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Your Letters

17:13 UK time, Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Have you seen who Reuters got to write the story about French men not producing sperm? Mr Seaman.
Basil Long, Nottingham

Re: this story, maybe it's just me but I've heard the Queen speak many times, both on TV and the radio, and not once have I thought "she sounds like an Aussie".
Dec, Belfast

Clive, and Terry (Tuesday's Letters) - you don't need the "pre" in front of "order" at all. Whether you are ordering something before it is actually available or not, you are still just ordering it. It's a load of nonsense, all this prefixing!
Catherine, Southampton, UK

Paul (Tuesday's letters) ROTFL stands for 'Rolling On The Floor Laughing'. There's a whole world of abbreviations out there: IMHO (In My Honest - or some say Humble - Opinion), and my favourite LMAO (similar to ROTFL). I haven't heard of ROLF but if I had to guess I'd say it's being sick of text-speak ;)
And LOL means Laugh Out Loud (although if you speak to enough people someone will always claim to know an elderly aunt or grandmother who thought it meant Lots of Love and sent condolences to a grieving acquaintance along the lines of 'Sorry to hear your husband died LOL').
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

Snow leads to crashes and delays. No, snow leads to slippery roads - it's idiot drivers who lead to crashes and delays.
John Bratby, Southampton

Henri, (Tuesday's Letters), four tonnes of pressure in the hinge of one of those doors explains how my sister was able to neatly chop the top off my pinkie finger as she slammed it in my face. PS: Candace: lovely to see you back, it's been a while!
Joseph, London

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