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16:35 UK time, Friday, 9 November 2012

A spot of nominative determinism for the weekend... what an apt name for a dog handler.
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

Dickens of the Day - how I (and, no doubt, countless millions of others) enjoy this daily quote! But now I'm getting worried - what will happen when you run out of Dickens? Who will be next (not Shakespeare, please - 'twas ruined for me by the pompous and meaningless deliveries of the likes of Lawrence Olivier et al)? Perhaps we should be asked to nominate our favourites? Now I'm off to review my Biggles collection - just on the off chance.
Paul Morris, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

On the subject of blending couples' names (Paper Monitor, Friday), I've often thought whether this would be possible for my girlfriend and I. However, blending Irvine and Bowyer leads to an impossible-to-pronounce Irvyer, but also the more agricultural Bowvine. This could even be classed as nominative determinism should I ever become a farmer!
Ross, Nairobi, formerly London and Norwich

In answer to fusing surnames, mine is Kersting, my fiance's is Burton. We could become Bursting (or Kertan)!
Alex Kersting, Cambridge

Re: number nine of this article - I unfriended someone on Facebook during the campaign season after she posted a plea to vote for a proposal that she feared would otherwise impact her pension plan. Pension plan! What's that?
Jill B, Detroit

Angus (Thursday's letters), you told us last time. And I recall I reminded you that New Year follows on soon after... Slainte!
Henri, Sidcup

I received my first Christmas card on 5 November from my dad. What do I win?
Gareth, Tokyo

No, I'M Basil (Thurday's letters)!
Jeff Doggett, Thurnby, Leics

I'm Basil Long, and so is my wife! I'm not, of course, but it's easier to spell - much easier to pronounce - than my real name.
Rik Alewijnse, Feering, UK

To Basil Long on Thursday and Basil Long on all other occasions - be careful. You are setting a dangerous precedent. People may start claiming to be all sorts of alter egos.
Spartacus, Wellington NZ

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