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15:54 UK time, Friday, 18 January 2013

How to drive in 'frightful' weather, BBC? What does that advice consist of - keeping lashings of ginger beer and mummy's fruit cake in the back of the Morris and sending Timmy to get help? Cripes!
Sue, London

Surely a "letter box" is a slot in your front door. Everyone I know calls those red things either post boxes or pillar boxes.
MJ Simpson, Leicester UK

Re the horsemeat story; When my (English) uncle, who lives in Hamburg, had English friends or rellies over to visit, he used to surprise them by serving a dish that resembled shepherd's pie, which he called jockey pie. Uncle John has always had a wicked sense of humour.
Phil Warne, Nelson, NZ

Ahh Angus and Polly (Thursday's letters) please keep exchanging messages. As an interested agony aunt I must say you seem to have what it takes. A mutual interest. A private language. This one could run and run.
Fran, Brill, UK

Emma (Thursday's letters) I believe you also have a coffee shop called Bean Around the World. Round my way, I don't think it's an intentional pun but the company that manufactured the lifts at work is called Schindler.
Martin, Luxembourg

Lesson in life: If you find yourself hanging on the phone for a call centre, start eating something. Someone's bound to answer your call as soon as your mouth is full.
Michael Hall, Croydon, UK


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