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14:26 UK time, Thursday, 4 April 2013

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Today we offer 10 things we noticed in the papers in 10 minutes - go:

1: The Daily Mail reports on a survey indicating that every boy of 14 has seen porn - er, well, yeah.

2: The Times quotes a former editor of Vogue Australia who claims that models are under such pressure to be abnormally thin that they are eating tissue paper.

3: The Express reports on a woman who spent £1,000 on legal fees in a lengthy battle to get her cat back from a family that adopted it as a stray seven years ago. The original owner asked for police assistance, but apparently they can only get involved if the animal in question is a dog.

4: Campaigners in South Norwood (in the London borough of Croydon) are hoping to persuade officials in Cumbria to desist from using the title "Lake District" and hand it over. Why? Because the "Lake District" only has one lake - Norwood, two. The Mail, comparing the two places, points out under a section on famous residents that the Lake District had poets William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, while South Norwood was home to Pickles the dog who recovered the World Cup trophy.

5: An Indian multi-millionaire has spent £15,000 on an ad in the Times of India looking for a wife to share his riches - on condition, that is, that she doesn't have a "fat bottom", according to The Age.

6: April Fool's day has been and gone - so straight face. The Mail reports that plans for a giant new £2bn theme park just outside London have been halted by a colony of rare jumping spiders.

7: Lock up your daughters - the One Direction movie, 1D in 3D, will feature nudity - along with food fights, according to director Morgan Spurlock, who's quoted in the Daily Mirror.

8: The Sun is offering to re-home Justin Bieber's pet monkey in a "comfy new home in a British zoo". The poor capuchin is in Germany where it was seized by customs. The pop singer has been given four weeks to claim it - but the Sun has offered to step in if he no longer wants it. Now we're humming Never Let You Go.

9: Headline of the day: Lady Gaga's wheelie odd. The Daily Star observes that she headed for the gym yesterday for a spot of yoga and left in a wheelchair.

10: Although the Sun's front-page "Don't cry for me Argie Cleaner", about footballer Carlos Tevez's 250 hours of community service - which will probably include jobs like cleaning, and if it doesn't it's too good a pun to pass up - is pretty inspired.


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