribution of a blog.

    Please try to by a little bit informative or don't bother.

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  • 3. At 2:52pm on 04 Apr 2010, nick wrote:

    I agree with fifa, i think it would spoil the game. Imagine coming away from a game in which your team got hammered and not being able to blame the referee! Also has the fella moaning about the blog not being informative ever read this blog before? the blog is usually in much more detail than this, obviously the fella eould prefer footballers to spend more time writing than training when they have 2 games in 48 hours!

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  • 4. At 11:27pm on 04 Apr 2010, UKARP wrote:

    I have to admit, when you first started writing these blogs were informative, interesting, sometimes even humorous. They had real character and readability. In the past few though, it has been dull, riddled with cliches and giving no new or exciting information. We accept you are a nice guy, and that the football takes priority over spending time on the blog, of course it should. Now it is up to the BBC to just put this blog solely on the Sheffield Wednesday page or the championship page at the very least, it just doesn't have the appeal to the wider football audience.

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  • 5. At 10:30pm on 05 Apr 2010, Never wrote:

    Hello Michael.
    At half time against Bristol City I noticed you and Francis Jeffers warming up seperately from the other subs who were doing their warm up with one of the coaches. It didn't look to me like a solid display of team unity compared to the Bristol City subs.
    Nothing in it probably but it certainly gave me the wrong sort of message at this crucial point in the season.

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  • 6. At 2:56pm on 12 Apr 2010, Cyril wrote:

    Never, I think you're being rather ridiculous taking messages from how subs warm up.

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