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16:48 UK time, Thursday, 10 January 2013

I hope I'm not too late for today. I was well on the way to a letter a day this week, but work kinda got in the way for most of today so it slipped my mind until now (17:30 CET).
Martin, Luxembourg

I read that seven prisons are to be closed, while there are plans for a new super prison. So, in between the closure of the seven prisons and the building of the new super prison... No, someone must have thought of that already. Surely...
John Whapshott, Westbury, England

I'm just writing in to alert the Magazine's Etymology Correspondent to the use of the word "smidsy" here . I'm reminded of "chsml" but "smidsy" is even better.
HB, London

Why do I keep misreading the director of the new "Les Miserables" musical as Tobe "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" Hooper (not Tom)? Now that would be a film I'd go to see.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

I don't think BBC Environmental Correspondent, Matt McGrath, was taking climate change seriously when he tweeted, 'Wind trumps gas' today.
Mimo, Brizzle

Is it me or do these weapons look very similar to K9 from Doctor Who?
Chris Clarke, California, USA


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