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16:48 UK time, Thursday, 20 December 2012

Has the Desborough Ritz paid more in tax than that other Ritz? If so, maybe we should use contribution level to decide who gets to use the name.
Elinor Goodchild, Hemel Hempstead

Most big news stories that extend over weeks eventually get given a "-gate" ending. And usually I sigh at its overuse when I see it. However, seeing that "plebgate" literally involved the word pleb and a real gate - I must instead say "well played news media, well played".
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

Dear Commuter - you are not "sharing" or "recycling" your newspaper that you left lying on the seat this morning. You are "littering". As a result of your behaviour the train company employs more cleaners thereby putting up the price of my train ticket. I'm sure you were taught differently when you were little. Obviously you've forgotten your lessons in manners. Yours sincerely, Disgusted of London
Lara Collins, London

The headline First Christmas recordings found was always going to disappoint.
Mark Williams, Oxford

"Listen to the first Christmas recordings" it said. So I followed the link hoping to discover if it was true what it says in the carol - were the cattle indeed lowing and if the baby no crying He makes. But instead just a bunch of Edwardians singing.
Craig, Glasgow, UK

I haven't seen Drunk Girl in a while. Is she on the wagon now?
Jackie, Belfast

"Saved" is rather overstating the case. Granted a short-term reprieve would be more accurate.
Rusty, Montreal, Quebec

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